Halloween Special

Show Notes

Hollywood is BACK! Well, sort of…….as Jesus Quintana of The Big Lebowski. Rory is also in the house as Walter Sobchak and Ricky as The Dude. Join in the shenanigans as the guys play dress up as the cast of The Big Lebowski for Halloween, and talk about some new up and coming product releases. Quintana has success with a new 2024 flagship bow that hasn’t been released yet. 

The discussion then takes a turn as they discuss current events in the Archery Industry. Beginning with the contract termination of Kyle Douglas and Tim Gillingham from the Pure Archery Group (Bowtech).

Questions arise about arrow building. Right Helical or Left Helical? 3 fletch or 4 fletch? Rambo or Daryl Dixon? 

With so many Easter eggs, you’re not going to want to miss this episode!

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] What do you give a deer with an upset stomach? Elkiseltzer.

Get it? Like an elk? Yeah, but it's still just it's

not the same what made it funny. It's so stretchy. Stretchy. Yeah. That's funny Welcome to the range podcast I'm Ricky Bruley and with me is Jake Hollywood Iverson Join us at the archery range where we'll tell stories from the hunt discuss technical bow shooting tactics and gear and pick the brains of Some of the most successful people to ever shoot a bow whether you're about to shoot that X for the win Or send an arrow at a trophy buck.

This podcast is for you.

The Range podcast is brought to you by Vapor Trail Archery. Makers of the best bow strings money can [00:01:00] buy, originators of limb driven arrow rest technology, and innovators of stokerized stabilizer systems. Welcome to the range, everybody. My name is The Dude, and I am here with my good friends, Walter Sobchak, Jesus.

Fallen comrade Donnie. Donnie has joined us today. Yeah, he died in an altercation. Not a gunshot. He's here with us though. In spirit. Yep. And then, of course, we got Quintana over there. That creep can roll, man. Hey, everybody. Thank you for joining us for this special Halloween episode of the Range podcast.

As you can see, we are here as the Big Lebowski crew and just wanted to take a minute to have a chat amongst ourselves, considering we haven't had many opportunities to talk. Since the busy season has started and so we figure what better of a way to do it than to dress up [00:02:00] as the cast of one of our favorite all time movies and also just have a discussion about some gear and get back into the swing of Having conversations amongst ourselves here in the shop.

How are you guys doing? All right, man doing fantastic Walter what's going on in your world, man? I'm actually getting out hunting this weekend, looking forward to it. So I'm gonna get on the stand on Friday, hopefully while you guys are working here for the first time this year. We might shut down.

You guys have already hunted like probably five times as much as I have in the last few years, oh, you'll actually get out before I do. Oh really? Yeah. Okay, right on. I won't get out until Sunday. Right on. Yeah, and I'm a, I'm excited, but also a little anxious. I'm from Texas and my father-in-law was showing me where he was sitting in his, sitting in my stand.

And he zooms in on these two bears, black bears, and then all of a sudden he slowly zooms out and there's, oh, there's a third. And it keeps going. Oh, fourth. No, it keeps going. And then a [00:03:00] fifth bear. There's five bears hanging around my stand apparently. Yeah, so it'll make the the walk at 5 a. m. a little interesting.

Got some competition. Yeah. I'm looking forward to that. So you won't be hunting then on Saturday since you don't... Shoma Shabbos, right? Shoma Shabbos. Yeah! But no electricity, no technology, are you really going to count technology on these bows? No. Okay. Alright. No. We're just making sure.

Okay. Because I'd take you on a Saturday. Oh, please. I think it's really just about doing any work at all. Anything that involves any type of work. Yeah, that's not work. That's a pleasure. Okay, good. 100%. We gotta fit the role here, everyone. What about you, Quintana? I will, in fact, be rolling this Saturday.

Nice. And Sunday. But, yeah, it'll be Metro like public hunt. So nothing interesting, but yeah, I've already, [00:04:00] hence the name, Jesus, I'm already, winning and, I already got a deer down. That was a Saturday. So this guy taking them off. That's what happens.

But yeah busy seasons finally slowing down a little bit. We're getting this opportunity to actually do this. So that'd be cool, but trying some new things out and Been hunting and I'll be back out west here in a couple weeks. So yeah, so it's been hunting and trying new things out shop is You know slowing down a little bit too up front Again, everyone's in the woods now.

So gives us a little bit of breathing room. Finally. Much needed We got some recovery to do out back in manufacturing more for next year. Yeah, we're already looking, aren't we, Rory? Yes, we are Walter. Sorry. Yeah, it's a regroup and re engage. That's right. How about you, dude? I'm going to finally get out hunting too.

I think, I don't know. We'll try. We'll just see, you got, when you got little ones, you just roll with it, right? If you can, if I can get out, I'll get out. If I can't, I don't [00:05:00] have a real good spot to go, but I just want to go, so it's very dude of you. Yeah. So yeah, I'm going to try to get up into my saddle on Sunday morning.

And then so this weekend Susan and I are celebrating my birthday slash our anniversary. Yeah. In the same weekend, she got me tickets to Nick Offerman at Mystic Lake. Nice. We're going to go check that out and then spend the night there. My sister's going to watch AMMA for the night and then, hopefully, then Sunday I'll get out hunting.

