Pennsylvania Woodsman - Whitetail Movement Prediction with Spartan Forge

Show Notes

This week on the Pennsylvania Woodsman Podcast we introduce our new co-host, Robby Henne. We start by catching up with Robby and discussing his 2021 deer season where he harvested his first buck with a bow and a coyote! Following the introduction, Mitch has a conversation with Bill Thompson of Spartan Forge. Bill was a military intel officer for 21 years, and now is using this military artificial intelligence knowledge to help people track down mature bucks.

If you have never heard of the Spartan Forge app, you’ll enjoy the background information Bill shares leading to how this product is utilized in field. It is difficult to go into the deer woods during this day in age without some type of technology guiding us. Utilizing GPS for direction and point marking, journaling, etc. are all pieces of the puzzle towards success. Spartan Forge aims to help with those things while also providing a Whitetail movement prediction model with tons of GPS collar data that support this algorithm.  

Show Transcript