Football, Beef Stew & Big Buck Scouting Results

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On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles deer hunting podcast, Dan catches up with Jeremy Dinsmore of the Antler Up podcast to discuss the results of his recent out of state scouting mission. The guys kick off the episode the only way then know how, by an in-depth conversation about college football and the realignment of conferences. Then Dan asks Jeremy a couple really dumb questions about his last name and how it reminds him of beef stew. Finally, the guys get in to the meat and potatoes of the episode and talk about Jeremy's recent scouting trip to Ohio looking for places to hunt on public property. Jeremy explains what he found, when he plans on going back to hunt, what he thinks his access routes will be, and how wind and thermals will impact all of his hunting decisions. This is an excellent episode where two serious hunters break down a piece of property and talk about the strategy Jeremy plans to use on this upcoming hunt.

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Happy Home Day everybody, and welcome to another episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles podcast. I'm your host, Dan Johnson, and today we're gonna be catching up with Jeremy Dinsmore. If you don't know who he is the host of the Antler [00:01:00] Up podcast that is on the Sportsman's Empire Podcast Network as well.

And what are we gonna talk about today? We are going to talk about a recent scouting mission. That he went on. Now, the best thing to do would be to go and listen to the last episode that Jeremy was on and where we talk about this upcoming scouting mission. He had been doing some essc scouting, so he went in there for basically a 24 hour mission.

Scouted his balls off, found some stuff, and then he's basically reporting back to us on what he found and based off of what he's found, how he's going to attack this piece of property, whether or not he thinks it's good, how much time he thinks he's going to give it. Until he, blows outta there and tries spot B or spot C or whatever.

Huge shout out to Jeremy for taking time outta his day to do this, man. Intro man. Pretty short. I'll be honest. I got [00:02:00] carried away today. It's I'm editing this all up on Tuesday after Labor Day, and here's what I've been doing for the last. Three hours. I, no two hours. I'll just conservatively say two hours.

I've been looking at out-of-state hunts. I've been calling the public land managers there talking about access. And I've asked, asking questions about access a asking questions about what roads are private and what roads are public, and trying to get as much information out of people as possible that work for the state or federal agency that I've, sometimes it's state ground, sometimes it's federal ground, and they have different rules and regulations on where you can park and what vehicles you can take where.

And so I have been looking, calling up and saying, Hey, are e-bikes illegal? Or, Hey, do I have to camp in a campground? Or [00:03:00] I. Can I park off of this road? Anyway lots of questions and basically just gathering information about a couple specific spots on some of my out-of-state hunts this upcoming fall.

And I just wanted to keep, I just wanted to get that information out so I can prepare for if I need to walk a long ways or ride my e-bike and then walk or, basically then that allows me to say, okay, I can ease, I can esc out up to here. Because if I, if it's four miles, then it, becomes pretty tricky.

Some of you guys might say, oh, that's nothing. Four miles is nothing. And you're probably right. It's not. Am I gonna, do I need to have, find a parking spot for my bike and then walk another I. A couple miles or do I have, or do I have to do a whole bunch of different things? So that's what I've been doing in the past, over the past two hours I was gonna edit this, but then I got into, I call it the e scouting black hole, and I.

It's when you only plan [00:04:00] on just a couple minutes, but the next thing you know, two hours have gone by and you don't have any work done except for e scouting, which is gonna benefit you anyway. So that's what I've been doing. Hopefully you guys are getting ready for the upcoming season.

Hopefully your bows and your weapons are tuned and ready to go. Hopefully you've done your scouting, hopefully. Some of you guys are probably getting ready to start, if not started already. So good luck this upcoming season, guys and I'm looking forward to hearing from each and every one of you with your success.

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Because if you just throw a curve ball at 'em all of a sudden and they're not prepared for it, that's when shit hits the fan. And that's when you cannot go out and enjoy your hunt because you have somebody at home complaining to you about what the heck is going on. Go do that too. It's very important.

Let's get into today's episode with Jeremy Densmore. 3, 2, 1. Ladies and gentlemen from the Antler Up Podcast, Mr. Jeremy Dinsmore. Jeremy, what's up, dude? 

[00:08:48] Jeremy Dinsmore: Oh man. Dan, it's always a good time to come back on and chat with you and just anytime I get a chance to chat, it's always a good day 

[00:08:54] Dan Johnson: with you, man. Heck yeah.

Appreciate it. Hey it's September. It's September, dude, [00:09:00] like it's crazy. I don't know about you, but. I feel like September 1st, especially for Iowa, for me, marks a, there's 30 days now or some, something like that. It's either, I don't even know how many days are in September, but 30 days until the Iowa opener.

And there's something about this thir this next 30 days where my mindset kind of changes. I get off of the, the fat and happy summer type vibe. And then I go into this like really starting to focus on my, getting all my gear ready, planning my trips, making sure all the bases are covered at home, and just like really hyper focusing on what needs to be done so I can hunt as much as possible.

Yeah, I'm 

[00:09:45] Jeremy Dinsmore: with you a thousand percent on that. Yeah, that and things are, you know what's so funny is next weekend, so that would be the eighth or ninth, whatever that Saturday is, I'll be doing my first hunt. It'll be actually in Maryland, so going out of state for the first [00:10:00] one to give it a go, and really excited about that one.

