How to Hunt the "October Lull"

Show Notes

Opening week of archery deer season has come and gone, even for folks with October 1st openers. As we drift into the middle of the month, we enter into what many have dubbed the “October lull.” Countless articles have been written that explain the October lull. The deer supposedly hole up in their beds from before first light until well after the end of legal shooting hours. Mature bucks shift to completely nocturnal patterns. The only hope we have is the sweet action of the pre-rut. Might as well stay home and watch football. Sounds about right?

The only problem with the October lull theory is that it simply isn’t supported by the evidence. GPS collar studies have consistently shown that buck activity increases as October rolls on. And there are lots of guys who are out tagging big bucks in high-pressured areas in the heart of October. So what are we to make of the October lull?

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer Podcast, Josh talks with Dan Johnson of the Nine Finger Chronicles to get his unfiltered opinion on the October lull. Dan shares his thoughts on where the theory came from, what the average hunter should make of it, and what guys should do if they want to be on deer in the month of October. Spoiler alert, you should still go hunting!

Show Transcript