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Hey everyone, welcome to episode 190 of the Antler Up Podcast!

On this week's episode I was joined by my great friend Jim D’Agostino!  You should know Jim if you have listened to the podcast over the years and if you’re new to the show then buckle up because he is one of a kind.  A great human, friend, archer and hunter.  Jim over the last couple of years has helped me tremendously with my shooting.  We wanted to have an episode before the season kicks off state wide here in PA.  Jim will be embarking on the opener this weekend for the 5C unit here in PA.  This is a discussion we get into and a whole lot more! It is always a great time when I get a chance to record with one of my great friends!

We begin this episode by hearing Jim discuss what is new in his world and how he is really excited for this upcoming season.  To start out with he will be hunting the early aspect of the PA season in 5C.  He gained access to a new private area and was able to get eyes on a few really good deer.  We chat about some other areas that he worked on to be better for this year and discussed his 3D season where Jim was able to one and be on the podium for a few others.  We just had a real good BS session that I hope you all will enjoy as well! So, tune in and listen to some stories and a fun conversation with Jim!  Enjoy this fun episode and see you next week! 

Thanks again for all the support and best of luck out there and Antler Up!

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the antler up podcast brought to you by tethered the world's best saddle hunting gear. We got a fun show for you all today

What's up, everybody? Welcome back to this week's episode. We're on episode 190 and on this week's episode I was joined by my great friend Jim You should know, Jim, if you've listened to the podcast over the last couple of years, and if you're new to the show, then buckle up because he's one of a kind. A great human, friend, archer, and a hunter.

Jim, over the last couple of years, has really helped me tremendously with my shooting, and just the technique, and just the various other things when it comes to archery. We wanted to have an episode before the season kicks off [00:01:00] statewide here in PA. And Jim will be embarking on that opener this weekend for the five C unit.

And this is a discussion that we really get into and a whole lot more. It's always a great time whenever I have the chance to record with one of my good friends. So really appreciate Jim taking the time. We'd cover a bunch of other things in this episode, like the gear, the things he's done to get better for the season, things he's really looking forward to his goals, just a great little BS session before the season kicks off.

And just want to just say real quick. Thanks again, everybody, for all that support really means a lot. And just to give you a quick update, cause I talk about how I was going to have already been through the weekend at Maryland and it's coming on, had a really great Saturday. The weather actually wasn't too awful.

It was in the eighties, but that evening me and my buddy Albert, we went to a new spot and scattered around and had a really cool encounter with a great buck that he just. With the [00:02:00] rain and everything, I found some fresh sign set up over a scrape and he fooled me with which direction he was going to be coming from.

And by that point in time, it was a little too late. Hit that ground scent, caught me in the tree. My hand at that point in time was bow on hand. I saw him for about three and a half, four seconds and out he went. So hopefully I get a chance to get after him again later this month. So really cool type of terrain.

Tough hunting, but got the cobwebs out. It fires me up to get better for this upcoming year. So thanks again, everybody. Talk to you soon. Antler up

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You have deer prediction, journaling, and the [00:04:00] best maps on any hunting app platform. There is use code antler up to save 20 percent off your Spartan forge membership at Spartan forge. ai. What's up everybody. Welcome back to this week's episode of the antler up podcast. I'm joined on the other line by. One of, if not my best friend, Jim D'Agostino, Swole Bird, welcome to the show.

What's up buddy? Good to talk to you again. So let's see if the next 45 minutes, if I could contain myself. By not doing like an inside joke of ours that we just don't go full squirrel. Like we normally do on a normal daily phone call where I just do or say something inappropriate. You do the same thing.

And then it's Oh shit, here we go. Let's try to keep this mature. Yeah. All right. So summer's winding down, man, or is over basically for us. Both of us are [00:05:00] about to embark on our hunting season already because you're starting early for the PA because you're in the unit that you're in five C so you could start early.

I, at this point in time will have already been to Maryland on the weekend of their opener, which is cool. And you and I, and Tom did that. Hunt a couple of years ago where we went to Delaware, obviously just a little bit right next door to that, man. That was a fun trip. And hopefully for your opener, looking ahead, whether it looks to be a little bit better than what I've probably endured in Maryland.

Yeah, temperatures look a little cooler than what you're going to see, but still a little hotter than I'd like, but. It's hard to complain when I get to start, in 11 days versus the rest of the state. They, have to wait an extra two weeks after me. So I'm going to take what I can.

