Emperor’s Table Series: Brain Halbleib & Migration Waterfowl Podcast

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined by newcomer to the Sportsmen’s Empire, Brian
Halbleib of the Migration Waterfowl Podcast. Nick is a novice waterfowler but does love a
quality prepared duck or goose. Nick probes Brian about some details around getting on birds.
For waterfowlers, their pursuit can be as addicting as whitetails, Brain shares some of what he
doing during the offseason. To finish up the conversation, Nick gets into Brian’s favorite dishes,
including an orange duck and smoked waterfowl pastrami. Warm up those calls, strap on the
waders for a waterfowl special on Huntavore.
Brian Halbleib of the Migration Waterfowl Podcast, joins the show and discusses waterfowl
hunting. They talk about the different types of waterfowl, the logistics of setting up a hunt, and
the process of cleaning and preparing the birds. Brian shares his passion for waterfowl hunting
and the year-round dedication it requires. They also touch on the importance of scouting and
understanding the different species of ducks. Overall, the conversation provides insights into the
world of waterfowl hunting and the enjoyment it brings. The guys discuss various aspects of
cooking and preparing duck. They talk about the different cuts of duck, the flavor and richness
of wood ducks, the importance of plucking the birds, and the potential of the legs and thighs.
They also discuss different cooking methods, such as roasting a whole duck and preparing duck
pastrami. Brian shares his go-to recipe for orange duck and his favorite wood for smoking duck.
They also discuss the upcoming launch of the Migration Waterfowl podcast.

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