Episode 100

Show Notes

Man, we made it!  Triple Digits, the century mark, a milestone where podcasters find that their little project has now become something greater.  On this Episode of Huntavore, Nick celebrates getting to this point, then relieves the amazing weekend up north at Total Archery Challenge; the friends, the fun shots, and the food.  Smoked Shot Shells  were a surprise hit, so we break down this little meat treat.  Nick also hit the foraging gold mine of Golden Oyster Mushrooms.  So I invite you, pour a glass, and celebrate with Nick, on this 100th episode of Huntavore.

First, Nick needs to thank a small village for their involvement in Huntavore.  His wife and kids, Former co-host Dustin, huge encourager Peggy Kline, Dan Johnson and the entire Sportsman’s Empire, all the amazing guests and listeners.  Thank you all.

Total Archery Challenge, Crystal Mountain Michigan was a huge hit.  Like any big event, some hiccups were there, but our experience wasn’t tarnished.  Shooting two days, 4 courses, hiking plenty of miles and floors, making what at first looked like impossible shots.  What a wonderful way to practice long range archery.  One of the dishes that we made was Smoked Shot Shells

Here is the link:


Nick also stumbled upon a stump loaded with Golden Oyster Mushrooms.  His culinary drive was salivating.  First objective was to preserve the bounty.  First was sauté and freeze.  Second was full dehydration.  Incredible how much water is actually in mushrooms, they dried down to almost nothing.

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