Driven for Big Whitetails and Big Purpose

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman we are joined by Brad Hruska from Driven Purpose Outdoors.  Brad is a hard working school teacher with a desire to hunt like the rest of us.  Brad is particularly fond of pursuing big whitetails in PA, OH, and anywhere else he can grab a tag.  He is also kind enough to take us with him by filming and sharing his hunts.  But his reason for sharing his hunts are slightly different than you may be used to.

Filming your hunts is work, and hard work like this can be a way to provide income.  With something as ego driven as hunting, it can also be a way of promotion and status in the hunting media.  Brad's focus is promoting the glory of his hunts to God.  Brad's faith in Jesus Christ has led him to using hunting and filming as a ministry tool.  Brad and Mitch discuss the journey of this ministry, and the battles we face as hunters who are also husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons.  Being relationship driven amidst a self seeking interest like bowhunting is difficult, but through the grace of the Lord, Brad has been able to experience and share some cool stuff!  What better way to celebrate this time of year? Merry Christmas!

Show Transcript