We'll see what happens with that. And, yeah, that's about it. That's going to be my weekend. Sounds like a good weekend. Yeah we, so we wanted to talk about some new things that we have coming up. Some pretty exciting things that we've been just itching to get out there and tell people about and we've been waiting on, supplies and some other things to, to come in so that we can get this stuff rolling.

The ideation has been there [00:06:00] and it's. We've got prototypes and everything. We've had them for a while, but again, just waiting for stuff so now we have everything we're gonna start building up to it all but We talked I've talked a few times when we did a contest discussing a new stabilizer that we have coming out on the market and it's a new take on an existing stabilizer that we have on our acrylic stabilizer And there should be a little bit of information coming out too on the Outdoor Podcast with Bowhunter Planet.

And I discuss it briefly in that during that podcast. Okay, so you all have seen my bow already, so we're going to start with this one because it's nothing, you've seen it. But as you can see here is... The new acrylic stabilizer, it's our we actually have a new name for it.

It's called the Aluma Series. And this is an acrylic stabilizer with a DuraCoat. Correct. Over the top. Which is a really durable. Yeah, I've painted [00:07:00] several firearms with DuraCoat and it's lasted decades. The reason we did not choose to use DuraCoat is because you got to bake it.

Acrylic might melt when you bake it. There's obviously a a reason why we chose DuraCoat as the best material to use on the acrylic. And yeah, it's going to hold up to pretty much anything that you throw at it, as far as in the field as far as durability. And I must say that it looks damn sexy.

I am just going to flip this camera lens around here real quick because you can see it a little bit better. The lighting in this room isn't so great, but here you can see how when you get outside it glows pretty nicely. And that's just by natural light too. Yeah, and and then I've got this back bar on here too, that you can see having a hard time getting it to focus.

But, and the beauty of it is it doesn't have the glare like the normal acrylic, which, We've had very few people complain about it, but that was the one thing that if you're hunting Oh, the [00:08:00] acrylic might have a reflection. Guess what your watch is gonna reflect to Your sunglasses are gonna reflect my glasses.

Yeah, I bet they do. So anyway if you Have been one of those people that don't like to have things that reflect in the field. Guess what? You now can rock acrylic and there's no reflection whatsoever. And that has a nice natural glow to it. It literally looks like there's a light in it, but it's not.

Yeah, and I can speak on some of the durability as, I've already been out, a couple times and been out west already, on one trip and It's fine. It looks brand new. And yeah, I just, the balance is great. You're with your bow face down on the muck. Yes, quite literally. The site still has mud in it.

But yeah try not to beat the living heck out of it. Especially since everything on there is pretty new. But yeah, I'm excited for it too. How many different colors are we offering these [00:09:00] in? Four acrylic colors. That's the internal color, the actual acrylic itself. And then we're asking we're doing another four of the Dura coat.

You got some combinations there as far as, what you can add to it as far as making your bow set up unique and custom. I'll just go ahead and say that, man, the orange acrylic looks really good. And so does the blue, the red, is it fluorescent red? Is that the one that just, yeah, I want that so bad, but again, like Rick was saying, we're still trying to get, all the things in place to have these things ready for you guys.

And right now I'm running ice blue. You are as well. I am rocking the ice blue. Yeah, and they're awesome. Yeah, and the big thing about acrylic, which we need to get into is the dampening properties is definitely an outperformer for when you compare it with the industry standard of carbon.

There's a reason that we hold a patent with the acrylic stabilizers and because [00:10:00] of the dampening properties are amazing. Helicopter windshields are made out of acrylic and basketball. Notice that when you watch the NBA or whatever or WNBA and whoever I don't know, that's just a league I can't get into.

But anyway, the backboard, they don't shatter anymore. There's a reason because they're made out of acrylic. Yeah. Amazing dampening properties. So it's really cool now that we have another take on the acrylic series and a way to make it more custom and actually more low key doesn't, like I said earlier, it doesn't have a lot of reflection to it. What sizes? We're going to do six, eight, and 10, just like we already do now. And it will also be available in the acrylic SS one, correct. At some point as well. So the samples that we just showed on my bow, that was the orange acrylic with the sniper green coating.

[00:11:00] And then you'll get to see a few samples of the ice blue with the gray coating. And then we'll also have like Hollywood had mentioned earlier, flow red acrylic, and then we'll also have the flow green acrylic. And then we've got. What other finishes aside from Sniper Green and Gray? They all match our Stokerize series.

You got Sniper Green, you got the Black Oxide the Gray Wolf and then Tactical Tan. Tactical Tan. Okay. 16 different... Color options and then three different links, six, eight, and 10. Yup. Yeah. And that black looks so nice too. Yeah, it does. It really pops to the black and the flow red together.

Yeah. If someone wants some spicy colors, match their strings up and whatnot, that black really pops. If they're, if they've got black incorporated with it, it's so nice. Yeah. I was already telling Corey Anderson about. This, the new product we're rolling out, and he already has a special [00:12:00] request for the block and flow red.

Nice. We'll be sending him one. He'll be one of the first. To have one in his hands, so awesome. So yeah, cool. So happy to be able to get that out there and talk to some of the, our diehards, the ones that are listening to the podcast and, they're going to get the first scoop on, on the new stabilizer that we're doing.

