Frozen Locks and the First Weekend at GAOS

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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, the gang recaps their first weekend at the Great American Outdoor Show. After leaving the show, Brad feels naked without one and Brayden says he needs one … find out what “it” is! The team did some great sales at GAOS and enjoyed meeting everyone and shared the story of one very special member reunion. Brad recounts their legendary, two-hour, all-stops-pulled-out, iced-up trailer lock saga that will have you second-guessing your own craziest methods of dealing with a frozen lock. 

Back at GoWild HQ, Derek wonders if the hype for the “Yellowstone” tv series has boosted interest in beaver and Jacob advocates that Charles Wesley Godwin puts on a killer concert. The guys are already starting to think about spring turkey hunting season and talk about their plans. The conversation then turns toward some fishing chatter as the guys are equally excited to get back on the water. Brad also hints at the next company he’s building based on the China Balloon.

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] I feel very naked. Cause I don't have a knife on me right now. Cause the, cause I had to fly back in Harrisburg. Oh yeah. I had to fly back. So yeah. I'm definitely buying one there this year. I said I was going to last year and just never got out to do it. But that's you mission number one. Yeah. You'll, you better go on Tuesday because it is the back half of the weekend is supposed to be crazy.

Like the weekend I'm coming back. A great American outdoor show for anybody that doesn't know what the heck we're talking about. no context. Yeah. . Yeah. I'm Brad's Naked . Braden's buying a knife. Nice. And there's a country music concert. Sounds like a party. . What, speaking of country music concert.

Yeah. Charles Wesley. Oh, dude. How was, you know what's funny is I forgot He was playing the show that you were going to the next day. He was in Pennsylvania the night before. Oh, was he? Yeah. Him and. And so I texted Charles and I was like, dude, you want to come to the show? I'll get you in. Cuz we get extra passes or whatever.

Yeah. And he's ah man, I gotta drive back to [00:01:00] Cincinnati to play a show. Never occurred to me that you were gonna be at the show. Yeah. So I didn't even tell him. Yeah. I actually texted Blake hoping he would be there. Cuz my sister and her fiance are dancing to one of Cole's songs and so I was hoping he could arrange like a little howdy duty.

Oh, that would've been cool. He didn't end up. Yeah, that would've been cool. It was fun though, man. It was a good show Charles puts on. Fantastic show. It's awesome. It's unreal, dude. It's high energy. He's got a bunch of pieces in the band, so there's a lot of stuff going on the whole time and they're so well-rehearsed.

Yeah. Dude, do you ever get a chance to check out Charles Wesley Gowin Live? Do it. He's been touring with Zach album coming. It does. He? Yeah. That's awesome. So he's been touring with Zach. Brian. So a lot of you guys listening probably are familiar with Zach from his Yellowstone. He's apparently in the new season of Yellowstone, which I haven't finished or whatever.

But Yellowstone's also what made Zack Brian famous. I didn't know that, which I will continue to argue with Blake about. He's no, it was a, and he's got something. And I'm like, no, dude. Literally, the guy went [00:02:00] on Yellowstone . Yeah. Or he met the music producer at Yellowstone. And she's you're great.

I'm gonna make you famous. And she did. Yeah. And then boom, he's like selling out Red Rocks. Friends at hot places. Yeah. Yellowstone also really boosted the the beaver market. The beaver market. Really? Yeah. Cause everyone wants cowboy hats like Yellowstone. They're all made for beaver felt. So the price of beaver has gone up significantly.

Is that good for you? Good year to be a Derrick. If I can find a buyer. Yeah. So what we're saying is, Derek, give us a your cell phone number right now and we'll get into you buying beavers. How about this? Just contact me on Goat Wild. Yeah, there you go. If you're interested in buying. All right. Alright.

I'll give you Derek's cell phone number. Hang on, . All right. So Charles was awesome. Did cold full band or no? He did, yeah. It was wolfpen with him again. Oh, see, and actually I don't, I'm not sure about the drummer. I don't think I noticed who the drummer was. It's close enough when he played for us, but yeah, wolfpen was there.

