Utilization beyond the meat with Stevie fun_fur

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore, the chat goes beyond the meat and dives into the extras: organs, bones, hides, venison tallow even.  Nick is joined by Canadian guide, wild edibles connoisseur, and all around culinary adventurer, Stevie_funfur.  Together they pick over the pieces that are usually an afterthought when processing venison.  Which organs are they keeping and how does Steve prepare his for the kitchen, how stock and broth are both super important, and some possible avenues for  deer tallow.  Time for us to pick over what's left and glean some tasty tidbits on this episode of Huntavore.

Steve is a guide, wild edibles teacher, and all around cool dude who loves to play with his food.  From forage to gardens, Steve is adding to his diet and taking less away from the grocery store and the established food system.  Nick sought out Stevie after following along with his instagram stories of aging his whitetail doe in the far north, actually using a space heater and blankets to keep her from freezing solid.  On top of that, he was keeping the hide, scraping and salting to give to a craftsman who could turn it into leather.  First being a super cool idea, Nick also wanted to turn the conversation into using those under-used bits that get lost in the whole process of getting a deer in the freezer. Organs and items from the gut pile and how that can be a very intimidating aspect of hunting.  Liver and kidneys were the focus.  Broth and stock was also a great chat because of all the value it provides as a dish base and a powerful way to intake nutrients.  Lastly the guys chat about the assumed bad flavored venison tallow.  While it has an amino acid that makes the fat coat the mouth, it can be used for a whole number of crafts and uses.  For more info on Steve, follow along with him on his instagram @stevie_funfur

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