Yeah. So what's really neat, you went total outside your comfort zone. And that [00:06:00] was just recently that you acquired this little new little hunting spot, hunting location. And so we'll talk a little bit about that, when it comes to where you're at right now, dude, what have you been up to?

Because you've 3d circuit and getting things ready and. Spending time with the family, still doing that stuff and work. And, you've been putting into work, man. You've been a busy guy. Pretty much. Yeah, this is our crazy busy season. Everybody that listened in the previous episodes, they know that I do I'm project manager for an excavation company.

Anybody that's in the construction industry, the summertime is insanity. This year, more than. Any other for whatever reason which is a good problem to have. So when I'm not doing that, I'm also doing my archery business on the side. I've been hammering that out. Unfortunately, I had to turn some folks away this year, which is also another great problem to have.

But, I'm trying to balance the, workload with my actual full time career with [00:07:00] my passion and then also my family, of course. That said, vacation season just about winded down. We just got back from our last trip of the year. It was beautiful. We were down in the, we were actually down in the Maryland area for a few days.

Just soaking up the sun and enjoying the time. And but now it's time to switch gears and it's serious. Cause 11 days out I still have a few other items to pack and make sure my gear is dialed. But for the most part, I'd say I'm 90 percent there. Yeah. And I'm super pumped. And like you were saying before, I, typically in years past, I've always hunted You know, quote unquote, the big woods of PA, a public land guy, I'm always searching for the adventure and trying to go seek out the unknown.

I love not setting cameras. I love just, seeing the natural sign and going against the trail systems and doing things the way they did, 100 years ago and just being a little more savvy in my, hunting skills than just relying on some of the new equipment.

But. Yeah. With that said I did do, I did decide to, I got talking with some folks and [00:08:00] I'm seeing a lot of stuff on YouTube. Where guys are having a ton of success with gigantic deer on all these private pieces. And I've never been a guy, you and I have talked about it a million times we've never been guys to be like, oh, private versus public, or hate on one or the other.

You and I have always been mountain hunters and public land hunters well before it was cool. But I still love the chase of whitetail, period. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to shoot a big, mature whitetail, after talking to some folks and seeing a lot of things online, I I did some door knocking, which is the first time I've ever done that and it was super nerve wracking, but thankful.

Most of the houses that we talked to the people were nice. They've been knocked on before, and they they handled us very well. When I say us, it's me and my our buddy Josh that we, you and I shot with at the the Montage Mountain shoot. Great dude. Anyway so we did some door knocking and we're able to nail down about 130 acres between 2 properties that butt against each other.

And after doing a ton of scouting, a ton of field watching some camera [00:09:00] work we think we I don't want to spoil anything, but I think we hit it big. Some of the biggest deer that I've seen this early in the season, for sure. Again, I'm coming from the mountain scene to this kind of ag land, private hunting, and it is now I see why it's such a big thing on YouTube and why it's so addicting.

It's just, it's a different kind of chase, but... Boy, the action is packed nonstop that you don't sit for days and not see anything. You're seeing deer within minutes Yeah So you slipped that that farmer like a couple hundreds and said tie this to the tree for me for when I get in there Basically, I didn't do that, but I'm telling you right now.

I'm gonna buy him a nice gift card if this pans out basically, I just you know, there's a Without giving out too much information. There's an adjoining orchard that's there. That's always been known for the over the years of being decimated by the deer. The deer population in our area is just insanity and the farmers have always been struggling.

And a lot of the farmers families do hunt their property, so they help [00:10:00] manage that deer, those deer herds themselves, so some of those guys were not, inclined to accept on new hunters, but this guy doesn't have any family members that hunt, and was, we approached it in a manner that was very professional.

We gave him our information, copies of our licenses. He understands, he knows what vehicles we drive. We communicate very well with them and just keep it strictly professional. Because we're in there to do a job, which is manage a deer herd. But we're also in there to, we're after big deer.

So that's really, the big chase. But with that, we also have quite a few doe tags and we're going to help. The population overall but hoping this, maybe pull out a giant would be icing on the cake. Yeah, that's fun, man. That's just, it's something new. It's exciting. And I liked what you said about going back to one of the first things you said in that conversation was that you are Relying on your woodsmanship, like the things that you've done your whole life growing up and not relying on say cell cameras or heck even trail cameras in general.