And for those of you who are participating in our contest we figure what we would probably do, I did mention that we were going to announce it during a podcast, so what we are going to do here, as we are going to do a live we're going to share the screen here, and we're going to roll the dice.

Alright, here we go. We're going to spin the wheel, and announce the winner of their choice of new stabilizer. They'll get one of the new camo hats, a set of VTX bowstrings, and a sticker pack. And then they also get the pride of letting everybody know that they were a [00:13:00] winner. Let's see who it is. No whammies.

Ooh. Oh, just went over Mr. Brandon Bailey. Congratulations, man. We will be reaching out and we'll let you know. I'll shoot you an email and then you can let us know what you would like for a stabilizer right on. Congrats. Woo. Yep. Moving on. Walter is going to talk a little bit about. His bow, his new setup that he's got going on for this year.

And also get into a few features that new features that we have on some products. Yeah, we'll get that. His bow. We'll jump right into that. So as you guys know, we came out with the Gen integrate eight X. We had elevation and windage adjustments with thumb knobs to make it convenient.

So when you [00:14:00] want to make the adjustment in the field it's, we made it very easy to do but as you guys know the newer bows always come out with new features and the V3, V3X and Phase 4 with Matthews, they are all big on that little profile with the quiver. So we changed our 8X to be more compatible.

With the Matthews V3 X Phase 4 and other bows that also are into the low profile when it comes to the quiver. So now, as you can see, there are no thumb knobs and look how easy. The quiver is removed and there's actually probably what a quarter of an inch space in between the rest and the quiver.

It is sleek and slick and there's tons of room. So there is no contact with your arrows. And you are ready to fire away with no issues at all, man. I'm, I was pretty happy how this came out as far as [00:15:00] alleviating that issue and getting rid of that windage knob. We still kept the elevation knob in place.

Because we wanted to make it easy for you guys to make adjustments. So now you just need your allen key. Look, if you're going in the field without an allen tool you're one, really ballsy, and two probably just I would say a little ignorant. Cause you need to be ready for anything that happens in the field.

And you have to make adjustments in order to perform well. Yeah, therefore, you better have your Allen key with you and you can move your windage when needed. Yeah. You should already have one anyways, because you got to loosen up the lock screw in order to move it. So there shouldn't be any issues there as far as whether you have, I believe we're, it is a different size, I think, but as long as you have the standard.

Allen key set that most shops have, or most archers have, you'll have everything there that you need to make the adjustments that are necessary. Yeah. We also added a few other features [00:16:00] such as the new etching symbols. We just want to make it very intuitive and easy. You shouldn't be guessing what screw does what.

We made little lock symbols for the ones that actually lock the windage and elevation. And of course, if you need to make the adjustment, you loosen them and then you actually go to the windage screw and then the elevation knob. And of course the elevation knob still has the Allen key inside of it, of course, too.

Because if you have fat fingers like me, it's a little hard to move that knob. Yeah. But that pretty much sums up the new features on the 8X that continue to we, we're all about continuing to improve our products. Absolutely. So what other cool things you got on there now?

You've got the the fire knock titanium upgrade kit. I do. And that really adds a lot of balance and gets rid of some excess weight too. It feels good in your hands. It's incredible. You wouldn't think that. All those little screws make that big of a difference, but once we threw that [00:17:00] in it's oh my gosh It's not even the same bow.

Yeah, it feels like it's almost got a floating like quality to it Right when you pick it up. You have the same thing, right? Yeah it's going to be hard going from bow to bow without a titanium kit, if you ask me. Ever since I did it on my old bow tech I've been doing it on all my bows.

And you also have the 8 inch new acrylic stab off the front, it looks like. Yep. And this is in the electric blue. And, the gray. So again, and that is with natural light. There's no flashlight or anything inside of it. No LED. That is just natural light. Making that sucker glow. Yeah, so this is the new Illuma series. And then just to continue the setup here. Obviously it's the Matthews Phase 4. I got the dialed dovetail mount here.

And then of course I got the ultra view sight itself. And then of course, rocking the electric blue VTX bow strings. Got some [00:18:00] white string bats. If I really want to go there. Yeah. Yeah. And of course we got the blue poppin on the bow, and then of course, we had to do the arrows, arrow customizer, and we got the white topo wraps on there, and of course we have the Vapor Trail and AE Max fletcher.

We zoom in on those. Yep. Yeah. Beautiful. Yeah. So you can tell it's got a little bit of a patriotic theme going on here. It's all the glitz and glam with the vapor trail wristling as well. Of course. Don't forget. Yeah. So that's that. And then of course the low pro quiver, which I already talked about earlier.

That pretty much sums it up. Oh, I got the titanium. Yeah, still part of the Fire Knock. String stop. Yeah, string stop. String fire. And that's the, that'll be the beast that you take out this weekend and And take out a bear or two. I was gonna [00:19:00] say, yeah, don't mistake a bear. It would all be self defense.

With a bow.

Rick, you already did your bow. Oh yeah, we've talked about my bull so many times, but Mr. Jesus, Quintana over here has a new set up that he would like to talk about can only there's certain things that have to be omitted from this conversation, but I will let him take over on that and we'll be right back.

