Hunting Tactics and Advanced Strategies Part 2

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes), Steve Sherk (Sherk’s Guide Service) and Andy May (MeatEater) discuss hunting tactics and advanced strategies. Andy explains his background and how he has advanced his hunting to the next level. Andy has been a successful hunter and hunted highly pressured deer and deer in low pressure states.

Andy explains how he hunts big bucks on highly pressured ground and tough to hunt areas. Andy discusses his favorite times to hunt and how to be a more well-rounded hunter. He discusses what time of year he has been successful in the past and how he has reshaped his hunting to be productive all season long. Andy discusses his idea of continuous improvement and how he is not a fan of blind success. Andy discusses the keys to success in early October and why he chooses to hunt outside of his home state of Michigan.

Andy breaks down his early season tactics and why private land can be tougher than public land in the areas he hunts. Andy explains when deer sign matters and how to dial in on deer sign when it counts. Andy discusses how trail cameras can be both a positive and negative and why he prefers not to use cameras when hunting in the areas he prefers. Andy explains key locations he dials in on during the rut and why he picks these specific areas to kill mature bucks. He explains his weekend hunting tactics and why he is so aggressive on the deer he goes after. Andy ends with a story of a difficult hunt in a hard to access area that will get you thinking more about pushing the limits in your hunting areas.  

Show Transcript