And what's funny is this past weekend [00:11:00] obviously, when you were away, I went back home with my dad had the extra day and he and I, that's just man, one of my favorite days of the year besides going in and hunting with him is. Is putting in the work, right? Going in and checking cameras or doing more mock scrapes, just being up there with them.

Like those are just some of my favorite days when I'm not with my daughter and my wife and stuff like that. Or my, like my best friends, give me time up on the club at the mountain with my dad, just to whatever. Like I said, it's, I got there at 10 a. m. I left by. 4 p. m. S time frame and that day just went by so quick.

But the thing that where I'm going with that is the spot where you, Aaron and I went last year I want to say back in June, Jim, I reactivated one of the cameras, I thought I formatted the card for it was a cell camera. And it's one that doesn't do video. [00:12:00] It's just pictures. I. Something was wrong with the memory card and I was going to go in there over the weekend to reset it because it was the spot where I had to double scrape good amount of deer and that morning when I was there.

I said, my dad's do you want to go down there first? And I said, no, I don't. I said let's leave it be. I know when my dad and I went out there scouting postseason during before spring and when we went in there in June, like we found some really good stuff during those two things, like deer move in there.

And it's just a matter of, like you said earlier, using the woodsmanship and using the terrain features and finding the sign. I don't need the cameras to tell me like, Oh my gosh, it's hot. You know what I mean? Like I'm going to go in there when I, regardless, whenever my schedule allows me to go in there.

So it's not like I'm planning a day off or I can't do that right as being a teacher. So regardless, if that's my time period on a Saturday that I'm going in, I'm just going to go in and I'm going to go in over that hot sign [00:13:00] and do that. So I left that whole side to my. Alone, basically. And my dad and I, we, he had to change a couple of camp cap, a couple of batteries and the cameras that he has out.

And I did put out a, another cell camera on one of the spots that I had a regular SD card, just because it's one of those. Locations where kind of widening the net on that big nine from last year And it's the one spot that I found During the rifle season going out scouting found some big rubs a couple different scrapes and natural scrapes.

So I hung a Cell camera over that and it's really neat because the camera that I had there was on video and I would say I've made the mistake over the last couple years of being too afraid of batteries because I live so far away Of going through them and to run a camera on video. But this time I did.

And dude, what a helpful tool. I know this is like elementary shit, right? I know people are like yeah, duh, you're going to learn [00:14:00] so much more. Man, like understanding how the deer use that spot location rather than maybe when that picture finally goes off and that deer is only three feet in front of the camera or whatever, compared to seeing that deer walk in from whatever X location and seeing the timeframe and all that stuff.

It was just really cool and really helpful. And just, again, More confident. I know that's the camera telling me something, but man, what a better understanding you can have of a location when you have that little bit of detail. And, even if it's dough, like that's a prime example where I'm saving until the end of October, early November, like I won't go in there until before that.

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You could tell by the trail systems and by the sign how often it's being used, deer are using it and if deer are using it, there's a chance that a buck's coming through there. I like cameras even in the big woods sometimes just for inventory purposes and giving me the oohs and aahs of oh there's some bear in the area or there's a giant buck that came through here, whatever, what have you, but there's no, in my experiences, and I think you could feel the same way in the areas that we've generally hunt that there is no you don't name deer.

You're not patterning [00:16:00] them per se. Heck, you can't even, the wind changes on a drop of a dime. Yeah. It's even hard to plan that way. So you're constantly rolling with the punches out there. But back to what I was saying a little earlier is that, we are being on this new private piece and now having to actually use cameras because the deer are living in such a smaller.

And the patterning is much more. I have morning and evening movement. A lot of the same deer, some deer have really specific markings like a drop ear or some scarring and what have you. So I could definitely tell and see where guys are coming from with patterning deer. On these types of ag properties and boy, is it a rush?

It's like super neat to hone on and always build a relationship with these deer. And and I know there's thousands of guys out there that are like welcome to the party. I am late to the game when it comes to this camera, ag hunting type thing, but. It's a whole new adventure and I'm not going away from I'm still gonna be in the mountains a lot this year I just this is just another [00:17:00] tool to the tool bag and something I could do After work and it's closer to home and it works out with my family life as well But I'm never gonna give up my you know, my the way I've always hunted I'm just gonna, like I said, add this to the bag and boys, it's freaking awesome.