Hollywood here, new for the 2023 archery season is our brand new online arrow customizer. Build your Victory or Easton arrows with multiple vane options, configurations, and custom arrow wraps in a large array of designs and colors. Spine indexing and expedited build options are also available, so you can get back out [00:20:00] in the field and flinging in style.

Check out the Vapor Trail Arrow Customizer at www. vaportrailarchery. com forward slash arrow customizer.

Yeah, let's go for it. Do you want to pull up the camera, make sure we got a good background. Is that good? Do you want to use your ball sack? Yeah. Move towards Walter a little more. And I'll stay off to the side. Sorry, this is wrenching me. Yeah I'm running Prime's new flagship for 2024. Absolutely love it.

Second time I've ordered a bow from them. And had no idea. Going off the table. Second time I've ordered a Prime with having no idea how it shot or anything just said yep order it up. I want it And the new features that they're coming out with this year just made me jump. I was like that's it's gonna be [00:21:00] awesome.

I Don't know you guys haven't even shot it yet, but Just the new things they put on it is amazing shoots better than my Nexus, I hate to say it, but I held on to that thing because I loved it so much. But this thing will for sure be the main rig now. This time it's just 70 pounds, not an 80 pound rig.

And I've got the all gray riser. I don't know if they'll be able to see it, but got their exclusive quiver with tight spot and that fits no problems with our REST and then running the Tetra MaxRise site. And then obviously the VTX bow strings and all flow pink, just gotta be flashy when I'm out there, but yeah it's the only way Quintana rolls. That's right. No one fricks with Quintana. Yeah, it's a, it's an absolute shooter. Stacks, arrows, no problems, tuned up really nice. And again, the new features that are on it are just [00:22:00] killer. And yeah, it's already seen the western states and no avail so far, but I'm going back out in a couple of weeks and our stabilizers, we were so happy to see they match like to a tee with their colors.

So that'll be. Fantastic when, this drops and the stabs will drop. They'll match up just fine. I'm running a 10 inch out the front and a eight out the back with a few extra ounces added there just to help balance out the bow. And yeah, same arrow set up. As previous podcasts I've talked about I don't have the branded vapor trail stuff, but I didn't feel like reflecting a bunch of arrows.

But yeah, I already took out dough in a city hunt and hopefully a buck here soon enough, but not going to push it. But yeah it's killer. But yeah we will have these in store hopefully as soon as they can get them to us once they drop just all the new things that they're doing.

This year and what they've been doing in the last two years building up to this.[00:23:00] Definitely worth getting, I would say. And I think Rory might want to get one too. Yeah it's so nice. It's quiet and just straight shooter. Love the grip on it, just like my Nexus. Tunes great, shoots great.

It's amazing, but it just looks like a great bow our buddy up over at the edge TV and next level hunter, Steve Eklund, who was just on the podcast has already taken a beautiful elk and Rocky mountains with his, and I believe Jason Mattsinger has been shooting it as well as. Boy, those Brockhouse boys.

Oh my gosh, they've killed a few mule deer I think at this point. They've been getting out and hammering some stuff with it. And yeah, it's just, it's going to be, they're going to have a lot of kills under their belt. Yeah, I think this year is going to be one of Prime's best years. Just everything they did.

It's huge. [00:24:00] I love it. Everything about it. I'm too excited. I'm too excited. Do you think they might try to pick up Kyle Douglas? I was gonna text Brian and ask him. They gotta do something. Yeah I don't know. I think, too, this year, what's gonna be big for us, we have that duck camo hat. I think there's gonna be a lot of kills in it.

hat now.

Thank you for that random comment.

Little plug. That's funny. All right. What do you think, Donnie? Yeah, Donnie's pretty quiet over there. Shut the up, Donnie. I am the walrus. I'm the walrus. Whatever. What else is going on as far as industry? Yeah. Let's talk about Bowtech terminating Kyle Douglas and Tim Gillingham. The heck?

Yeah, Kyle Douglas is the Jesus. He'll roll any day. Yeah. Yeah, it's just, it's it's [00:25:00] shocking, but then I guess when you really, if you really dive deep into, the struggles of the industry and everything like that, it's okay, we could speculate all we want, but right.

Someone's about to pick him up. It's gonna be big. There's, yeah, like you the new owners of Pure Archery and, the dude.

You know the hammer right as far as his line of products versus theirs, correct? Yeah, that could be a conflict of interest and I guess that kind of makes sense on the outside looking in but maybe we talked about that a little bit too and I don't know how much he's actually associated with Hamsky anymore If that's what you're referring to and I guess I don't know has he been shooting Hamsky Has he been shooting a Hamsky arrest the whole time?

Yeah, and so that could be Yeah, like you're saying could be, with their other brands, one of them being Ripcord. I know Pure Archery is trying to do a big push back to their stuff, yeah, we've witnessed it and experienced it firsthand. Yeah. So the Bowtech [00:26:00] Pro Shop used to buy a lot of stuff from us, a lot of arrow rests.