That's awesome. Yeah. So we left [00:03:00] me, Eric and Dan left on Wednesday to drive up. And now I need a F two 50. Like asap because that thing was amazing. Dude. My dad has one that he will not let me drive for whatever reason. I think he knows how I know he's been shotgun. Your truck, 40 pullovers or something?

24. And counting . I've only had seven tickets. That's a pretty good ratio. Shows that cleavage gets outta there. . Yeah. Whatever it takes. He cries a little. Yeah, sir. I'm gluten and taller and I have to poop. You gotta love them.

I just pinch my kids right before they, Cobb gets up there and they're all screaming and he's I don't know what's going on here. . No. But the, that truck. Awesome. Pulling the trailer so much better than my S u v. Cuz it, it's built to pull 15,000 pounds I think. So that trailer you could go like a hundred if you wanted to.

And you can't even tell the trailer's back there. Yeah. That's good. There were, it was a flawless setup up until, oh no, the last night. [00:04:00] Everything went great. We got like the whole booth was set up and we were merchandising, which for anybody that doesn't know what the heck I'm talking about, like we're set setting up to sell product.

We had everything set up and we were starting to merchandise on day one, and I'm like, holy smokes, we're gonna be done in half a day the next day. , we were leaving. That was supposed to be our chill night. The night we finished, it was like we were gonna be done early, be able to go out and take our time right with the night.

We come out and we have to move the trailer from where it is into the trailer lot. You guys remember, there's like a trailer exhibitor lot, right? So I come out and I didn't realize how much colder it had. It did, the temperature dropped like 20 degrees. Apparently when I was here. The trailer lock, that, that lock design gets frozen a lot and I'll just dump a little bit of hot water on it, which is not great if it's like single digit weather, but at 30 degrees it's fine. I did that before I left and I think, oh, no, where down here it was like 32 degree. It wasn't that cold. [00:05:00] When we got up there, the temperature climbed a little bit and then it went way down. So I think the water that I put on there two days prior had thaw out and sunk deep into the mechanism of this trailer hitch lock.

And so it was going nowhere. And so I didn't, again, didn't think about it, came out and put a little water on the lock instant. Like as soon as it was hitting, it was freezing. And so Dan and I start like it wouldn't not let, that made it all that much worse cuz it was already frozen where you couldn't get it in the lock.

The key even in it's a circle lock. Yeah. Heat the key. Yeah. So we did that. Okay. Yeah. Didn't work. No. There was two hours, no longer for two hours. Dan and I concocted every which way you can think, and you're standing outside in the cold this whole time. Five degrees . Oh. With windshield.

And the I forgot gloves. Erica did too, but she bought some gloves at a gas station that I pretty much wore the whole [00:06:00] time. I think I'm gonna have to buy 'em off of her because now they smell like burnt plastic for what I'm about to tell you guys. Oh. Oh boy. So Dan and I are coming up with everything and we looked up the heating, the key is apparently the best route.

Yes. That's a hot tip if you're dealing with the frozen lock. In normal circumstances. We did that though. Beat the key, not the lock. We were doing that. The problem with those circle locks is it still has to be able to rotate down low and to clear like it. We could get it at the end of this story, I had gotten it 90% of the way and then it all froze up again.

, and it actually, it jammed so hard with either burnt plastic or something that it wouldn't go even go in. So the burnt the key wasn't working. And so I devised what I can only describe. Is either a flute or a bong, , whichever one you're more familiar with. . So Dan had one. Dan's always drinking those weird drinks.

He had left one in the truck. I cut the top off of it and at the bottom, like you were gonna shotgun a beer. I cut a thumb size hole in this thing and I put paper in it, to get a fire going and I'm using, playing this thing like a flute basically. Chugging [00:07:00] a beer, whatever one you wanna think of.

So I'm putting my mouth towards the hole, pushing the heat onto the lock. That was what was working the best. Cuz the key thing that Derek mentioned was the, there was so much moisture in there. It was, and it, like I said, it was going down and lock, just melting to the bottom and then refreezing immediately.