And I encourage anybody who has even just a few acres around them that they potentially could hunt or you think might hold some good deer go knock on some doors, just put yourself out there. Heck, if I could do it, anybody could do it. I was the 1st couple of houses I was fumbling over myself.

I probably sounded like an idiot, but you just be honest with people what you're doing and what you're trying to accomplish. And people are receptive to that. And even the people that didn't, weren't accepting to the whole hunting or they were anti hunt, even the anti hunters that I talked to were super polite and they understood the goal when you explain it to them the right way.

Yeah, I'm pretty much, I'm pretty psyched. Like I said, new adventure. I've been sending you a bunch of my truck camera pictures and stuff. I'm like a little kid. This year with all the action. So I'm pretty fired up. And again, we can always fall back to the mountains and [00:18:00] just get out there and just disconnect, from the.

So like you said earlier, it's a great place because it's closer to home, just to give the listeners a quick little either refresh or those that are new to the show, you and I hunt had have hunted the kind of the same vicinity our whole lives without knowing each other. Even prior to that point in time in Northeast PA, the same mountain, just on opposite sides and all that type of stuff.

That's pretty neat. So like now you're closer to home, so you don't have to drive that extra hour and a little bit of change up North to go hunt that. So that is closer to you. And like you said there's going to be times on the weekends. Maybe you don't want to go, are you planning on, obviously this could be a great time throughout the year to hunt this location.

And I'm sure you will during, bits and pieces, are you going to really hone in on this, that early season hell, even into like early October, even a little bit. Yes I think that it being only 130 some acres, it's you got to [00:19:00] be strategic on when you go in. You don't want to completely blow it up.

But I think that just based off where it's sitting, they're used to humans. They're used to daily activities, farmers, machines, et cetera. So I don't think it's really going to disrupt things too much. I just based off of the pet, the super consistent patterning right now, and the advantage of being able to hunt that unit super early.

I'm definitely going to hit that. That's going to be where I'm going to be the first few weekends of the season. For sure. I will be in that area. Yeah. As things move on to like late October, early November, that's when I know like the mountains typically start to heat up. And I'll probably see myself venturing back there unless I'm having a different type of action or a more consistency with some other deer or something, that changes my mind.

Or you killed a big old farm slammer on the opening weekend. That was . That's that'd be the, that would be the ultimate, the big old farm slammer with some velvet still hanging off him would just be a dream come true. , yeah. You never know what what, because it encountered, because what, shit, two weeks, two years ago, last year you killed a [00:20:00] really good buck during rifle season with the boys from New York, with Billy and them from per near outdoors, but two years prior.

That was like you, you broke your streak of killing a buck, but you could have killed a buck on that opening day during that early season in September. It was a decent eight point that, you were like, you were regretted, yeah. That actually was that 150 inch 12 point that a buddy of mine shot that, that guy that I knew from school.

Yeah. I sent you those pictures. Like he actually and he, that was the one, he was, he entered I'd entered one of the big buck contests, but he was like a day late. If you recall, it was absolutely gigantic here. I'm talking about that one. Remember when it was on public? Remember you and I were going to go into that one spot and you had two bucks on you?

Yeah, you're right. You're right. That's right. I was actually in public area down this way, like towards that gun range that I took you to before. Yeah. Yeah, I had two beautiful eight points come into me that that opening day and I didn't draw, I didn't even draw on him. I just, I was electing to try to shoot a better deer and looking [00:21:00] back at it, those two deer are a lot of what I have hanging in my basement right now.

And I should have capitalized on it, but. It's that's how it goes, and it did ruin my streak. I was seven in a row going into that point, which I'm pretty proud of. But that's the way it goes. Yeah, dude. And then, like I said earlier, too, you had fun on the 3d circuit this past spring and summer, we shot twice cool events, but then you shot some that actually counted for some payouts and you you, you got some paid, you got some paydays.

I did. I had a couple of podiums. I won one. I won the first, actually the first one of the year. Which was cool. But some of the others I did catch some podiums and caught a little bit of cash, but Didn't shoot quite as well as I wanted to. I felt like I was going into them super confident, but I also was switching setups in the middle of it, which I think might've screwed me up a little bit, but I don't want to put any blame on anything.

It's, I just didn't show up, I didn't show up to the party. But overall shot decent. I just know that there was more to be had on the table, but yeah, three seasons wrapped up [00:22:00] All that stuff's packed away. Yep, and got the broad heads out man just fired up. So you were saying to earlier, you know You're like 90 percent ready to rock and roll as far as like your gear goes and equipment goes What else do you have left to do or what have you done that you're really pumped about anything like regarding that world?

