Public, Self Filmed and With a Bow

Show Notes

On this episode of The Nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks with Austin Stone, a public land bow hunter whose passion takes him to several states in pursuit of mature whitetails.

Austin has been deer hunting for 20 years, and bow hunting for 17. His hunting has predominantly been on public land in Missouri but over the past few years he has branched out to multiple states including Iowa, South Dakota and Kentucky, with Kansas being added to the list this year. Last season Austin was able to harvest 3 mature bucks between Missouri and Iowa. As if that weren’t impressive enough it all self filmed, on public land, with his bow.

Austin owns Tactical Approach Outdoors which he built as a deer hunter education business, catering to folks that didn’t grow up in a hunting family, but want to get started later in life. He recently launched the Deer Hunter Academy, a massive online course which provides you with everything you need to know to be a successful deer hunter. It covers 23 topics, 40 videos and is over 5 hours of educational material. Austin also offers virtual one-on-one mentoring to go along with the course. Dan and Austin cover some of the tips and strategies that have helped Austin find success on public land as they gear up for the 2022 season.

Show Transcript