Filming your Hunts with Brett Morris of Blue River Bowhunting

Show Notes

If you listened to last week’s show, you know that knowing where the arrow hit the deer is important. This week Andrew sits down with Brett Morris of Blue River Bowhunting to discuss filming your hunts. Andrew’s always been to concerned with hauling more gear into the woods and really wanted to figure out how hard it could be to film a hunt. Brett gives the 101,201, and 301 level courses on how to capture your hunt. It can be as complicated or simple as you want it to be, but hear about some of his tips and tricks to record that hunt.

Special guests of the week David Brown and Gage Hall come on to discuss their inductions into the O2 Deer Camp. David killed an insanely cool looking whitetail buck on the east side of Ohio, while Gage got it done on his first ever compound kill in Northwest Ohio. Both stories bring to light the beauty of the hunt for these two Ohio Outdoorsmen. Congratulations gentlemen!

Paul has been traveling for work, and didn’t have much to report from the woods. Andrew’s head game continues, this week after missing a doe at 15 yards. This time the only thing injured was Andrew’s ego, so that’s a plus. The biggest highlight of the woods this week was being able to try out First Lite’s new transfer pack. This bag ROCKS! If you are looking, or even if you aren’t looking, for a new bag to take to the whitetail woods, this is the first place to look.

Keep up the good work in the woods and good luck to those heading out this week. COLD weather in the forecast!

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