But yeah, not anymore. And I guess, brand loyalty, one of those brand loyalty things too, which we strive to have as well, so it's understandable and but at the same time, it's a bummer, but yeah, and so it sounds like they're going to be taking a good chunk of those funds and they're going to be putting it Towards their amateur shooters and then also a new that's part of their new marketing plan.

I don't know what else it is that they're going to do, but their focus is driving customers to the pro shops. Yep. And so in order to do that, Take care of the dealers. Yep. They need the funds. So they're like, okay, Kyle, Tim. Good luck. Thanks. You've been great, but we're going to use your money elsewhere.

Yeah. Do you think, way to go, NFAA Shooter of the Year. Peace out. Yeah. Good job. You were well used. Do you think one of those guys will end up at [00:27:00] Matthews? Maybe Douglas will be back at PSE? Yeah. But I don't think Tim's going anywhere. He'll probably just shoot what he wants and... Not, I don't know why anybody would pay him. But, personally. And nothing against him. I actually enjoy watching some of his videos. And I like that he does a lot of thinking outside the box. And trying different things. Turning his bow into a walker. I have all of those things. I have noticed though that the big shooters, when they are loyal to one bow manufacturer and then go to another one they catch a little bit of smack talk and it doesn't show well.

As a flip flopper in the industry at all and for the people that are hardcore and love the, their brand, I can see why they, they don't like it, so it's a big deal. Yeah. And, and I think in Kyle's case, it's going to be a little bit different because he isn't.

Making a conscious decision to move from one company to another [00:28:00] was like, see ya. So I think people, including myself are going to have a little bit of grace for him in that respect. Oh, a hundred percent. And with him probably being in a position now where he's heavily relying on that as his income, you got to do what you got to do.

Yeah. It's just, it's weird to, you're with, I'm using this example. I'm with Bowtech. It's the best bow I've ever shot in the world. Oh, now I'm going to shoot for Matthews. This is the best bow in the world. So it's just, I think that's where the persona and the flip flopping image of.

Okay. So you're just saying whoever pays you the most and who you're under contract with is the one who makes the best bow. That's called the archery industry. Yeah.

Yeah. And I w I would agree that, there's certain bows that I've shot that I like but they, I just don't. Mesh with that particular bow for some reason, and I'm sure if I spent enough time with it or whatever, I could probably get it figured out and when, I [00:29:00] shot bow text for a very long time and then I switched over to prime and it took me a minute.

Took me a minute to get the hang of just how it feels and how it shoots and Again, just had to get some shots through it and then it started to shoot really well And then I started then I shot the Matthews because we were doing all the R& D with it And I was back to the drawing board again, yeah that's the thing is when you have these bow manufacturers, they all have their own accessories and their compatibility with your equipment that you've acquired over the years.

And so all of a sudden it doesn't fit on your new bow and you're just like, Oh man, now I have to buy this and this, since I changed, where if you're usually with the same bow manufacturer, all your accessories, you can keep migrating from the, from, for example, from the V3 to the V3X to the phase four.

The only thing that you'd be really upgrading is the quiver, right? With the low pro, but everything else you should be able to keep graduating with. So again, that's just as an example. So I see where you're getting at is like going to the [00:30:00] drawing board every time you switch a brand. Yeah.

And that, that happened to Broadwater too. Remember he went to Matthews and of course he said publicly is for, his family. That's his job. But then after he went back to Hoyt, he was like, yeah, I was struggling with Matthews. Anyway, like he was always doing something, posting it on Instagram too, like playing with this, playing with that.

And it's like, when you're used to, the grip angle and just the way the bows balance from one company for that long and then you go to another, it's this is a change. And correct me if I'm wrong too, because I thought the post that he had made about going, leaving Hoyt, originally his plan was to retire.

Oh, maybe, and then, some conversations were had and I think that then it was like, okay what's in the best interest for my family right now, as far as, if a company is going to offer you a lot of cash, and again, another guy that I would have, that I have some grace for, cause right.

Why would if you could shoot for five more years and then never have to [00:31:00] work a day in your life. Again, or at least have enough capital to invest in the next step or whatever it is that you want to do in life, and then I guess just got back into the swing of things and felt like he couldn't retire and, but we needed to move back to what performs well for him.

Yeah. That be the way it is Cuz Yeah, Levi left For elite for that reason. I think he paid big I think he had one of the like I think when he signed that contract with elite He blew every contract out of the water. Everybody was like Holy, and I can't tell you what that number is. Cause that's been probably the better part of the decade ago now, but that was a big contract, it's man, so industry disruptor a little bit, right?

Yeah. And that happens. Yeah. Cause especially with him when he moves, so does quarter of the [00:32:00] population of bow hunters. Yeah. Tell me about it. Remember when he started telling everybody about clocking your arrows and yeah, any time he'll come off the string and I was like, all of a sudden it was call after call.

What direction do you twist your strings? What direction do you twist your strings? And then I was completely naive to that. All of that. And I was like, it doesn't matter. And honestly, after all of all the testing and everything we've done, I would still say the same thing, although physics don't lie.

It actually does affect the direction that the arrow spins out of the bow, which I was in complete denial about at the time. And go ahead, go into detail on what direction that is. So our strings are twisted clockwise. And so the arrow wants to rotate then counterclockwise coming out of the bow. Which is the opposite of [00:33:00] probably most, most people probably use a right offset or right helical.