We couldn't keep the key hot enough to get it done. But this was working, but it's also melting some of the plastic around the. And it was blowing all that ash into there, so now it's refreezing with the goodness. It's so gummed up. At this point, we call a locksmith after an hour and a half, Erica.

The sensible one is can we not even call a locksmith because me and Dan are stubborn? We're like, no, we're getting this done. We had tried I'd put alcohol gel on it and tried to light that to get her to Ignite. Yeah. We had tried all Derek, like Yep. Lights back up, out me and Dan we had tried lighting it.

Dan lit a cigarette and was holding it to it. Of it. Of course. Yeah. There's literally cigarettes solve all of Dan's problems. Yeah. We were going, we put the truck exhaust up to it. For about 30 [00:08:00] minutes running. That's good way to heat your house too. So that's joke people.

don't Dan and I started, Dan. I think the vapor off the exhaust might be refreezing. Yeah. Oh. And I'm like, my gosh. I'm like, yeah, that might be like, cuz I mean you could only get so close with the exhaust. . So dude, we went through the gamut on trying everything. Wow. And we tried the key heat thing for the whole hour and a half that we were working on this.

And finally after the, we called the locksmith and they're like, ah yeah, we don't do circle locks. Those are too hard to pick. And it. Mother of God, I would've paid them to come cut it off at this point because we realized that we were gonna have to drive out to Walmart, which was 30 minutes away. And then we were gonna have to buy an angle grinder, which was gonna cost us around $200 total once we were all in. And then we were gonna have to drive back and. All the problems, right? Grind it and then return the grinder. But then we get going out there, Dan, go, Dan's going, maybe we'll get lucky and the battery's gonna be charged.

And I go, oh dude, I hadn't thought about this. There's no way that battery's gonna be charged in a single grinder. And it wasn't. So [00:09:00] we go home, we charge the battery overnight get to the show. We had to get to the show an hour early just cuz we didn't know what was gonna happen with this. If it's a situation that we're dealing with.

To back up, the reason we had to get. So I told you that we had to move the trailer for the NRA host the event. We asked the dude the night before, it's yo dude, Erica went in and found him. She's our trailer is stuck. It is, the lock is stuck. And he's did it rain ? It's no, but it's I don't want to leave it here either.

This is not good for anybody. And he's you got until 9:00 AM Like he drew a hard line in the sand. Tough guy. But then the next day we came in. And we cut and Dan's out there. I got video. I'll have to post it of Dan's going to town on this thing with the angle grinder cutting through, which worked.

We got the lock off. There's hardened steel though, so it's like you could buy another lock. Yeah. , he's just sitting down. Do you trust more water all over the, there was, I skipped over the AutoZone trip where we bought $75 worth of stuff. We bought. We bought Lock the icer, we bought WD 40, we bought all the things.

There goes all our profit from Gay. Yeah. . [00:10:00] Yeah. $75 killed us. Dang it. But the yeah literally you remember last year we broke a TV and we're out $300. That's right. Before we even started, I broke the tv. That's right. Then this happened and it's okay, we're out another 300 bucks. But what's funny is, Lot cut off and this Cadillac Escalade I had parked and I saw the guy go into the show right before, and there's 14 acres of booth, so it's like he's probably in that hall somewhere, but you guys know how many booths are in that hall.

I'm like, I'm not going around trying to find the guy that's driving the Escalade. So we went and told the NRA and he goes, oh, no big deal. And I'm like, we spent two hours last night trying to get this thing off and then, I come to you this morning, he's oh, no big deal. So the guy was nice.

He's a good guy. But it was just funny cuz we were out there. My hands dude, were so cold. Dan was out there dying. Dan was the trooper with me, Erica probably making tos in the truck of us, doing all this. But that was the funny, like the way it all started, I'm like, it was so perfect up until we came out and couldn't move the log or the trailer.

Couple, couple takeaway. Don't pour water on locks that are gonna freeze. I still would do that. You didn't use Vaseline? [00:11:00] Ah, yeah. That's why we bought the de-icer grease. . And then the WD 40. I don't drive around with Vaseline personally. I don't know about you, Derek, but I'm saying like with this new lock, oh, grease it up.