I just picked up a couple more. I like to carry two to three headlamps. I know that sounds obnoxious. Some guys are like, ah, just recharge them or just carry some batteries. For the few extra ounces, even when I'm going pretty deep, a few miles deep, it really, to me, it's, I've been out there a lot of times, miles from the, from any roadway where I've gotten caught up either tracking a deer or hung up late or got twisted around.

And not having a some sort of a light is like devastating. I just picked up actually I haven't hanging over there right now. I just picked up a couple more headlamps from I think they're from Diamondback. Yep. The company Diamondback that makes like the trekking poles and stuff too.

Yeah. Yeah. They were, they came highly recommended from my brother in law. He's a big hiker. He lives out West and he highly recommended those. [00:23:00] So trying those out this year. Let's see, I got I got some of the predators or not predators, I had the Skeletor, excuse me, I confused the platform and the sticks.

I got some of the Skeletors this year to run. So I'm pretty pumped about that. I usually always, even on some of the deep pieces, I'll even pre hang a couple of sticks. But this year, having the Predators, I'm just going to carry everything in and out. And I don't know, I just need to run through my kill kits and stuff and make sure I have everything.

Make sure my knives are sharp. Make sure I got all my bags in case I need to pack stuff out, which I've done a lot of times, hopefully on this farm, I'll kill a slammer and I can just pull my truck right up or a four wheeler right up there and just live the luxury that I've been seeing for on YouTube for years.

Yeah. You're shooting the severs, right? For shooting the severs. The one 1. 75. Yeah. Pretty pumped about that. They fly like darts and I'm not just saying that. You know me, I'm pretty honest when it comes to the equipment. I am not biased by any means when it comes to brands. I just try everything.

I shot muzzy trail cars a lot. I shot rages a lot.[00:24:00] All the basic ones that everybody has shot over the years and had successes with I think that Severs fly the best in my opinion. So just the accuracy factor alone is awesome. They look gnarly. They're going to open up and I've seen, plenty of videos and pictures from you of the devastation that they could do.

So putting them where you want them as the main goal. And I think these are going to be it. Yeah. I'm going into Maryland with a little moss pot, mosh posh of broadheads got severs. Got Grim Reapers, got VPAs, got Annihilators, I have everything. I'm hoping to be able to use them all. I wrecked, brought it.

It's a testing circuit, man. You got a lot of dotags, dude. It's a testing circuit. Only 15 of them. What the hell? Hopefully we could do, I'll be able, when this sucker releases or something, be like, yep, this is what I was able to use and give a little recap or I'll be shit out of luck.

But yeah I'm excited too. I feel really good with this. with where I'm at. I was practicing this past weekend, obviously shooting. This is again, a kudos to for over the last couple of [00:25:00] years of helping me through all my demons that I face and how confident I am as far as the shooting goes.

And mentally, I think a lot has played into that. I think, working through the skills. It was a big step, but I think I was more mentally just broken, you know what I'm saying? And I finally feel good there and as far as that goes and confident and Just you know slowing things down just remembering what good people have said about you have time You know, and then and if you don't have that time on that animal then you know tip the cap Tip your hat to him, you know that he lives to fight another day.

You live to find another day as far as that goes. And I was trying to I was practicing getting up and down like with the whole repelling thing. And I really do enjoy that. I'm really excited to get better at that. It's super easy. It's just for me it's working through the initial setup, which isn't hard, but [00:26:00] it's.

now, like my, I've been for the last three, four years, all my ropes were on my left pouch, right? So now my lineman is still on my left, but then on the right side I have the roll a pouch and that's where my long, rope is and just the way things roll and move and where are things. So it's just a little bit different, electrify, escape and expand.

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So that way my hiss strap could live in my pouch, just things like that. But other than that dude, it's You know same shit, different day. I'm excited to to rappel down. Like practicing that has been so fun. One number two, it's been just reassuring of how quick and efficient, like we could really be especially to some of these places.

Like I'm excited. [00:28:00] Like how you were saying about leaving sticks in a tree here and there depending on where you hunt, like I'm thinking those days were. When it's I'm going to hunt maybe a consecutive spot, like even if I would just hunted an evening and I plan on getting back in that same tree in the morning, back at home, man, just repelling down and being able to get right back up in that tree is going to be really sweet.