So now you've got... Those two things fighting each other as the arrow is coming out of the bow. And my big thing is I want. my arrow to spin in a direction that isn't going to loosen my point. So regardless of what direction the strings are twisted, I always want to use a right helical. And I had never, I've never done like any super extensive testing on the effects of having a left helical opposed to right.

On the same rig but Dudley's got a pretty good video out there right now. Is it a slow motion video? No, but he's just shooting several arrows at what, like 70 meters, and he's got And several different bows, and several different strings. I would like to see obviously, so right off the bowstrings were going counterclockwise.

I'd like to see it, like, where How many inches off the bow until it like all of a sudden stops going [00:34:00] left with your right helical for a right hand shooter. And then all of a sudden starts going clockwise. I'd like to see the change and how far off the bow from by the time you let go. It's 10 to 15 feet out of the front of the bow.

Like I've seen, there is videos of it where it's like stopping and then. It starts correct. Oh, wow. Yeah, because you can, because if you look at our slow motion videos on our rest, there's no spin. Yep. The arrow's far beyond the rest and you're still not spinning it. Yeah. It doesn't have enough velocity yet in order to start spinning.

That's interesting. Shout out to Dudley. Just smashed all that BS. I was so happy to see that because it's just a constant debate that I see. It's one of the bigger ones, and I agree with playing around with different things as far as broad heads and stuff like that. If you're not able to get something to fly, for you can switch up the direction or, some guys will fletch one fletch one, left, fletch one straight, and then shoot all three and [00:35:00] see what, with that particular broadhead to see what it does and then they'll, okay, rip the veins, decide which one's best, rip the veins off the other ones, and then fletch them all the same.

And and that's really splitting hairs. As far as a majority of the hunters that are out there, but, for the guys like, like us that really like to dive deep and go down that rabbit hole it's fun to play around and just talk about it, I think. I think that's the real like romantic infatuation of archery.

It's the physics behind it of, understanding it and making your rig. Even better with, taking that knowledge and applying it. So I was really amazed to see when we launched the arrow customizer on how many people want the four fletched arrow versus the three fletched arrow.

Yeah, because we were talking about how fletching truly affects The rotation of your arrow and the flight of your arrow. Go ahead and go into a little detail on the 4 fletch versus 3 [00:36:00] fletch. I've played fletch games before. I'm back to 3 with a longer vein so I think it's technically 2.

63 or whatever, so it's the hybrid 26 so you got a little more surface area there for stability, and that is the main and the biggest reason why people go to 4 fletch stability reasons and then yeah, so similar setup as Rory and I'm running a left helical instead of a right but the biggest thing is just having the stability With, the wind blowing your arrow, the four fletch just gives you a little bit more stability with it.

But, I don't know, I'm still accurate 80 yards with it, I just, for whatever reason, this is where I feel like it's up to you, where I just felt like my arrows were grouping better with the three fletch vein versus four. And, another thing is, you're adding roughly five to eight more grains, depending on...

what fleshings you're using to the back of the [00:37:00] arrow. And I don't know, that's just enough to play with my setup where I don't want it. But short and simple, it's just usually stability reasons. Just nice and stable shooting. And especially up in the north here you're trying to make a shot and 20 to 30 yards max, and you're trying to stabilize that aero flight as fast as you can, and having that fourth leg essentially is going to do that.

Or running, a longer vane, but at that point you can just have a smaller vein running for instead. Yeah that's what I was going to say is I think, if you want to run a smaller vein, I can see it being advantageous in that particular application. And, for some people, for me, it would be, I have never really never had too much trouble having, getting an arrow to steer properly with the three fledge.

And I probably would. Never go to a four fletch unless I was having problems and again, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's not the right thing to do You know, I don't know, you know when [00:38:00] guys are ordering them from this from the customizer I'm not sure if they order it that way because of You know some information that they've read about or heard or with that specific vein or But I just all setups are so much different your broadhead, some people really, if you've got a a four blade broadhead, then some people would argue do you want to have a four fletch?

And again, I fall in that category where I have a tri fixed broadhead, so I rock three fletchings, even Dudley. Like he, he'll run a four fletch, but that's only for one setup and then he'll go back to the three. It depends on what you're doing and what you're playing with.

And if you have time to do it, yeah, it just depends on what you're going to roll. Right now with my bow, it's man, it's stacking them at 30. That's all I needed to do because I'm not going to be shooting anything farther than that. So hunting the big woods in Minnesota, baby, right this year [00:39:00] anyway.

other than, shooting the target in my backyard at 70. But yeah, I'm going to put in any points here coming up. Yeah. I'll probably still continue to do Colorado, Utah. What about Idaho? Are you going to try and jump into that mess? Last year was an absolute disaster. The only, I was just about to say, the only reason I would go Idaho is if I was looking to go over the counter and get something quick, but I guess that it's not like that anymore.

No, it's pretty hard. Yeah, I don't know. Definitely go North Dakota. Definitely apply for Minnesota bear again By North Dakota. The any deer tag So if you drew Colorado, where would you go in the great state of Colorado? I guess that's gonna be up to ears oh you let him guide you yeah because I don't I mean We've talked about it briefly, but I haven't you know, it's like I [00:40:00] haven't really bothered to dive into it until I Commit, to getting a tag or whatever.

