Pennsylvania Woodsman - Food Plot Prep with Herbicides, Fertilizer, and Clover Management

Show Notes

With warmer temperatures approaching, cabin fever is beginning to wear off. Spring will be here before we know it, and too often food plot planters stall to prepare for planting and maintaining their fields. On this week’s episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch shares detailed information for clover plot management, as well as weed control and fertility concerns everyone may face in 2022. To start, proper clover plot establishment and management is not always well addressed. Due to this, many spring planted clover plots fail due to the lack of context. Soils need to be properly prepared with no established weeds, and most importantly, need to be planted earlier than most would think. In addition, knowing what herbicide you can use on clover and the appropriate times is equally as important for maintaining longevity in established plots. Prepare for note taking!

The forecast of glyphosate herbicide availability in spring is uncertain, and the supply that is available may be significantly more expensive than normal. These challenges may lead to alternative measures. Mitch dives into his plans for how he will address last year’s fall planted plots with significantly less, or no glyphosate applied, and also without using tillage. This will require biological controls that choke out weed competition. Finally, Mitch scratches the surface on how fertility can be built overtime with little to no commercial fertilizer, as 2022 will prove to have abnormally high fertilizer prices. Plan now, and success will come in fall!

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