In-Season Scouting Tactics for the Early Season w/ Aaron Hepler

Show Notes

The excitement is palpable as archery hunters are taking the woods all around the country. There’s nothing quite like those first few crisp fall mornings, sneaking in close to bedding, or watching deer vacuum up white oak acorns as they pack on weight before the rut. While the early season is full of excitement, it can also be extremely challenging. Changing food sources, shifting home ranges and increased hunting pressure can make it tough to pin down exactly where the deer are right now. This is where in-season scouting comes in.

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer Podcast, Josh talks with Aaron Hepler. Aaron is a public land hunter from PA, and spends a lot of his time hunting in a big woods setting. In season scouting is pivotal for Aaron’s strategy, and is crucial for getting on deer in the early season. Aaron shares his general approach to in-season scouting, what kind of sign he’s looking for, when to stop vs. when to keep going, and his thought process on a couple real-world scenarios. If you want to increase your in-season scouting effectiveness (and, I mean, who doesn’t?), this episode is for you!

Show Transcript