Kairos Artisan Blends; David Rabe

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On this Episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined again by David Rabe, a California native who takes everything to the next level.  His recreation is extreme, his hunts are for the biggest and the best, and his harvested wild game gets prepared with only herbs and spices that elevate his kill, not clog it with a bunch of additives.  Come along as Nick and Dave catch up on what has happened in the past year, How Kairos is the perfect rub to use on heavily valued harvests, explains the idea of perfect moment, perfect place, and the meaning of Kairos, and finally finishes up with some incredible dish ideas.  It's all come this moment and this time on this episode of Huntavore.      

David Rabe is no stranger to the spice game.  David first launched Wilde Seasonings a few years back.  David sought out some partners to grow his brand and get high quality seasonings to home cooks and hunters who want only the best for what they are preparing.  Jiving with the term Kairos; the right critical moment, opportune timing.  Dave has relaunched his original blends along with others to try and cover as many proteins as possible.  Dave is also an accomplished hunter who strategizes the points game in the west.  On the spectrum of meat hunter to horn hunter, Dave is on the far edge of looking for mature animals in highly sought after units.  Which is part of the reason why Dave has spent so much time on these seasonings.  Not every season will bring back a trophy animal, so when he does, it gets the absolute best treatment possible.

Kairos Artisan Blends: craftedbykairos.com @craftedbykairos

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