I'm going with the. A buddy of mine that I hunted Ohio spring Turkey with. And he actually used to live down in Maryland where we're going to go hunt because he was stationed there. So he has some prior intel, has killed some good amount of deer bucks, doze, you name it. And honestly, Dan, I'm going down there with open mind.

I don't really have any. Limitations, if that makes sense. If it's a dough first thing in the morning that gives a shot opportunity on me I'm hopefully going to be able to get a shot off and try to just really knock the cobwebs off, if that makes sense. I'm using this as the analogy of football.

When I used to coach football, obviously you have your Friday night lights to, to go out and play, but then Thursday's that walkthrough. Yeah. I'm using this trip as my. My hunting walkthrough, I guess you, you can say, to make sure everything's dialed in, ready to go for a pa to kick off, like you said, the end of September.

And then midway through October, I'll be going through to to Ohio as 

[00:10:56] Dan Johnson: well. Perfect. We're gonna talk about that here in a little bit, but I got some [00:11:00] nonsense Yep. That I wanna be at BSS with you a little bit about. Yeah. Yeah. Number one. And before we get too crazy, number one. You're from Michigan.

What football team do you, what college football team do you cheer for? I'm from pa. I'm actually, oh, Penn. Yeah, that's what I meant. Yeah. Yeah. So are you a Penn State fan? 

[00:11:17] Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah that's my alma mater. So yeah it's Penn State. But I'll tell you what though, Dan, this whole college I don't know if this is the rabbit hole you're going down, but this, I don't know what it is.

I used to love college sports and I don't care the kids. I don't care what fence your side on the fence if you are, should they get paid or not get paid. But this whole realignment, all this crazy stuff it's bizarre. Like I saw that the accs bringing in the, potentially bringing in Stanford, s m U and Cal, it's not the Atlantic Conference anymore.

Exactly. If happens, it's just exactly. 

[00:11:50] Dan Johnson: Yeah. I don't understand. So the Big 10 is gonna have 18 teams now or something like that? Yep. 'cause who's joining them? We got, or Oregon? Oregon. [00:12:00] We 

[00:12:00] Jeremy Dinsmore: have U C L A and 

[00:12:03] Dan Johnson: U S C. Yep. U S C. But there's one more outta the Pac 10.

Washington. Washington, that's right. Yep. I don't get it, man. And like here. Pretty soon it's gonna be, All of the Big 12 is gonna end up disappearing. And then what? I have a feeling, and the PAC 12 is gonna end up disappearing and it's just gonna the PAC two. Yep. It's gonna end up being this either a whole bunch of independents like Notre Dame or, and I even feel like Notre Dame's gonna jump into the Big 10 at some point because there's gonna be this huge this huge rift, and then it's gonna be all S E C and all Big 10.

And then maybe some really s other small conferences. So I don't know. It's all about that money, 

[00:12:46] Jeremy Dinsmore: man. It's crazy. It is really bizarre. I don't know, it just shakes the landscape up of, and obviously football is the biggest, I know you're a diehard wrestling fan. And it just, no matter what sport activity these kids are gonna be doing it's just bizarre.

Don't get me [00:13:00] wrong I don't have the luxury. I love baseball, so man, would it be cool like to go watch, Penn State baseball's, always hasn't been that greatest and everything like that, but at the same time, it'd be cool. Yeah, sure, let's go out to, catch a U S C game type of ordeal.

If, but I don't know, man, I. I just, it's just weird. 

[00:13:18] Dan Johnson: Yeah. I'm a sucker for the old school ways in a way. Although I think it would be cool to go to Kinnick Stadium and watch Iowa play. Washington because, we played Washington in a couple Rose Bowls back in the day, back in the eighties and things like that.

And or hey guess who's coming to Iowa City this weekend? It's U Ss C. Or some of these other teams that I've ne that we've never played before. And so that, I think initially it would be cool, but I don't know, man, there's so much history that gets compromised I think when you do this and.

It loses its gusto when it's just, it, it's all about money. 

[00:13:59] Jeremy Dinsmore: [00:14:00] Yeah. And even these facilities that, Oh, yeah. There's a new thing at Beaver Stadium that they're doing for this year where they call it the. Tunnel pass or something along those lines. I'm a bunch of schools.

Even big pro team stadiums have it where like where the team walks out now, there's these suites right along each side where you could watch the game. But I caught wind of how much it would cost for you, you buy a package and it's four tickets, but you don't go into the stadium like, yes, you're what, how many feet away from being in the game?

But you're just sitting in that luxury suite underneath the bleachers, I guess you would say. And it's like $10,000. Like what? Like, 

[00:14:39] Dan Johnson: why are you paying that? Man? There's so many dumb asses out there that would pay, that pay, like ridiculous amounts of money for things like that. I don't know if you, I guess if you got the disposable income Yeah, sure.

And you just wanna blow the money, do it. I don't know. Whatever now. Iowa Hawkeyes, man, I love the Iowa [00:15:00] Hawkeyes, man. I love college football. I love watching every team play. I love, I just love college football. Iowa is a team though that, that the athletic department must be okay with Iowa finishing seven and five every year or seven and four whatever they're okay with just being average all the time and it's, it really has started to piss me off, especially when we hire like Kurt Rnz for another.

