Finding Success on Out of State Public Land Hunting Trips

Show Notes

Out of state trips for whitetails has soared in popularity over the last couple of years. More than ever, folks are heading to whitetail destination states in search of bigger bucks, better hunting, or just new experiences. But the entire process can be daunting! When out of state, you often have just a few days to learn the place, get on deer, and tag your buck. Because of this, many are held back simply by the fear of failure. 

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer podcast, Josh talks with Brian Dombrowski of Wisconsin. Brian is a highly mobile public land hunter who’s had tremendous success of the last decade of making trips for velvet bucks. Brian shares his scouting strategy for short out of state hunts, how he chooses an area to target, how his standards are different when out of state, the gear he uses, and of course the story of his recent successful hunt that ended with a beautiful velvet buck. Enjoy!

Show Transcript