Gone To The Dogs – With MULTIPURPOSE Hounds

Show Notes

Spring has sprung across the podcast sphere and the boys have moved the Gone To The Dogs operation to the front porch where the air is fresh and the conversation flows a little more freely.

This episode will be Corey’s last for awhile as he and his wife Kayla welcome their second child, another girl, into the Gruver household.  It could happen at any time. It’s an exciting time for sure and one that will demand a little more of Corey’s attention than usual.  He’ll rejoin the show as soon as things settle down a bit over there in Greenville, PA.

In this parting episode, the discussion moves to the winners of the UKC Tournament of Champions briefly before plunging headlong into the interesting realm of multi-purpose hounds.  The boys explore every conceivable application of the term from competition versus pleasure dogs to targeting multi-species with the same breed and virtually everything in between.  Imagine a dog that you can leave the porch and with which you can catch anything from a gray squirrel to a big ole stinking bear before the sun sets and turn around and hunt nocturnal furbearers with until the first gray streaks of dawn!  Now that’s what we’re talkin’ about!  Pull up a rocker.  Things are finna start.  

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Show Transcript