However many years, basically they're saying, Hey, you can coach here as long as you want. We don't care what your record re record is or what the statistics are, or how bad a shape the team is in. And so I've gotten used to over the years being completely let down by the Iowa Hawkeye football, I.

Squad. You get, every once in a while there's like flashes of greatness where it's oh my God, we're undefeated 10 weeks in. Yeah. And then, we make it to the one year, we made it to the Orange Bowl and just got [00:16:00] demolished by Reggie Bush and Matt Liner. Yeah. Just from one 

[00:16:04] Jeremy Dinsmore: dimensional.

I'll tell you what though, man as a Nittany Lion fan, they, you guys are like our kryptonite. 

[00:16:09] Dan Johnson: Exactly. Exactly. 

[00:16:11] Jeremy Dinsmore: We. Two, rank two, three or four. And then next thing you know, we're leaving that stadium with a loss. And then the next couple weeks it's like we put on a string of losses. It's yeah, we weren't that good, yeah. But I'll tell you what though, that stadium is you don't want play there at night. It's so cool. Yeah, I think any big time program you don't want to. Be playing at that stadium away on a primetime game. But, I don't know, there's just something about Big 10 football on a night game.

Yeah. Don't get me wrong, the s e c is pretty remarkable and seeing all that stuff, but I don't know, man. It's still I, you hear Death Valley at L S U on a saturday night game. I've watched it. I'm like, yeah, but I don't know. My, I was at the very first whiteout, so I guess I'm spoiled.

Yeah. Like I was a student, I was a student there for the Ohio State game. When we beat them there, it was just a student body only. And then, then we did it for the whole crowd.[00:17:00] It's pretty remarkable. Yeah. Not to sound like a homer, if you have a chance to come out to a whiteout game it's pretty, pretty freaking sweet to see.

One of 

[00:17:07] Dan Johnson: my favorite. Memories and I think about this all the time, is Iowa at Penn State during a whiteout during a night game, both teams are ranked. Top 10. You guys might've been four at the time. Yeah, and Adrian Claiborne blocks that punt. Oh my. And runs it back for a touchdown. I was sitting in Kansas in the middle of nowhere, Kansas, watching it on my uncle's tv.

And I went bananas. Like I was like, what's going on? I was 

[00:17:40] Jeremy Dinsmore: actually, that was like a year or two removed. From my undergrad, and I remember it was my first time sit sitting in that stadium on the opposite side. So it would've been on Iowa's sideline. And I was at like the 20, 'cause it was a friend's season, tickets basically.

And we were like, I. 20 rows up. And at the [00:18:00] time I was working at the RE or the hotel as a manager, 'cause that was my undergrad degree at first. And so I was in charge of all the away football team's meals. Okay. So like running all that stuff. And so I got a chance to know the coaches a little bit and try to talk to them and all that type of stuff.

And Kirk was a good dude. And I remember Dan walking through, getting my employees to. Pick up some stuff and seeing Adrian Claiborne walk through and I mean there's, trust me, you name it. Every team that p went through that, that cycle at Penn State, I saw all these guys, like I saw Derrick Henry.

And all those dudes. Derrick Henry and Claiborne were the two largest specimen that I've ever seen. And I'm a small guy, like I'm not a big dude, but but these guys were enormous. And then that next day when he blocked that punt and scored on that touchdown, like he blocked it, picked it up and scored.

I was like, man, this dude's gonna go to the N F L and boom he did like first or second round the bucks, 

[00:18:59] Dan Johnson: I think. [00:19:00] Yeah. Tampa Bay. Yeah. That's nuts. I it's funny how. Things like sports can really captive, I don't know what it is about sports. Like you just, you're so invested in something like for deer hunting.

I'm invested in deer hunting, but I also participate in it like, yeah, but I'm also invested in college football and I don't participate in it in any I've never participated in it. I've played football in CO or in high school. And that's it. But yeah, I don't know what it is about sports that makes people go absolutely bananas.

[00:19:33] Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah. I don't know. It's just it's bigger than us, yeah. You know what I Exactly. If we want to be, we want to be a part of that. And but it'll be interesting to see, like we were just saying about the whole landscape of the divisions, the conference is expanding. But also now is also for college football.

The, it went from a four team playoff to now a 12 team playoff. You gotta finish in that top 12. You have a pretty good 

[00:19:52] Dan Johnson: chance. Yeah that, that will be interesting. So is this the first year they're doing that? Yeah, this is, oh man, it's gonna get crazy. [00:20:00] I Are they all at lar? Is it gonna be the top 12 rated teams or are they gonna be doing conference championship champions too?

[00:20:09] Jeremy Dinsmore: I think I'm not sure I'm probab. I would, if, I don't know the exact answer, but I would say like the, what they've normally have done as far as like the conference winners have that shoe in, in a sense. But then after that, you probably have to just be ranked within that 15th to be considered, I would assume.

[00:20:27] Dan Johnson: Yeah. Yeah. I don't know, man, that, that would be crazy to see an undefeated Ohio state get upset by a. A six and six conference or division champion outta the west and then go play for the national, go to the division or the playoff and just get smoked by the next person. Yeah, I know.

[00:20:47] Jeremy Dinsmore: Gosh, I know. That's the one aspect of. I forget, I always bus kids, although I teach where Penn State is located, you still have a couple kids wearing some Scarlet and Gray. I'm like, what are you doing? Yeah. I don't, don't get me wrong I'm a [00:21:00] proud alumni and all that stuff, and I just always like busting these kids chops when they come in wearing something else.