Yeah, super slick. I can still haven't seen you do that in person yet. I'm interested to try that. Yeah. In the future. Yeah. It seems quick and easy from the videos I've seen. Yeah, because the other thing is, I'm not one sticking, right? I'm literally still using the same amount of sticks. It's just a coming down process.

And I know you don't like using... The efficiency. Yeah. I know you don't like using an ater, but, even the tree that I was practicing on the other day, I only needed to use my ater once. And then I climbed up like an additional stick and set the platform because of the branches and the cover and all that stuff.

And I was like, sweet. It was funny because when I was getting down I had a brain fart because I was starting to get my [00:29:00] lineman's rope out. I was like, wait, what are you doing? You don't need your lineman's rope. You're falling down. New routine. Yeah, exactly. That new routine. So I'm excited to give it a go for Maryland.

I'm excited to hunt with my buddy Albert again. I got to introduce you to him. Really good dude, like who I hunted Ohio with for Turkey. And man, I'm hoping I'll tell you what, Jim, if I kill. With him I'm going to beg him to hunt the rut with me here in Pennsylvania or damn near that because it seems like whenever I'm with him, I got that lucky horseshoe.

Yeah, shoved up, where, but yeah I'm excited just to go, I said it before on Dan Johnson's podcast just recently, where yeah, It's a good time to get the cobwebs out a little bit, right? It's a don't get me wrong. I'm excited. I hope I do get opportunities and I'm going to be hunting my butt off for those opportunities.

But in the grand scheme of things it's nearby. I'm getting out in the woods a couple of weeks early. And going to be able to go in there and hopefully find success, but [00:30:00] also dust the cobwebs off and get those meaningful reps. Like we've talked about it countless of times on the podcast, shoot your bow, take your reps, do this do now.

And I know life could get in a way and maybe you're on a swing for a couple of days or for a week or two weeks, and then you go a week or two without doing what you're just practicing so hard. So like to get actually. Actual game time reps, meaningful reps in the woods where things actually matter.

That's going to be really fun for us. And you're going to be, like you said you're less than 11 days right now as we record this. Yeah, for sure. You have, you're going to a pretty deer dense area. Obviously they're giving you a 15 doe tags, which is insane. And it's a quick two day banger.

So you still are going to have to work hard, but there's a real good chance you're going to be on some deer. And you gotta just make some good shots and just let it let loose. Like you said break out of that. Break the ice on the season and get some meat in the freezer, get, build that confidence and then take [00:31:00] that into your your other hunts where you're going to need to put a little more strategy in.

Yeah. That's the game plan too. Like I'm not going to be picky. I know we were joking earlier, just, I have no expectations. I know there's some really good big bucks in Maryland and there could be potentially where I'm hunting and all that type of stuff. But in the grand scheme of things, man, I'm there to do one thing and that's the, to fill some tags.

If given those opportunities to get those reps to get, I want to break out that elite in man, like a lot's changed since you and I have recorded that podcast that we did it in your basement last time, like a whole new world of a setup that I have. And, I've really enjoyed that, that bow that I was shooting.

My dad is now shooting that one. And I, behind me is the Omnia, but in what I'll be bringing with me is that elite era. That's the one I shot with. On the montage mountain shoot that we did together. And at bow is like an extension to my arm right now. And I love that bow. I think elite really did a great job with.

With those bows and in all honesty, I don't care whatever happens in the future. These bows are like, they talk to [00:32:00] me like they that's what I really enjoy. Love shooting. And it's awesome. Confidence is everything, man. Feel good, play good. It's that same old saying it's and you did, you shot them really well.

It just felt like when I watched you, it was more like it was more natural. You didn't, you weren't over aiming. You weren't like trying to muscle the bow per se, you just were fluent and it looks smooth. So I agree. I say I say stay with it regardless. And I think good things will happen.

Do you know what got a couple messages and you and I really need to sit down and come together with this recently with the year, usually around this time, we either have new hats or some new shirts coming out. So we've have to come together and come up with something because I have in all honesty, I've gotten a couple of people reaching out.

So we got to come up with something. I know I got Parker working on a design for a t shirt, so I know he's a little bit busy right now. With some hunts, early season hunts and stuff like that. But I talked to him and he's good to go. And and to [00:33:00] be completely honest I gave him full reign. I was like, I don't I can't, I've been trying to design something myself.