Grease it up with some Vaseline. The we did not buy a circle lock again. Yeah, it is a hardened steel lock, but. Yeah. Went a different model cuz this has happened with this one every other time. Normally in 30 some degrees. I haven't had any, this is the first time I've had this problem. Yeah.

But I've known it was coming. I've been like, oh this log design's really bad. This is going to bite me one day and then it bit us at the worst possible time. So it's usually when that stuff happens. Yeah. Yeah. It was not good. I'll Vaseline up my key. Getting in there and praise Derek while I'm, when I go back up

But other than that first day at Gaos was great. We had a really good day for sales and meeting people. We had a whole crew of kids come up, all of 'em wearing go wild shirts. Yeah, I saw that. I, you. Oh, you guys weren't there. It was the first weekend. There was a mom that came up last year and was like, oh my gosh, it's the Go Wild team.

And she was so excited to meet everybody. She took our [00:12:00] picture, pic pictures with us, was texting her son, he couldn't be there and he had told her to go find us. It was the only booth that he wanted her to go see, dude. And so he was there this year though. . And he's my, you probably don't remember, but my mom.

And I was like, I know exactly where you were going. . Cause I remember this lady cuz it was so cool how excited she was. But then so the, we met I met a couple different guys. There's quite a few guys came through on the first day and then by now I'm guessing, I don't know when this is gonna release, I guess after the show's already done.

Yeah. But so Bo Mortons coming in today. We got Paul and Andrew, I think in the booth from oh two Hounds of xp. Guys are coming up. You guys are leaving tomorrow? Yep. And then I'm back on Friday. we're right next to Colt, which is cool. That's pretty cool. It's cool. Yeah. They they got a big presence.

It's like a shot show style booth. Nice. That's cool. That's what I always tell people, like this is probably their old shot booth. That's what Dan and I were talking about. It's a little worn. It's, you can tell it's well-traveled. But I almost guarantee this was a shot or a, some type [00:13:00] of nra, like an NRA show booth.

This is probably the one they take to the nra. Yeah. It's got a 20 foot tall sign that's tall. See a huge sign on it. Yeah. They took that corner right next to us. That 10 by 10 right there. Yeah. That 10 by 10 became a 10 by 20. Oh, they extend, or maybe even a 20 by 20, they extended the row basically.

I think the row may have, some of the rows may have. Cool. So we still got the same guys across from us. Oh, do you see doc's not there? Ah, but he might come in later in the week. Yeah. But yeah, so good crew. NRA does such a nice job. Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the nra, came through and came up, sh gave me his personal card and he is I wanna thank you for exhibiting. Oh, cool. You guys make this show. And he was doing that to everybody. He went, I thought that was actually, there's a thousand exhibitors there. Yeah. So if he did. It would take hours to go through.

Yeah. He had a, he stayed I thought he was just gonna say hi and go, but he like stopped and talked to us for a couple minutes. But he was very I even thought about him before the show and I was like, I bet none of those guys come to this thing cuz it's you know what I mean? [00:14:00] What are they really gonna do?

It's not like the NRA event, which is coming up here in a couple months. But yeah, he was there walking around. That's cool. That's cool. At a. Oh, of course. Yeah. But just one that's kinda a big deal. Yeah. But that was before the actual show started, so Oh, okay. Just for the exhibitors. Yeah.

He was walking around just saying hi to the exhibitors. Yeah. I don't think he could walk the, he'd probably get clobbered, right? Yeah. Dr. Oz. That's true. But he was campaigning. Yeah, he was campaigning, yeah. Didn't pan out. He wanted to see everybody. Maybe Wayne Lapierre's campaigning a little bit.

And I guess that's part of what he's doing is relationship building. But that can be our barometer. We'll just start seeing famous people be like, huh, we'll see them on the campaign trail in a couple years. . Yeah. Yeah. It was good though. You guys are gonna have a good time. Yeah. Did you walk around at all?

That's my. No. Oh man. Dude, you couldn't Wayne said they were expecting more people than last year by, based on some of the metrics they're seeing. And that concert is the last weekend. I can't remember who's playing, but he said that's gonna be the biggest weekend. So yesterday was a little slow though.

