Is an eBike Worth It? w/ Hampton Honeycutt from Leise Motors

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Every now and then, there's a tool that changes the way you hunt. Cellular trail cameras, digital mapping apps, and tree saddles have radically changed the game in the just the last few years. What's the next tool that can give you the extra edge you need to hunt more efficiently?

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer Podcast, Josh talks with Hampton Honeycutt of Leise Motors about their eBikes and how they just might make you a more efficient hunter. Ebikes can help you go farther, faster, and quieter than previously possible. For the mobile, run and gun public land hunter, eBikes can provide an edge over the competition. For the private land hunter, eBikes can help you preserve your ground by providing a stealthier approach. In this episode, the guys cover the benefits of eBikes, some of their many uses, and how to get the most out of this new tool. 

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