All that 

[00:21:05] Dan Johnson: stuff. We do that with Iowa State. Yeah. We're like, aw. Look at him. He's wearing Iowa State. 

[00:21:11] Jeremy Dinsmore: Aw. He's a little, you're a little 

[00:21:12] Dan Johnson: cyclone. Yeah. Good boy. Yeah. All we gotta we're gonna talk about deer hunting, but I got one more thing. This is dumb. This is stupid. Okay. So if you wanna just say pass after I ask this question.

Okay. We can densmore. Every time I read an email, I see an email pop up from you or I read your name or right now, dude, all I am thinking about is DTI Moore Beef Stew. I. I've never heard of that. You've never heard of dti? More beef stew? Dude, I don't like It is like I grew up on this canned beef stew.

It had absolutely no nutritional value. When you were like, my parents got divorced, money was tight and my mom would go to. [00:22:00] All these in Walmart and buy these cans of dti. More beef stew ton more dti, more beef stew, and like a middle class luxury. And so during the summer times, man, I would eat DTI more beef stew.

All. All summer long. Yeah. And so I'm sorry man, I just had to tell you that your name reminds me of beef stew. That's, I 

[00:22:26] Jeremy Dinsmore: like that. Hey, I'm associate I'd rather be associated with beef stew than something worse. Yeah. So 

[00:22:31] Dan Johnson: there we go. All right. Let's talk about deer hunting, dude.

Yeah, let's get it. So the last time we talked, You were talking about going on a scouting mission to Ohio. Ohio, okay. Yeah. And you were talking about all these hypothetical things, but now you've actually gone on the scouting mission to these areas. Let's talk about what you located? What? What did you find?


[00:22:55] Jeremy Dinsmore: I would say right off the bat I wasn't wowed. Yeah. And I [00:23:00] think many things plays a role into that. I think. The number one aspect is for sure the timeframe that we went. We went smack dab July wasn't, it, that's your green of green is up. You know what I'm saying?

The good thing about it though was there still showed promise. If that makes sense. The first day that we went, we did a big loop around the big chunk of piece and. It seemed like the good area. Somebody already had it mapped out. There was like an old standstill there.

You could see where some of the trails converged to one spot. There was a good scrape there, but it was too predictable, if that made sense. Yeah. And it just seemed all the other, like a saddle that really. I don't know why, but on the map you really didn't see it. Yeah. But when you're there with boots on the ground, we got into some really decent stuff and then we worked our way to a back corner and found some better sign [00:24:00] as well.

And then the next day when we went obviously I'm just like summarizing and we could break it down. But then the next day we went back to a different corner of that same piece and we found even better sign. Oh, that's awesome. Yeah, so like it wasn't, again, it wasn't like, oh my gosh, I can't wait to get in here.

And as we worked our way through and worked our way back to that back corner, day two, we got in on like different creek bottoms, little crossing, some real good fixed stuff. And like my buddy Tim and I that were, that will be hunting that, and another friend Tom came with us like over the one Cree crossing where it just got really.

It just felt right. You know what I mean? It just had a, it's set up really good. Like you turn around and you're like, yeah, that's the tree that I want to be in. Yeah. We're definitely going to hunt it. I just, at that point in time of the year, deer just aren't there. I, but I know like the sign, the old hi, the old historical sign was there from the season.

It's just not there right then and there during the summer, which is [00:25:00] totally fine. I'd rather hunt it when they're going to 

[00:25:01] Dan Johnson: be there. That's a fact. Okay, so I wanna talk a little bit about topography lines, because you mentioned that you would ESC out and then you're like maybe it doesn't look like anything's really there.

But then you put your boots on the ground. And you located some terrain that the tahoe lines weren't picking up. Talk to us about that. 

[00:25:27] Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah, so when you look at it on the map there, it. I mean it, look, it has what Ohio's known for those rolling Hills, right? And that was very predictable.

But then inside these timber pieces, like there were like little micro patches. I guess you could say that certain one, certain ones were bigger and you're like, oh, wow. Look at all these, little bit of pines were in, in this white section. And then you go over and then there were a couple some oaks were in a different section basically.

And then like I said, as we were walking, You saw [00:26:00] you were working your way up the ridges and you saw that, and then it looked like on the map that it just flattened out a little bit. And as you crest over, it was almost like that little micro bench and then it just dropped. Down on the other side and I don't know, it just didn't show itself like that on the map.

And. On top of that, flat of that saddle. It was just littered of different trails and some scrapes we saw. And they weren't going from one end to the other. They were like going across on top of that flat. And then it just dropped down to another bottom into a creek system.

And I, and I think that's the aspect of one of the learning curves that I wanted to improve upon the last couple years was. Not relying so much on the map. But getting in there and actually seeing how the layout is. And Steve Shirk from Pennsylvania that's one of the questions that I know he gets asked a lot is about e scouting.

And I know he really doesn't do a lot. He just goes out there and just goes and tell like the woods. He lets the woods tell him and dictate his [00:27:00] process. And that was I think our, even though it was like a two. I would say like a 24 hour scouting mission, like Speed Scout. But that's what we wanted to see.

