Summer Hunting Strategy with Steve Sherk

Show Notes

On today's episode of the DIY Sportsman podcast, Steve Sherk is on as the guest. Steve guides deer hunters in the vast national forest land of Pennsylvania and gathers annual observational data from a huge multitude of trail cameras in addition to visual sightings from boots on the ground scouting year round and hunts in the fall. Steve and Garrett finally met in person for the first time recently at a Spartan Forge retreat. With summer right around the corner, Garrett asks Steve about scouting and trail camera tactics specific to the summer months. Steve doesn't have agriculture around in the areas he hunts, but the deer do have other summer food sources which are heavy draws in the summer months leading up into the early fall. They discuss those food sources, where and how to place cameras for inventory, how far a buck might shift from summer to fall, whether or not to dive into the bedding areas and fall hunt locations, how Steve sets up his cameras and whether he does any protection for ants or bears, how often to check cameras, observational sits, and what to do if you get a single picture of a new big buck and want to take the next steps to honing in your search and learning more about his patterns going into the fall.

Show Transcript