Gun Season Success and Big Bucks

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) discusses success when it comes to hunting big bucks. Jon explains his opening gun season successes and what he perceives as failures. Jon details every aspect of his hunt to include passing up a mature buck and what brought him success on opening day of gun season.

Jon explains when to be intrusive on your property and going after mature bucks when the time is right. Jon discusses family traditions, mindset and his own family journey as it pertains to children and hunting. Jon explains goals and what to consider when trying to get most out of your hunting experience. Jon breaks down what he considers the dark period of hunting season and what becomes a key interest area to focalize deer.

Jon details property layout considerations for hunting season and what makes a more successful hunt. Further, discussion on vegetation and food sources are critical to the property layout and design. Jon explains key food plot options that will get your deer moving and killable.

Show Transcript