Foot traffic was slower. In general, [00:15:00] Dan and Erica said there just weren't as many people carrying stuff. Like people weren't really there shopping, they were just hanging out and maybe they went, spent money Saturday and then just came back to, I think there's a lot of people that two day.

Yeah. Yeah. But we still had a good day yesterday, so Yeah. What's been moving? Weren't people been interested? Dude, the garments. We're the only garment retailer at that show, and people don't believe us when we tell 'em that. And they leave and they go walk around for three hours and they come back and buy the garment that I told 'em about.

Yeah. Dan, I'm just. Telling you now likes to take credit for all sales. . He, me and Jacob won't let him get away with that dude. He literally thinks, he's I talked to that guy first. And I'm like, okay, cool. Did you close him? Yeah, no, his competition, I'm like, Dan, it's not like I take credit for building the company.

That you showed up to five years later and say I did it first. It's this is not, I keep telling him, I'm like, this is bad leadership, Dan. You've not been a good team member. Cuz this one guy, Dan sold the guy Garin Messenger. The new enrich deal. Yeah. Yeah. Those things are cool.

And yeah, the super cool. And the guy came back and I sold him another messenger and a Garmin [00:16:00] 700 I Why did he buy multiple? Because they, there were multiple guys going out on this trip. Oh, okay. They were going. Together and they were asking us like we were built going through the strategy of what they need to navigate.

Yeah. Cuz they're going deep back country. Yeah. They can technic, I sold the guy two devices. Dan sold him one. He goes, that was my sale, . I was like, no it wasn't. He goes, I told him he should buy one of those. I was like, he came back and I talked to him for 15 minutes. You know the, and the guys even said, cuz they heard Dan joking about it after the first time that Dan told me that was his sale.

They came back and they go, that wasn't his sale, that was your . Oh. But Dan got super competitive. That's good. Yeah. That's good for sales. It's a normal Dan move. Yeah. Yeah. But it's a, it's such a fun event. I always, like I said, if you wanna see shot show style booths and presents, Go to the Great American Outdoor Show cause that cult Boosts great example, but that's not even close to the biggest booth there.

There's some massive booths in our hall. You guys will probably get a chance to go walk the floor cuz you've got so many people in the booth tomorrow. Yeah, that's true. You should walk it before you even really set up. Cuz Tuesday's gonna be the slowest day for you. Yeah. And then [00:17:00] Wednesday I went back and looked at our sales data and it's just like after Tuesday was our worst day last year.

Yeah. And then it. Up. Yeah. And then Jacob and I had that huge day when you were sick. That was the thing that tipped the scale. I wasn't in the booth, just stayed away. stayed away. The Sunday coughing and Sunday was good too, and I thought I was through it. And then my flu symptoms all sunk in at the last hour of that show.

So near death. Yeah. Near death. But I'll tell you what, man, I'm glad to I, it's fun meeting people, but I'm glad to be almost done with show season. Because it just my daughter has hugged me nonstop cause she missed me so much and she's I'm hugging you all week so that we can to catch up and then you have to leave again.

So it's like that this one was, I'll break your heart. This one was a little tougher than Shot show was. I don't, my and my, I left and my son was sick. Yeah. I dumped all that on my wife and it's just a lot. So I love you go out members and getting to meet you guys, but gonna be looking forward to being home for a couple months.

Yeah. Yep. After it's all said and done. Yeah, build up all that family time before Turkey season. That's right. You [00:18:00] gotta bank that away. Yeah. Yeah. I know that's coming up. That's true. Yeah. People are like, are you guys going to the. Ohio Deer Expo or the Wisconsin or whatever. It's man, we don't even go to the Kentucky one because it's just, there's too much going on.

Yep. So maybe one day. Yeah. I've been listening to that how to Hunt Turkey's podcast that Paul launched to Sportsman's Empire. Dude, it's so good. It's already like charting in the top 30 of outdoor podcasts. Like it's above the oh two podcast, . It's yeah. It's a really good show. Like you show up, know exactly like you're going to hear about Turkey hunting and he's got like a, in the name.

