Hunting Tactics and Advanced Strategies Part 1

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes), Steve Sherk (Sherk’s Guide Service) and Johnny Stewart discuss hunting tactics and advanced strategies. Johnny explains where to start when breaking down a hunting property. Steve and Johnny discuss the number one factor when evaluating a good versus bad hunting property. Johnny identifies the top factors and locations to find and hunt mature bucks.  Johnny evaluates nighttime and daytime areas and why big bucks use specific areas and how to evaluate trail camera data.  

Steve and Johnny discuss how to anticipate other public land hunters and how they have had to evolve their strategies around these newly found or experienced hunters on the landscape. Jon explains how the tactics talked about apply to both public and private landowners, and how the approaches set up a foundational strategy that will help hunter’s find success. Johnny discusses why deer select certain areas and when to be more aggressive.

Johnny and Steve discuss rut hunting strategies and why Johnny isn’t so concerned with bumping deer while scouting. Johnny describes why hunting out of a tree isn’t as productive as scouting and how he puts together his plan to capitalize and execute on deer he is seeking out.  Steve discusses how he continues to scout and patterns that are annual are not always to be relied upon. Jon and Johnny discuss the importance of terrain and Jonny explains his top three advanced tactics for finding mature bucks.

Show Transcript