From Ranch Hand to Right Hand Man, Janis Putelis

Show Notes

This week the guys had the privilege to talk with Janis Putelis, of MeatEater. Many of you know Janis for his adventures with Steve Rinella and his clever remarks, but it didn’t start at the top. This discussion is more about how Janis got to where he is now. Janis discusses his younger days of working on ranches in Colorado, to time in Alaska, Utah, and eventually Montana. 

Paul’s been traveling the world again for work but gearing up for deer season. Andrew was able to take an afternoon in the DSA at KillDeer plains to hang out in the tree. Nothing happening, but it was nice to get back into the woods and work out the kinks.

Deer archery season opens across the entire state of Ohio on September 24. Don’t forget to check out the OHLAP program for new properties across the state. There is a public rule shearing on 9/14/22 at 7pm at the District office at 1500 Dublin Rd Columbus OH. Keep an eye out for EHD as we move closer to the first frost. Also be on the look out for the spotted lantern fly in trees near your home and in the woods. This bug is another invasive one that can cause major damage to our woodlands. Report any findings to the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Have a great week!!

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