Yeah. Believe it or not. Yeah. . How? How? , how long are the episodes? Hour 20 ish. Yeah, they're a little over an hour and it's like super in the weeds. Like he who's, is he talking to guest or is he . He's a different guest every week. Yeah. That's cool. Yeah. Who, who's he talked to so far? If I was better with names, I could tell you.

Yeah. I can't remember names. Yeah. But the one I'm listening to right now that I just finished this cam something I can't remember. He's 27. He's down south and he kills like a million turkeys and, but like Paul was going over [00:19:00] every single detail of gear and it wasn't. What choke do you use?

Oh, this one. Okay, cool. What this is okay, why have you tried others? What do you recommend? Da. And like they spend so much time in the weeds on everything and it's getting ready for, I've already told Derek I gotta buy some new pants because , they were talking about like camo iridescence.

, like I, I hadn't, that's, I guess I had heard people talk about that, but I didn't realize it was such a big deal for turkeys, which makes tons of sense. But mine are like rainproof. They're waterproof ones and they're like that sh material. Totally. It gotta be shiny. So there's also that Atco soap.

it's their label design is wild. Like you, when you see it, you'll know it. But they have, I forget what it's called. It's like non or non UV enhancers. . . So it doesn't brighten up the colors. Cuz a lot of like your regular soap will actually brighten colors on your clothes. Yep. But that soap does not me.

And were talking about that this morning. He's I only wash my camo and water for that reason. Yeah. And sometimes use the dead [00:20:00] down. I'll use the dead down when detergent, when stuff starts getting like real rank. But I generally, and this something I picked up from Turkey hunting, like in the early two thousands, me and dad like watched this Will primo video on how to hunt turkeys and watched that thing every night for, weeks.

And so that's where I picked it up. And then I've applied it to all my hunting clothes, but I just wash it in water and then occasionally use a little bit of that dead down wind detergent. But yeah. It's just something we picked up. Yep. So one hour of season baby. Podcast learning something I'm sure.

And I told Derek, I was like, those pants are why I didn't shoot a Turkey last year. No, for a fact, that's what it was. can't be anything else. Yep. I just go out and I like bag a bunch of leaves and just dump 'em. Mommy, Braden, that's a good idea. Yeah. Thank you. Horrible . Natural camera. They'll never hear me getting my gunn ready and hey, Hey, if that sound at the right time could bring That's true.

Yep. That's true. Yeah. I've gotten a lot more since I hunted with Tony Cagiano a couple years ago. I've gotten a lot more aggressive on those sounds. Yep. Yeah, that's when me and Paul actually were hunting turkeys last year. . [00:21:00] Unfortunately we're not able to seal the deal on this bird, but we were able to get one in fairly close and I think that us doing scratching and making some noise is what did it for us on that bird.

Let me know if he has any evening hunt. episodes cuz that's probably how I'm gonna be hunting a lot this year. Okay. Yeah. They talked a little bit about it, but not much more of just how you pick a spot where you think they're gonna go roost basically. And I know where they're roosting.

That part I got, he said that's more of if you can run a gun, a lot of who will run a gun like morning, two afternoon. And then like your evening, afternoon, evening sits are usually where you're actually like, take a chair into the woods, get comfy and don't move. Similar to deer hunting. Yeah. Yeah.

That's what they were saying. Yeah. The. I'm gonna I'm probably going just cuz I've got two weekends with Cub Scout stuff that are one's Cub Scout and one's something else. I don't even remember. I may, I think my son's birthday's in there or something. I don't know. might need to figure that out.

I know what it is. I, but I think I think that's, I know that's gonna take up one of the weekends. So I'm just like, I'm gonna be doing it during the week [00:22:00] and I actually liked it last year of being able to leave here, a little. lunch leave. Yeah. And then drive out and be set up and ready to roll with three hours of daylight left.

Yeah. Yeah. That's the cool thing about in the spring hunting Turkey. You have so many hours of daylight. Yeah. Yeah, when I was younger, I would try to hunt like every hour a day during Turkey season. And that gets You get tired quick doing that. Yeah. I'm excited for Turkey season, but I'm more excited for trout season.