And yeah, I just, I want to draw a tag out there. So then that way we can access, some limited draw areas and not, avoid the crowds a little bit and then that way we can go to a space to where where he'd want to hunt also, how hard is it to get a bighorn sheep tag out there?

When you're a non resident everywhere's probably can't ever get one unless you have a guide or a governor's tag or lottery, or yeah, you can do so the Western honey expo, I think is probably one of your better chances if, and I don't know, I would have to look at this is, I'm just off the cuff here, but with us being in our forties, And the points creep, I don't think there's a chance you could draw just naturally at this point, probably in any state.

Okay. Maybe North Dakota. [00:41:00] Yeah, there are odds there. It's just a random draw. Yeah. Six tags and when we go we'll have to bring our walkers. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. It'd be a tough one. I'll be running. Yeah, sure. But yeah, you can, you could probably, you could get a tag through an outfit or yeah, a tag or something like that.

But you're looking at tens of thousands of dollars easy. Ben Katormsen has some good spots for us, I think. That's right. He does Come on man. Yeah, hook it up. Yeah. God dang it. What do you call him? Dover Where is that come from? Just his first name is Ben. Yes, say his name Ben Dover. Oh my gosh

Okay, the dude abides man dude abides Alright boys. Thrown in random. Should we go roll? Lebowski quotes. I'm gonna take it away from you [00:42:00] and stick it up your ass and pull the trigger till it goes click. Jesus. You said it man. You said it man. He's a pervert dude. Pet her ass. Pet her ass. Pet her ass. That's right.

Serious. Six months in chino for exposing yourself to an eight year old. Eight year olds, dude. Has to go door to door. Eight year olds, dude. Quite, just love that movie, dude. It's just, I'm so glad I got this get up. I'm gonna wear it. I do. I wear this at home now. You wore hair sipping coffee.

Yeah, and my wife's all ogly over it. She's like you. Oh, she likes it too. You looks so sophisticated and artsy. Katie likes when I wear this too. So now I take up doing Tai Chi on the room that, yeah. I see. About how Megan would love to just. Put her fingers through my hair on this one. Your buckwheat haircut.

Yeah, exactly. Grab my fish nets. Hey, watch my military spike, babe. There you go. Yeah. I'm going to start [00:43:00] probably doing Tai Chi in the living room. With the rug that ties the room together. Yeah. Best part is like when he does the movie, he's got like a nice buzz and he's about the fall over like it three or four times the Tai Chi move this I even got the classy.

Yes Tai Chi shoes Those are tasty. Yeah, actually not bad found him on Poshmark for 20 bucks So comfortable, dude, I would have never paid retail price for him. You're gonna start hunting with those. It'd have been ridiculous Some speed shoes, man. Maybe just run in the hills I'll be the new I'll be the guy now that brings these shoes into the hunting industry like all the goofballs with Crocs or the leather boots or whatever.

It's what a lot crispies. I did not know guys are Hunting with Crocs. It's just so you can kick off your Crocs quick and get on your socks. They're supposed to be quieter. I tried it last year and it just I don't know if I had the driest brush in the league or what but it's like [00:44:00] I'm like, this is dumb.

Like I'm going back to my boots I thought it would just be so you can kick off your shoes really quick and get in your socks for stalking That's eventually what I did. But okay, I wouldn't recommend that either. My God so pokey out there Yeah, no, I can't, I wouldn't do it. You got to do, you got to walk like toe to heel.

First that's how you have to do it. Like a ninja. Yep You walk toe to heel. That's the quiet way to walk Did you have a ninja outfit when you grew up? Me? I had two or three. I have a ninja outfit now. Yeah, it's called the Sitka Fanatic Hoodie Yeah, I got that too. And it's a modern day ninja outfit.

Yeah, but that's it. Yeah That's it. Yeah, but you got like black shadow ninja outfit not a real legit ninja outfit, no. Yeah, did you have one when you were younger? I don't think so. I thought I was a ninja. I had bear [00:45:00] claws. I would climb trees and houses and shit. Oh, damn, dude. Sheesh. I had one of those.

Remember the rope with the big hook on the end? Oh, yeah, grappling hook? Yeah, grappling hook. Oh, yeah, dude. I had that and everything. I had a sword. Wow. Yeah. I had my my sister's friend told me that she was a ninja and I believed her. That's cool. I had throwing stars too. For a long time too.

Honestly, that's the time I got into archery. I was like, dude, these ninjas shoot bows too. So then it's like, all right look at Rambo does it. My favorite ninja GI Joe ninja shadow. He shoots a bow. I'm going all in. Yeah, dude. Can we talk about Rambo? So we were talking, Steve and I were talking to Steve Eklund and he had said he was giving us the origin story.

Of his hunting career and it started with Rambo hell. Yeah, and similarly with me first blood I can't remember which episode we talked about it, but I had mentioned that Rambo was a big influencer in [00:46:00] the yeah, I'm pretty sure he knocked an arrow on every one, right? I Know for sure three. He just was he had exploding arrows on the end.

