Guided Bucks & Awesome Luck

Show Notes

Today’s show opens up with Brad diving into his recent trip to Kentucky to visit family and do a little gun hunting. He starts out with his morning headed up the mountain in his car, where he quickly ran out of cell reception. He headed in and took a separate route than he normally would, when all of a sudden he started getting a no oil warning on his car! He made a quick loop back downhill but lost power on the way, so he had no other choice but to start downhill on foot! Make sure to tune in to this episode Sponsored by to hear how this all panned out for him!

Next up Brayden dives into a new expenditure for himself – guiding a hunt! His uncle expressed some interest in hunting with him this season so he took him out for a nice evening rifle hunt overlooking a field into the woods. They got set up in their spot and the action started quickly with a buck cruising through the woods next to them, however they didn’t get enough of a view for a shot. Rain moved in on them so they decided to ease on out and they saw a ton of buck sign on the way out. Rub, after rub, after rub! They use the rain to cover them walking out and ease out slowly, when all of a sudden there’s a buck 15 yards from them! Tune in to hear how this encounter turned out!

Closing out Jacob gives a run down on his season so far which has been a bit of a bust including two misses by him that should’ve been a good buck down! He planned his recent weekend out hoping to turn his season around and have a little more luck! Early morning right after sunrise a couple of does came behind him and then circled back down the tree line. His plan was to swap spots after a little bit of time goes by, so he gets up and starts walking to the next spot when all of a sudden a buck comes out of the tree line! Unfortunately, he was caught completely out in the open with the sun shining right on him!! What do you guys think happens next?

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