Yeah. Are you even gonna go Turkey hunting this year? Oh yeah. Okay. I did last year. No, I didn't last year. Oh, you didn't? I didn't. Did that last year. Every week, like every Monday we'd be. Did you get out and you're like, no, . Nah, I'll get out. It goes fast man. It's only three weeks. That's why I'm saying I'm going out in the middle of the week.

I've gotta get out to the new farm and scout. Yeah. This one creek bed. Cuz I think it's a good spot for turkeys to come from this huge woods and roost in this creek. Get out there like 30 minutes for a daylight and just walk. Yeah. Hit 'em with some calls. Not Turkey calls. Not Turkey calls.

Shot guy. Yeah. You can go ahead and get out there and do that now too. They're already starting to get vocal. I got a crow call. You [00:23:00] could. , I'll just takes a little bit of WL

Sorry for your ear drums. That's alright. That's pretty good. Honestly. Yeah. So blew out my ears, but that was actually pretty solid. Yeah. But I am really excited to get back down. To the big rainbows coming up the creek. Yeah. We got into two years ago. Cause we didn't get em. That was two years ago.

We didn't get 'em last year. No we didn't hit em like we brought Kerch. We were like, Hey bro, like you gotta come up. This was a great whatever. And then he came up and we had a very average day and it was like I head out. I think that was the day I caught him. I caught some after he left.

Yeah, and I went back up and started hitting him, but yeah, I think I caught two the whole day. It was pretty weak. I'm ready for some of that. Do a little bit of that and then I'll be ready for Turkey. And then the old green fish be ready to run. I'm getting ready for crappy also where I'm gonna try to hit 'em earlier than I normally do this year.

I'm, in a week and a half, I'm hoping to have the boat in the water for crappy so well, [00:24:00] so where you fish my. It's actually Rita that comes in and cleans the office. Her brother Tony goes out to Taylorville and fishes for crappy a lot. . And what they do is they troll with Bandit 300 s Okay.

Big deep diving crank bates. Yeah. And they get out on those channels and off the points and stuff and troll those big crank bakes around and fond them. Might try. She should try that. Yeah. Control 'em a little faster than just sitting on a brush pile. Yeah. Yeah. We'll usually get out. Yeah, March, beginning of April, like right before Turkey season and I'll hit 'em.

But me and Jake at work, at the fire department, we both decided this year we're gonna try to get out early for 'em, try to get those pre spawn slabs, get mad at 'em. Yeah. So that's, we got a date picked out already and yeah, I've already been messing with the boat a little. Oh yeah. Stringing ultra lights.

Heck. It's coming up. It's the most beautiful I don't wanna say most beautiful time of the year. There's two of those. Yeah. [00:25:00] But it's a beautiful time of the. So did you guys see the China Balloon news? Yes. Yeah. ? Yeah. Dan's been keeping, Dan's always in oh, he's in the weeds. Yeah. Oh yeah.

Like something will have just happened. I'll be like, dude, did you see we just shot down a balloon? He's yeah. And it had 76 gigs of data on there, and the. The, they're concerned it's radioactive and it's washing up on the I'm just making this up. Oh, okay. . I was like, I hadn't heard that. No.

Dan just always like real time knows a lot of weird stuff and I don't know if he's Neurolink or something. He follows some weird websites. Yeah. So like as soon as that happened though, Dan knew everything about this balloon. I'm like, are you working for the government? Probably. It would make sense.

Yeah. It's inspired by new company. I'm gonna create the weather balloon for hunting. It's gonna be w h e t h e r. Whether or not you should hunt, I'm gonna put a thermal on there. Okay. It'll just send it up and it'll find the bedding areas. It's gonna memorize it. Map it. Okay. Send you back and just tells you where to go.

Okay. Okay. Yeah. Take the hunting. Outta hunting. Yeah, that's right, . That's right. That's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to make it [00:26:00] this super easy, distinct, your OnX or your Spartan Forge, whatever you got. Yeah. And it just says, go sit here. At this time. , and bring this exact caliber.

