Fungus for Deer, Mushrooms as an Antidote, New Science Insights

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In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Matt Williams (myco-habitat) discuss other food options in the fungal kingdom that benefit our deer. Matt explains the wonderful world of fungus and how to incorporate mushrooms into the habitat on the landscape to attract deer and benefit other animals, and vegetation. Matt and Jon discuss ideal locations, soil, and related conditions to support ideal mushroom food plots. Jon comments on the nutritional benefits and the related health benefits.

Matt explains the type of mushrooms deer prefer and how to utilize existing material on the landscape to support mushroom growth. Matt provides options to expand mushroom food plots and Jon detail’s locations to place mushrooms to get higher interest. Matt explains the benefits from a health and human standpoint and how fungi drive our ecosystems. Matt discusses the functionality of the fungi and why we are missing out on quality food (shiitake, portabella, oyster). Matt describes the physiology of the deer and why they are designed to ingest mushrooms.

Matt and Jon explain adding clover to mushroom food plots, how deer see mushrooms, and the benefits of mushrooms to the water cycle and related rain. Matt explains how mushrooms build the best compost materials, which can be used to support other adjacent plants. Matt discusses putting mushrooms in and around food plots, and the related benefits, including fertilizer reduction. Matt explains the additional benefit to tree growth by adding mushroom plots nearby. Matt and Jon discuss concerns related to slugs and why we want to ensure naturalized predators are anticipated and supported on the landscape.

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