Hanging around with Adrian Wilson of Tethrd

Show Notes

The guys were able to take some time to “hang out” with Adrian Wilson from Tethrd.  Adrian works within the marketing and sales side of things over at Tethrd.  He’s a long time hunter, and genuine good dude.  He covers his love of whitetails, the basics of saddle hunting, and what to expect in the future.

The boys were on the road this week, up in Waterford Wisconsin to check out a conservation fundraiser held by the folks over at Half Rack. Half rack is a hunting accessory company founded in Wisconsin and based on the 2% for Conservation mentality.  The event was a huge success with over $15,000 raised for conservations.  Thousands of dollars of raffle prizes, good beer, and a heck of a time hanging out with friends from across the industry. Lots of news around the state, but don’t forget that this weekend August 27 from 10-4 at Vance’s in Hebron is the Tethrd Teach and Train event.  If you ever wanted to get the ins and outs of saddle hunting you will have some of the best in the world on hand to give you the run down.

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