How to Start Planning Your Out of State Hunt w/ Tom Runscavage

Show Notes

Hey everyone, welcome to episode 153  of the Antler Up Podcast!

On this week's episode Dimitri and I were joined by Tom Runscavage.  Tom resides in North Eastern PA and is an avid hunter.  From scouting a ton in the offseason to chasing whitetails in the mountains of PA, Tom also has a passion for hunting out of state.  Jim and I had the great opportunity to share camp with Tom out of state for an early season whitetail hunt.  Prior to that trip I was able to see how much time Tom puts into his planning and preparation.  So for this specific episode we wanted to kick things off with talking about just that!  How to start planning for an out of state hunt!  Before we dive into all that good stuff, Tom was able to hunt PA this year beginning at the end of October for 21 straight days.  Tom only missed 3 of those days and with all the grit and perseverance Tom killed a PA mountain buck on the last day of the archery season.  We began the podcast talking about his PA hunting but half way through we switched gears to discussing where to begin when planning your out of state trip!

Beginning with this episode we will be discussing some out of state hunts topics, strategies and stories over the next two episodes.  To break this episode down more with Tom, he shared the two most important aspects to planning a trip out of state and those two being “budget & time.” Tom breaks down his point system process, how he organizes everything for each state, the websites he uses to help him with draw-odds and some nearby states that can be a great chance to cut your teeth on out of state hunting!  Next week we have Dimitri and Ian on to run us through their OH trip where they tell their stories of their bucks and the planning that went into that. So, with that and 2022 coming to a close I would like to say THANK YOU again for the support over the last two plus years.  We are coming up to 3 years and we love the opportunity to chat with such great individuals and hunters.  Thank you again, Happy New Year and Antler Up!

  Best of luck out there and Antler Up!

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