I don't like anything I've been doing. And. I really like what Parker's been creating for people the last couple months. Parker did our new logo last year's and I just really love his work. But anyway, so he, I gave him full reign. He's so just come up with something. I'm like, yes, sir.

Have at it. Whatever you think you like. I'm going to roll with it and we're going to rock it. So that will be like a t shirt design, but I got to talk to Shea to do some more hats. You and I talked about doing some more neutral colors that are more casual wear type colors. So if anybody listening to this, has any ideas, please shoot us a DM.

Let us know what color scheme you think our combination will go with the patches and yeah, we're looking to switch it up a little bit. We have plenty of the blacks and the greens and the camos and the standard hunting stuff. We're trying to mix it up a little bit so that encourage people to wear our logo year round, yeah. Hell yeah. I'm for that. What else, [00:34:00] man? What else you got going on right now? How's the family and what do you got going on and all that stuff? Everybody's good. T ball and soccer is over for right now. So this is like a little bit of a lull in the little guy's hobbies. I've been getting him out with me when I do some scouting.

I had him out sitting there watching the, when we were glassing some of the fields. He's, just trying to ease him into it. And I'm hoping that he takes over where I left off. Cause I got a bunch of stuff invested that I'd love to pass down to him one day. And yeah, just spending quality time, like I said, the summer vacation season is coming to an end here and my wife knows what she's in for, for the hunting season.

But I've done my honey do's. I've made, I've earned my points all throughout the year. So I'm ready to cash in now. But yeah, just nothing else really coming up. Our 3D season's over. I'm just, my eyes are on the prize right now. I'm like a heat seeking missile. I'm like opening day. I plan, and I'm not trying to be [00:35:00] overconfident, but my, I'm planning on going and killing opening day.

That's how, that's my mindset going into this. And I think that's the kind of way to be, is just if they're lofting it up to you right now, you gotta hit it, and that's my main focus. So every day when I come home from work, I've been shooting my bow.

I've been shooting with broadheads, been making sure that my equipment's dialed. I was up in the saddle shooting the other day. Josh and I are actually talking about going in last minute here this week and actually might put up like one or two regular hang on a lock on tree stands just for something quick to get into after work.

And I even still, even with that, I still take my saddle. I use it as my safety belt, and when I'm up there, I actually prefer it because it gives me that stability to shoot if I had to shoot behind me, I could still tether off and shoot that backside there and I just love the stability of being in the comfortability of being that I'm a guy that stands most of the time anyway.

Yeah, just, we made nice pathways and everything for nice, quick, easy, quiet access. So all the hard work I think it's done, it's just [00:36:00] practice and stay focused is the main thing right now. Yeah. All right. So let me put you on the spot and I'm sure it's probably something along the lines that you've already just said, going with all the hard work and everything that you've put in and on and off I'm going to say like on and off the field, right?

Like what you've been doing. What? What would you say is a goal or do you have any goals for this upcoming year? I'm, and maybe for some people this is laughable, but I've never killed an 140 inch plus deer, especially with archery equipment. My biggest one ever is 138 inches. He's close.

I proudly have a mountain in my living room. I've shot a lot of really good deer. You've been to my house. Very proud of all of them. I just have not been able to break that 140 mark. So that is definitely my goal. I have some on camera just by eye. I know that they're in that bracket. So that's, I just want to be able to say that I did it.

To shoot 140 inch plus deer in Pennsylvania with your bow, whether it be public or private, I don't give a crap where you're [00:37:00] hunting. That is the prestigious. Tier to be at, and for those of you that have done that, and I'm sure there's thousands of you out there that have done that. I tip my cap.

I shake your hand. That is a tremendous accomplishment, and I'm hoping that I could say that I've done the same, but that is my main goal this year. Aside from that, I definitely need to put meat in the freezer. I shot four deer last year, and we are basically emptied my little guy. Hammers, dear me. You might have to shoot a couple extra dough down there in Maryland for me and bring some back.

Obviously filling the freezer is always a top priority, but I really want to, I really want to break that, that 1 40 barrier and just to be able to say that I did that. And even guys in my family, there's been very few in my family that I've even done that. We're old school back country, PA deer hunters, so that would just be, it'd be, it would mean a lot to me from all the hard work that I've done.