What was the kind of the layout Yeah. And mean. Man, I'll tell you what, if you have a water access to get in there, there's other pieces that I think we're like, Hey, when we come out here, we might have to bring some canoes with us or kayaks just to get back to the other side that we really didn't check out because it was very difficult to get to that side.

I don't know, Dan I just think the importance of getting there and seeing that, because again, the map was saying one thing and while you're there it told you different. Yeah. 

[00:27:38] Dan Johnson: I'll tell you this, man. My, before I lost this little section of property I lost two years ago. I lost about a hundred total acres.

It got split and bought by a different group of people, their hunters. I can't hunt it anymore, but it had what I would. Say is the best tree stand location that I've ever found. Yeah. [00:28:00] And it was edge, like it was right on edge of thickness and open timber. So we had that going for us.

We had on a West wind, there was a huge drop off on the east facing slope. West Wind would take your thermals up and. And then so access down, you take, you go low, you jay, hook right up into it, and you get in the stand. And once you're in the stand, nothing can smell you. It's just like the perfect stand.

And then if it is a cloudy day and thermals are still pulling down, let's say in the morning, they pull down into the steepness where no deer go, and then they. They blow out the bottom of it. Where also, no, no deer go. Yeah. And so the deer are up on this ridge. And so if they were to come close, yeah, there would be a chance.

But then once the sun came up and the thermals would switch, man, it was money. And then on top of that, there was a little, what I call a spur ridge that would come off of the main ridge, but it paralleled it. It didn't go, it didn't go 90 degrees down. It [00:29:00] paralleled it. Yeah. So it was almost like, This subtle terrain, but it would go, it went all the way along the main ridge.

That right there did not show up on you couldn't see that on top of lines. I. 

[00:29:14] Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah. Yeah. And that that, the other piece about that was too, was like those creek bottoms, like I talked about, not nonexisting on any, no matter what brand, what other company app we were using, all three of us had different ones, basically.

And not a single one showed these creek bottoms. And that's exactly like you were saying about edge and some different habitats. And that's where everything was more littered with as far as sign was concerned and that was not on the map. 

[00:29:42] Dan Johnson: And so that would've been the lowest point of the terrain.

Yeah. Probably When, where the wind would swirl a lot and then they felt comfortable catching scent from other directions. Yeah. Yep. Man, that's, and it, I bet you that feels good to. F find that right? It did. Yep. [00:30:00] So the question now is you get, you know why the deer are there. It's because it's like a scent tornado down in there.

Yep. Yep. Now you gotta figure out how are you gonna hunt it. 

[00:30:10] Jeremy Dinsmore: And so what we were deciding on is there were. Those strips of like I was saying, how there's micro little patches of the timber and going down where they're rolling hills. And we figured out that we would be able to get into that area.

Work our way about halfway and when we cut into one day, like the second day basically, to see how the ridges aligned with that creek bottom system, that's where we found some pretty good trails. And they were like little micro benches. So it's almost like coming in through the side to wrap around and setting up just so on one of those trails.

And that's where Going back to now, putting a camera is going to be, an important piece of that puzzle just to see which way those deer are moving. Yeah. But one of those things too, it's like you go for broke too. Not necessarily hunting those [00:31:00] bottoms, but getting to that thick and edge, like looking at that edge and where the bedding could possibly be possibly on that other side of that creek bottom.

'cause when we crossed into that, Dan, it was like, I was the lucky man because I was either the middle guy or the end. So those two were like busting through needed a machete basically. Yeah. That's where looking at how the layout of that was, that's where I think the betting was or will be or could be.

And then where the crossing was happening and what the sign was telling us, just right outside that edge and it's just working your way. Across those ridge systems dropping down just ever so slightly and hunting it that way. Just right outside that, that, that sign basically. Yeah. 

[00:31:41] Dan Johnson: What was the food scenario in this area?

[00:31:45] Jeremy Dinsmore: Nearby looking at it, there were a couple private pieces that had some fields I guess you could say had the crops. There were a couple oaks. And really frigging there's brows till last us last them for years to [00:32:00] come basically. Yeah. What was really cool is the one the last day when we were walking out we were just working our way through just to make it a little bit easier on ourselves just because of how thick and dryer nasty it was we were walking through and.

My cell, my watch dinging because I had a buck come on camera from here and I was like, oh man I just got a really good buck picture. And we're like, okay, like cool, let's work down through and check the, check this terrain feature out. And as soon as we did that, something caught my eye. I was like stop.

And we put up the bin noses and it was a pretty good buck. And that was in July. Oh, wow. You could tell he was pretty good and he just moseyed his way through. And right where he was, there was a couple patches of some oaks. I think that when you find that pocket of oaks there and that will play a big role in, into what maybe we try to get in on.

Yeah. 'cause like I said it just seemed like, Where we walked in at, it was a very, [00:33:00] they're just moving through that. There wasn't really anything keeping them there. But then some of the spots, like I said, down at that creek bottom system where it was really thick, especially on that other side, I think that's where they're really congregating and really calling home.


[00:33:13] Dan Johnson: How much of an impact do you think that private land Ag is gonna have? 

