Hunting Tactics and Advanced Strategies Part 3

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes), Steve Sherk (Sherk’s Guide Service) and Lee Ellis (Seek One) discuss hunting tactics and advanced strategies. Lee explains how he breaks down deer using hunting apps. Lee explains exploratory periods, and how difficult finding and patterning deer during the fall transition period. Lee explains how and when deer use core areas versus home ranges and how he translated that to hunting opportunities.

Lee discusses how he evaluates deer home versus core areas and how that relates to movement.  Also, Steve and Lee discuss hunting individual deer versus general deer populations and the related technique for each. Lee explains how he evaluates hard to access hunting areas.

Lee discusses hunting out of state and his recent voyage to Michigan, hunting pressured deer. Lee explains marsh buck habitat and how difficult it is to dissect these areas. Lee explains a specific deer he is after and how to be less intrusive and go after secluded deer. Lee and Steve talk about new challenges and how that is shaping his perspective about different states. Lee explains when it's right to push the limits and what deer will tolerate in the respective areas he is hunting.

Lee discusses the hunting culture in different areas and how he has dealt with difficult people in and around areas he hunts. Lee and Jon discuss baiting deer and the pros and cons and how to hunt these areas. Lee discusses trail camera data and the benefits when baiting in these areas, and how to break down deer movement as a result of trail camera data.

Show Transcript