Yeah, and first blood was a little bit different it was less turbo extreme. Yeah. It was like in the city and it was I think he, he introduced, the classic survival knife and all of that. But I don't remember, it wasn't until first blood part two, that was the one that, that hooked me.

I was like, yes. And then ramble three was the one where that I think it was that the Russians or whatever, they had that. Helicopter with all those missiles on the side. Oh, yeah, and that scene where he's like the helicopters coming over the top of them and from they don't do it now that I'm aware of but like back in those days Like when Rambo first came out the Marines they would train with a bow and arrow as well that'd be so sick.

Heck yeah, dude. Yeah, but I can't imagine the pain. I Mean think about it. You can take someone out 60 80 [00:47:00] yards and be super stealth about it. Quietly. Yeah, but now suppressors are pretty awesome you don't need the bow and arrow anymore when it comes to warfare. Just pew em. Pew em. But I guess when you run out of bullets, right?

Rambo was much before my time. That's true. You could like, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. Have you ever seen that? Yeah, I love that show. Whacks him in the head with a crossbow bolt and then he pulls the bolt out and then knocks it and uses it again. Yeah. That show, that show drove, always drove me nuts because he used a striker crossbow.

And when he was like, when he'd be running around with it, you could, the string was like cocked. But it wasn't it was like they just built a super long string for it because you could tell the limbs were still like They weren't flexed, I didn't want to Alec Baldwin a crew member

But And his knife, I own the exact same knife the 1918 like Bunker stalking knife the Rambo one [00:48:00] The one with basically a brass knuckle with the blade in the end. Oh. Matter of fact, I have it. Let's show and tell it right now. This thing is sick. You're gonna love it. You love knives. My question was, is that a Rambo knife or was that a Daryl Dixon knife?

This is a Daryl Dixon knife. Oh, nice. Okay. Oh, dang. Look at that. U. S. 1918. Now That is a replica, but the originals, dude, they go for thousands of dollars on eBay. I'm not kidding you. And that's pure brass in the handle. Which is basically brass knuckles. And then it's got the double edged blade at the end.

Go ahead, pull it off. It's an interesting, it's got what's the deal with the little felt? It's just so when you're, after you're done killing someone and there's some other enemy that is close by, you can sheath it again without being noisy. So that felt keeps it really quiet.

Soaks up the blood. Yeah exactly. Oh, that does make sense. Yeah. See, it's quiet, isn't it? Yeah, and then you got the skull cracker. Yep on [00:49:00] the back. That's pretty cool. Happy Halloween everybody Why don't you show us your gun Walt? Yeah, what else you got in there Walter? Yeah in the in by the way He's got a bowling bag down here with a ball in it and weaponry Yeah, did you bring frickin Marty Ackerman's dog too with ya?

You got the... That f ing dog has papers, dude. It's a show dog. Show dogs get f ing papers. It's a show dog, man, you can't board it. That's right. F ing loses its hair. Hair falls out and everything. It's not taking your turn, dude. It's not drinking your beer. Not buying it a f ing beer, dude. Yeah.

If only Don were here to chime in. You should just, honestly, you should splice all our stupid... Reenactments are our little quotes here. Oh, we will. We, this is all gold. This is all gold. Yeah, some, I feel like you're, something happened with your wig there. It almost looks, you look like a silverback right now.

Yeah, thank you. I've been working out. There you [00:50:00] go. Is that better? Yeah, so this, I have such a pinhead. This shit rides up on me. Oh, it's fine now. Should we do dad jokes real quick? Yeah, hey, why not? See if I can find one. Hollywood are we supposed to say something in here? We're gonna just see if we can even find a funny dad joke What does a mummy listen to on Halloween?

Sounds like one. Oh Rap music Tupac

California I Used to think it was I thought it was no doubt about it. That's what I used to think they said. Oh wow. Yeah. Do you know what it's supposed to say? What does it count as? California. City of [00:51:00] Compton. Knows how to party. Knows how to party. Party. Knows how to party. Yeah. I thought they said.

No doubt about it. Welcome to the wild west. Yeah.

That's the same one. I'm gonna have to listen to that now. Right after this. So I can just jam out in the pro shop. Yeah, dude. Just play that. Get some 90's rap going up in there. That's my favorite rap. 90's rap. What do you give a deer with an upset stomach? Elk a seltzer.

Get it? Like an elk? Yeah, but it's still just it's not the same breed though, it's like a totally different animal. I know. That's what made it funny. It's so stretchy. Oh wow. Stretchy. Yeah. That's funny. Why do people hate vampires so much? Because they're a pain in the neck. Ooh, that's actually a good one, but [00:52:00] really it's because they suck, dude.

Yes, but that was good. I'm going to give you that one. That makes, I should, we should send them a letter and tell them they need to add that one to the website. That'd be perfect. The website of a hundred spooky dad jokes. Yeah. All right, folks. So that brings us to the end of this episode. You can find us at the range podcast on Instagram and Facebook.

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Big thanks to Walter, Jesus Quintana, and of course, Donnie in the Folgers can for taking the time out of their [00:53:00] busy day to be here today. And with that, we are going to pack up our bows and arrows and we are hitting the range. Have a good day, everybody. Vapor trail is now offering an exclusive discount to the range podcast.

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