[00:33:20] Jeremy Dinsmore: I would say a lot. Okay. I, so for me personally, I'm not, I don't hunt ag, like I have zero experience, so I'm as green gets with it. I think I. Judging on it. I think it, it could, depending on I guess, when things are picked and what really is going to be there in, in the whole, I think too if acorns are dropping, I think they're going to be in there sucking those up.

Like back. You know what I mean? So I think it will play a good role, but I don't know if it's gonna be the end all be all to them. And I don't know how much pressure this spot really gets as well. If it gets a ton, maybe it'll play even more of a role and be closer [00:34:00] to the whole private side, maybe to hunt that as well.

So I'm interested to see how that will go. And that's the other reason why I really want to go, because this is like the long game for me. I don't want this to be this Ohio trip to be, oh, I went to Ohio in 2023. I wanna go each year learn and develop these different skill sets so that way, if it branches out to other states, I at least I know what to deal with.

[00:34:24] Dan Johnson: So when's your trip? 

[00:34:27] Jeremy Dinsmore: So as of right now, looking at October back to back weekends for the 14th and the 21st weekends. 

[00:34:35] Dan Johnson: Okay, so it's not throughout the week, it's just two weekends you're going? Yeah. Okay. 

[00:34:39] Jeremy Dinsmore: So I'll do like Friday right after school. Sleep in the truck, hunt all day, Saturday hunt all day Sunday, do the same thing the following weekend.

And then if, you know when the rutt. I'll take some time during the week of November if something happens and need to change a scenery or something like that, I'll just drive the two and a half, three hours to go [00:35:00] west instead of going east. 

[00:35:01] Dan Johnson: Yeah. I'll tell you what, man, that. Yeah, I used to think two hours was a long time, but man, after you drive out west for an elk hunt or something like that it's, it takes nothing.

I have a, my, one of my Iowa Farms is three hours away. Yeah. And it's a pretty good farm and it's worth driving to. Yeah. You could, be there by a Saturday, for a Saturday morning hunt, depending on what time you get outta school on Friday. Yep, 

[00:35:25] Jeremy Dinsmore: exactly. That's the game plan for right now.

Yeah, that's the game plan as of now. Things could obviously change, and going back to saying about hunting Maryland early season, that's the other key thing too. It's okay, those deer, not saying it's going to be a similar type of hunt, but again, that's going to be.

Where I'm hunting on the public land piece, it's one of those where you have to call and make the reservation like where you are. One of 12 or 13 hunters allowed to hunt that day on that public land piece. Okay. Because it is smaller. All that stuff. And luckily it got in for both days to the one piece that, that we really wanted to get to.

[00:36:00] But, looking at it, it offers. Timber, it offers some when I said to my buddy who I'm, who I'll be going with, he goes, Hey, look at this map. So this one was from the D N R because even though it's not a big piece already, there's huntable spots as far as what you are allowed to hunt and what you're not allowed to hunt.

So even though like I'm throwing a number out there, let's just say it's a hundred acres. Really, there might only be 40 acres. That's actually you are allowed to hunt. Oh, okay. Because other pieces of it are used for X, Y, and Z. But there's some fields there. And then if you look at a rectangle inside that rectangle is that public land piece above it is private.

Below it is private. And those two private pieces have fields. The one on public where we can hunt has a couple fields. There's some really good areas Now, some of them kind of stick out like a sore thumb on the map of wow, I should hunt there. Yes, you are one of 13 dozen of hunters, so hopefully there's enough space to go around and if that makes [00:37:00] sense.

But, I'm anxious to see how, I know it's early season, so it'll be doing different things, but I'm anxious to see how the deer use the home farms, the private farms to this public land piece. Yeah. So that way that will help me even maybe learn a little bit that could help me in Ohio as well.


[00:37:19] Dan Johnson: Did you set any cams out? 

[00:37:21] Jeremy Dinsmore: In Ohio? Just one. Okay. Like I said, nothing really jumped out to us as far as like nothing would help us right now. And Tim and I, we are planning to go like sometime this week, not this weekend, but sometime in September, right before just to do another little Speed Scout mission and Okay.

Get out there and do some more. 

[00:37:40] Dan Johnson: Is this a statewide tag? Can you go anywhere in the state of Ohio? Yeah. Okay. Alright, so that, that kind of brings up the next question I have for you and that is you've scouted this place. You are, you go down there that one weekend and it's dog crap yep, no, no movement or [00:38:00] tons of pressure or it's just not working out.

How do you rebound from that? And are you then going, do you have multiple plans? Like I got if this property sucks, there's plan B. If Plan B sucks, there's plan C. 

[00:38:14] Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah, I would definitely say plan B would then be using. Tim's past knowledge for where he has hunted there in the past. I know too, like the one spot where he's gone to, he he, I don't know if he believes I, if I don't want to quote him, but from my, if I could re remember correctly, it was a weird timing for like when he went out there and he didn't see as much as I think he.

Should have, if that kind of makes sense. Like it was during a really good time. He had saw a good sign, he just wasn't in it right then and there. Yeah. So using his historical, information of what he's done in there in the past and, there's a lot I. Now there's not as much as obviously as there is here in Pennsylvania where we get vast and vast of thousands upon thousands.

But there's little chunks and I think [00:39:00] also knocking on some doors maybe won't hurt as well. I know it'll be a little bit late to the game for that aspect of things. But, just looking at the public land pieces and worst case scenario, Dan, like plan C, there's a. One of the biggest pieces, and I know it gets hunted hard from what I've gathered from other hunters and everything like that, man.