It'll tell you exact. Caliber based on the size of the deer. It's no, you definitely wanna go a little bit more than that. Six five. It's a big boy. This is a big boy . So that's my new, that's my new company. I get sadly, I think a lot of people out there, that's how it should be. . , yeah. Yeah. So I'm, it's a niche market.

But I'm, that's what I'm going for. They're gonna, they're this gonna be like a subscription service. Like you can't just get this for free, right? Yeah you can launch it, but then you gotta subscribe to get the data. So hold on. So I would buy my own balloon. You're not flying several balloons around collecting it in your own database.

It's a flexible business model, Brady. Okay. It's either $20,000 for a balloon and a free subscription, or it's like a $5,000 a month. I haven't decided yet. Goodness. Yeah. Good for you. It's still in the early phases. It's still early phases, the name might change too. I like weather balloon.

That's pretty smart. . Honestly. One thing that I thought was funny about that whole report is that the F 22 Raptor is what they sent up. . And the, [00:27:00] this is the first like combat. Shot that they've made with that jet. It was a balloon shooting out a balloon. , it's like billions of dollars in research for that.

That's joke. I don't understand. As they were saying though, like at first they were like it's too high for us to shoot down. It's if people are sitting on the ground filming in with their cell phones, and posting it on social media. It's not too high to shoot down. It's probably spotting scopes.

It was six. It was way up there. 60,000 I think. Yeah. That's like twice as high as a commercial jet though. Yeah, but we got like fighters that can like almost show to space. We got Space Force. What's funny to me, what is Space Force doing the funny, how are these guys not, this is their time to shine.

Listen, I don't know anything about that stuff. I just think it's funny that China was like, oh no, that's just a weather balloon. We just lost place or track of it. I'm like, I don't buy that. There's 0% of that. That's true. And they were even saying like the equipment, the payload equipment was not what is usually on weather balloons.

Yeah. And yeah. Oh, I don't know. I don't buy, why are they China balloons pretty good guys. Why are they using a balloon? We got satellites. I'm sure they [00:28:00] have satellites. Exactly that's why they're saying like this is definitely not like you guys could have done what you're saying with a satellite.

Yeah. This is definitely like they'll never surveillance. Expect a balloon it. It totally worked. Yeah, it's fine. They're like, yeah let's just slap a Turkey. Lo sorry, the country, put somebody else's flag on it. They'll never know. . Yeah. They'll never know. Yeah. All right. So one ask for you guys if you've made it this far through all this nonsense you clearly like the show.

And we've realized that we are not very good at all the other things that we are really good at sounding dumb and hopefully entertaining to the end of an episode, but we're not really good at all the other stuff you're supposed to do. Which is why we joined partially why we joined Sportsman Empire to get their help with that.

But Brayden realized this morning that we never asked for podcast reviews, which I think is a good point. So if you are a regular listener and you've made it this far, my one ask, I haven't asked you guys for anything for like how many episodes Braden 70 episodes coming up on 65. 65. So this is our first [00:29:00] ask and it's simply to give us a a review and some good commentary about why you like the show on your review.

That's, does it matter if it's Apple's preferred? I think, right? Cause that's Spotify and Apple or Spotify and Apple are the two big ones. So if you're listening elsewhere and you got another review platform, that's cool. , but if you guys could review the podcast, just leave us a good review. If you like it, if you don't like it, you man, don't give, use a review if you don't like it.

Yeah. If you want it to be a two-star review because you don't like Derek's mustache, just send that to Derek. Don't go wild. There's no reason. Give him the number again. Yeah. Yeah. It's. Five zero . But no, if you guys could give, leave us a review, it really helps the show. We're trying to grow the show with Sportsman's Empire now and we are posting the content on, it's hitting all of our social media accounts.

. So hopefully you guys are enjoying the clips of the show. But the podcast feeds are where the entire show only place the entire show lives. So those reviews are really, Today we had Braden Ware, Derek Tolls, Jacob Knight, and Brad Letrell. So if you guys could log this on, go [00:30:00] wild. Hit the Plus sign log time outdoor podcast, uncensored up top there.

You pick which episode you just listened to. Let us know what you thought. Leave a review, all that good stuff. Thanks gal.