Freezer Inventory and Consolidation

Show Notes

In this episode of Huntavore, Nick is on a wild ride of life, work, and family. Spring Break is around the corner, and plans to put more pork away is coming up fast. For many of us who have spring hunts and future bounty to store, consolidating and organizing our freezers is a must. Is it by species, or is it muscle specific? How to handle odd shaped cuts? Can I make accessing specific pieces easier? These are all questions that are covered on this episode of Huntavore.

After a winter’s worth of rummaging, Nick’s freezers are in disarray. Needing some organization and some consolidation as his bounty is between 3 freezers. To the average hunter this may not be the most fun topic, but to anyone who puts multiple animals up each year, having a system to organize your wildgame is pretty important. Nick is also going to be adding more wild pork so bringing inventory from 3 freezers into 2 is needed to make room. Full freezers are cold freezers, being more efficient at keeping temps low and in turn keeping meat frozen solid. Batch cooking is also a great way to put odd cuts like shanks and shoulders into uniform packaging. Nick made a large batch of barbacoa and carnitas just to freeze into vac bags. Nothing is better than a thaw cook and serve meal with wild game.

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