Steve Sherk Buck School Part 2

Show Notes

Hey everyone, welcome to episode 140 of the Antler Up Podcast!

On this week's episode Dimitri and I were joined by Steve Sherk from Sherks Guide Service.  Steve resides in Western PA where he hunts the big woods of PA.  The last time Steve was on the podcast we had a ton of topics regarding buck hunting tactics.  Well round two is finally here after a year.  Steve wrapped up a two year trail cam data study which he shared on the Exodus Podcast with our friends Chad and Cam.  We get Steve to share hunting strategies for specific weeks, finding bucks after the shift and so much more!   We wrap up the conversation with Steve answering a few listener questions.  Thanks to Steve for coming on again and sharing a ton of great content!!

To start things off in the podcast Steve shares what to focus on coming into the early season and how bedding plays a major role in this.  Follow this up by chatting about shifting cameras, and when he doesn’t shift cameras because he doesn’t want to disturb specific buck areas.  A question came up about not only how Steve tracks buck shifting areas, but does as well and his philosophy on shooting a doe early or not.  Then Steve shares his strategy regarding the three C’s (Cover, Cold Fronts & Cameras).  It was awesome to hear some techniques and stories regarding the three C’s.  Then the meat and potatoes of the podcast Steve breaks down how he would hunt each time frame of the big woods and ties in his trail cam data study for this period.  So much great info in this episode and Part 2 of Buck School with Steve as a freaking blast! Hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to next week! Antler Up!

Show Transcript