Should You Try Saddle Hunting?

Show Notes

Over the last couple of years, saddle hunting has take the deer hunting industry by storm. What was the tool of choice for a rag-tag bunch of DIY tinkerers has quickly become mainstream with the surge of commercially available tree saddle options. If you’ve put much time into researching good tree stand options, you’ve probably come across tree saddles at some point. So it’s time to ask the question, Should you hop on the saddle hunting bandwagon?

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer podcast, Josh is joined by Alex Chopp, Kevin Leach, and Jake Matelic, the trio behind Latitude Outdoors. Latitude is making some of the most lightweight and comfortable saddles on the market. The guys share a bit of saddle hunting 101, the benefits of hunting from a saddle, and answer some of the most common objections to giving a saddle a try. Tune in to find out if a tree saddle might be right for you!

Show Transcript