Hunter Profile with A.J. Lewis

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan is joined by A.J. Lewis of Ohio to talk about his passion for bowhunting whitetails. A.J. and Dan kick off the episode by chatting about his job and how it has led him to live in two really good whitetail states, Kansas and Ohio. While A.J. was living in Kansas he took advantage of buying their lifetime hunting license. Now, living in Ohio, A.J. can skip the non-resident applications process and hunt in Kansas every year. Next, A.J. talks about about 3 major adjustments he made to his bowhunting strategy that led him to more encounters with mature bucks. Conversation includes, access routes, less time in the woods is better than more, and of course getting ultra mobile with a saddle. Another fun episode with a serious  hunter who has a full time job, family, and limited time to hunt... ENJOY!

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