Okay. That I deal with that here as well in Pennsylvania. So it's just getting in there and putting boots on the ground and going. And if that means that Saturday, we're like, dude, this is just not it. This isn't where we need to be use tomorrow. Is that full scout day? Yeah. Have your bow have the bow in hand because you never know, obviously.

But get out there and fine. 'cause then you know, you're. I'm dedicating a, like I said, a minimum of two full weekends, so four full days of some Ohio hunting at the 

[00:39:46] Dan Johnson: minimum list. Yeah. And that's one thing that I personally had to learn how to do, and I know a lot of guys like yourself who hunt public or even all the other guys out there who hunt high [00:40:00] pressured public ground or high pressured properties.

It doesn't necessarily have to be public, but you learn. You don't you not only learn the terrain and try to find where deer move, but you also learn how to, not necessarily how other people hunt, but how to hunt around other people. And so for me, like on the main farm that I've hunted, some of these tree stands had been there for 20 plus years and they're still there and I still hunt 'em.

And I've had all my success in some of these properties flanking them. And going where the deer like, dude, we know you're there. Yeah. You've been here for 20 years. We're gonna, we're gonna skirt around you. And that's where I'm at. Yeah. And and being mobile, my stand isn't there all the time. And I don't know, man. I hope when you get down there, there's nobody there. It's I know the perfect conditions. It's like an October full blown rutt for you. Yeah. 

[00:40:55] Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah. And after obviously doing the podcast now for four years and talking to [00:41:00] individuals and going off of my own knowledge and experience, man, some of those early October days like that, like I said, that first weekend that I plan on going out there of the 14th, it's a three days earlier than what I'm used to, but around that 16th through the 18th, Man, I've had some really cool bucking counters and I'm talking good bucks, not just two year old deer.

I'm talking really good bucks that I would have no hesitation of taking a shot at if the shot opportunity arrived, came about. But I. I, you never know what, what could happen during that timeframe. You still might get a buck coming in, checking a scrape or something along those lines and going to a feeding source and food source and, set up in the right spot and get a crack at one.

[00:41:42] Dan Johnson: Yeah. Alright, so you go there, you talked about your backup plans, if that doesn't work. Yep. What happened, like how were, how do you plan on micro adjusting in the area if it is good and [00:42:00] it's hot, and talk to us about the strategy where it's Hey man, I know deer are in here. I've seen them, but I have to make these little micro adjustments like going 40 yards or going 80 yards that way.

Or talk to us about that part of this strategy. Yeah, 

[00:42:14] Jeremy Dinsmore: that's the aspect I think that I've done. A better job of over the years. And that's because of obviously, like you just alluded to earlier, of saying like being mobile. Since I, I've gone from a climber to the hang on to a saddle now I.

For the last four years. You could pick any tree you could get up in. Now, you may not have, might have the luxury of getting, say, 15 plus feet. It might only be nine feet off the ground. But if that's the tree that, you could shoot that trail or shoot a scrape or just to be in that right off wind basically to get that opening to that deer coming through.

Yeah, there you go. You're able to do that. And I think, that's a question I always like asking. My guess is, how far do you push that envelope? You get into that spot and you're seeing sign, you need to do get [00:43:00] up, set up, but what's that right area?

And for me, I like being in between. If I could shoot a trail, like a good trail that I see, don't get me wrong. I hope I could, my goal is to shoot that, but then my hope is also to be able to shoot. A faint trail or somewhere else that Okay. I could hopefully dissect where a buck might not take that same trail that the younger bucks or the dough are mainly using.

Just that way. Now, don't get me wrong, that's the hard part, right? Yeah. If I'm on, if I'm on the, if. The right side of the trail. And that deer's on the further right side, making it a further shot. Yeah, don't get me wrong, that's gonna be tougher. That's just, that's deer hunting, but that's my main goal is to try to find that, that right spot where my wind is still given to him a little bit, or the deer a little bit, but I have the chance to at least get a full draw and get the shot off. And I'd. I think I fell victim too many times to the wind has to be perfect.[00:44:00] 

I, oh, it has to be in my wind and not their wind. But yeah, in that heat of the moment, the being mobile and being able to shoot the trails or the scrapes or something along those lines, that's the key for me. 

[00:44:11] Dan Johnson: Gotcha. When you go back and do that September scouting mission, are you going to be hanging more trail cameras again?

[00:44:19] Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah, no doubt about it. And I think just because now if Deer R coming through there, hopefully we will see some rubs. Hopefully we'll see some more scrapes opened up at that point in time. And again, if it just confirms on the one side of, Hey, this is just their walkthrough, going back into bedding down over the ridge, basically, then we know, okay, we could access it from that other side, cut in and work our way down to where we found.

The older sign, basically. And if that's all fresh up down there, then we know, that game plan going from there. 

[00:44:52] Dan Johnson: Does the public border, the food on private directly? [00:45:00] 

[00:45:01] Jeremy Dinsmore: Pretty close. Yeah. Pretty close on that. Yeah. In that back corner? Yeah. 

[00:45:04] Dan Johnson: Okay. Yeah. Everything you've told me makes it sound like as soon as the, that crops get out and the deer start to move a little bit more as we progress through October.

And I really feel based off of everything you told me, I've never been to any of these properties. Yeah. I've never seen it on a map that you're the deer will, you're gonna start seeing things go down. Yeah. Do you, was there any sign of humans. Like guy guys that have left their stands up in there and things 

[00:45:32] Jeremy Dinsmore: like that.

Just like early on, like when we were working our way up, like your typical oh, I made it up to the top here. And walked, I don't know, a hundred yards. And like I said, that was a, I don't know if it was a mock scrape or what. We looked at these trails converging like up over from another side, from a pine side.

And then there was like a real thick, briar, thick, nasty stuff coming up on the opposite and it all converged together. We were looking at that, I'm like, Hey look, there's a scrape that looks pretty good. [00:46:00] And then like we just turned left and there was a, just our typical Pennsylvania thing, like it's just here in Pennsylvania on public land, it's always okay, this looks good.

And like you just, your eyes your head.

Because, you had a bust ass to get up top of the like on top of the mountain basically, and it flattened out. And then, like I said, maybe with. It was definitely less than a hundred yards. Yeah. And it was easy. And here's the other piece, that piece Dan was easy to get to. 'cause again, we weren't scouting.

Yeah. Right there. We knew we where we wanted to go to prior, prior to getting there. We were on our way there. But it made sense. Yeah. And really other than that especially when we got down to that real thick stuff, no, there was. There was really no, no human, 

[00:46:50] Dan Johnson: Sign. Okay. And with that said, then, is there water in the low spots?

Yeah. Okay. That's a win. [00:47:00] That's a win. Yeah. Big time. Yeah. Do you find yourself, do you feel like you're gonna gravitate low or high? 

[00:47:06] Jeremy Dinsmore: I think I'm gonna be in that middle. Okay. You know what I mean? I do. Again, I don't wanna go for broke on that first sit basically and just blow it all up, like you said, with the wind swirling everywhere.

But I wanna be on that outskirt middle and hopefully catch something. 

[00:47:20] Dan Johnson: Yeah. Anything else on this trip that you found interesting or that made you go, oh man, this is the right spot? 

[00:47:27] Jeremy Dinsmore: I. Like I said, going back to that whole access with possibly with, a kayak or something like that.

Now again, we didn't work our way down that whole side just because we did a general, think of think the more centerpiece and then there was say the far far. Northeast corners where we then the second day we really hammered home and then that far west side it would've been a trek.

We could have done it, but at the same time the easiest route to get there was through some real thick stuff and crossing the [00:48:00] water. And that, at that point it was pretty deep, like we would've needed to go swimming basically. Yeah. And so the access that far side on the easiest route would to be by kayak or canoe.

So That's the one area where looking at it I think could also be really good just because, who's all I'm, don't get me wrong, I'm sure there's hunters using the kayaks and all that stuff, but I don't think every Tom, Dick and Harry is though. 

[00:48:23] Dan Johnson: Yeah. Yeah. You're probably right. That's good, man.

It sounds like, yeah. If anything, you have a really good starting point for Yeah. This piece. And obviously you got someone who's hunted it before and that's Yep. Going with that kind of person. And that's a good thing. And man I hope you I hope you pull it off.

And I hope you slay the Ohio State record. Typical white tail. 

[00:48:48] Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah. Some, oh man. A bunch of Buckeye fans would be 

[00:48:51] Dan Johnson: pissed. Yeah, I know some Penn Stater comes down and kills the Ohio State record. That would be crazy. Oh, man. That's good, [00:49:00] man. You got a starting point. It sounds like you you, you got a plan.

I can't wait to hear. I wanna catch up probably sometime late October after you did those two weekends and catch up again and see if your evaluation of this property paid off and if you you slayed the beast. 

[00:49:17] Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah. I'm excited. And it just wrapped things up with that Dan was the you brought up a good point about like when do you give up on, on a spot and like when do you just not know?

I think that's the beauty of obviously where we went and the timing obviously, like I said, wasn't the greatest. We, I'm sure we would've saw a lot more better sign post-season, but the grand scheme of things I. I think we'll know pretty early this isn't the spot, or this is a spot. So that way we still have plenty of time to go like we already talked about to a different spot for sure.

And that's the beauty of it. 

[00:49:50] Dan Johnson: That's awesome, man. That's awesome. And that's the best part about having public ground all, all over, all around. And that's, Hey, shit doesn't go right. Let's go off to the next piece, [00:50:00] off to the next piece off to the next piece. And you just keep going until you, you connect with something, man.

Oh yeah. Good luck. Appreciate it. All right. Thanks for taking time outta your day to hop on and anytime do this podcast, man. And I'm looking forward to hearing about your success. 

[00:50:16] Jeremy Dinsmore: Thanks Dan, so much for everything that you do as far as the network is concerned and having me on.

It's always a great pleasure. 

[00:50:22] Dan Johnson: And there you have at another episode of The Nine Finger Chronicles in the books. Huge shout out to Jeremy. Huge. Shout out to tethered wasp vortex ozone code blue woodman's pal, and hunt worth. Please go out and support the companies that support this podcast. Last but not least, if you're gonna be in a tree stand, make sure you wear your damn safety harness.

Go to iTunes, leave a review. Good vibes in, good vibes out, and we will talk to you next time.[00:51:00]