Like you said, too, about the bow hunting thing for the guys that have done it and everything like that. Like when you think about it, if you're in the market for finding a new trail camera, I highly encourage you to look no further than Exodus. Exodus [00:38:00] has two main options to choose from as far as cameras go a budget friendly option that doesn't compromise quality.

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And if you're looking for an all encompassing cell camera, seriously, look no further than the render. It's their flagship camera. It stood the test of time for thousands of Hunter across the country. I have one deployed here locally where I live and another one I'm saving for back at Northeastern PA again, zero issues.

And I'll tell you what, Exodus stands by their five year warranty for accidents. Or for theft, top of the line customer service. So see for yourself why so many made the switch to Exodus and experience the Exodus difference use [00:39:00] code AU to get 15 percent off your first camera today. More things can go wrong than right.

I believe when it comes to what we're doing up in the tree, right? Like just, you name it, the deer could do a hundred million things that could cause you to miss a frigging little branch could cause you to miss. And then there's a million things that you as the shooter could do to miss, right?

And only one thing, and you just need the one thing to happen, right? Like you just got to go through your motion, go through it and get it done. But more, more bad could happen than good. So like you said, the people that have done it, that, been in this situation where they've killed that.

And And any deer with archery equipment, number one, number two, the guys and girls, whatever that, that are able to do it on, like you said, one forties plus, man, he, like you said, you shake that hand and tip that to that cap. And it's pretty impressive. Yeah. I just would like to say that I was able to do it.

Very [00:40:00] few times in my hunting career, I'm only 35. So in my short hunting career, I'd like to say that I even had a caliber of that deer in front of me. It's just the type of terrain in the woods that we hunt. It's few and far between. I've seen a lot. I've not had a lot of shot opportunities in that, but they definitely exist without question.

It's just a chase man getting in there, getting it done. But the limited time that we have is as hard workers and fathers and other, and have other hobbies and things to do the limited time with this being a one buck state, no hunting on Sundays. All the odds are stacked against us.

So to shoot what we've shot, I'm very proud, but I would love to be at that next year. And then to wrap things up, you are doing New York this year. Oh, a hundred percent. Yep. Those are my two main states. I'm hoping my, my, my goal right now is to get in, kill early in PA. And then get up to New York and hunt that hard for the rest of the archery [00:41:00] season, into the gun season.

I always hunt PA New York in the rifle season regardless. But I plan on hunting hard in the archery season now that I've done my homework over the last few years up there. I have a good lay of the land and the different pieces I'm going to be hunting. So I'm excited to do that, but my main focus is...

Is that goal here in PA so fingers crossed for me? Yeah, dude. I like it man I appreciate this quick conversation and hopping on and talking about what you have early season and what I got going on and stuff Like that, the really neat thing is That to see where, like where we've come from, where we're going right now, as far as hunting goes and just, I don't know, man, it's just a really fun year.

And I'd love this time of year because we get a chance to talk to friends, this is the one thing that we all, no matter what have in common, right? Yeah, majority of us that in our friends group, we got families, whether it's, significant others or girlfriends and kids and that's all cool and fun and dandy But when it comes to [00:42:00] this time of year, you know It's just so cool to catch up with our buddies and see what we got going on and how we're hard We're hunting and the other thing that I really enjoy is when we talk to each other because obviously even like for you and I Like you're not necessarily strictly invested in my hunt, right?

And I'm not strictly invested into your hunt either because I'm not there with you, you're not there with me. So like when I'm on that struggle bus. It's nice to talk to you, Tim, Tom, Billy, those guys, that way they could knock you down a peg or give you a little bit of insight.

Cause they're not really attached to that specific hunt. So I don't know, man we're really lucky, really blessed to have such a good core group of friends. And and like when we talk to Mike and text message with him, what he's got going on in New York as well, like with he and his dad and, we bounce things off of that and it's just, I don't know.

It's just, this is such a fun time of year and I'm excited to get a role in this year. Yeah, I agree. That's just the time where you could [00:43:00] go into any bar or restaurant any family gathering, and you always catch that one person that's a deer hunter. And then boom you're instantly engaged in conversation and sharing stories and ideas and tips and it's just doesn't get any better, man. This is what we live for. I'm just giddy. I'm sitting in my heart's race and thinking about it, man. I'm just fired up. This podcast just made me that much more revved up. I just been dreaming of that, of the opening morning. And like I do every year, I'm like a little kid.

It's just I don't, it's a fire that will never burn out for me. Yeah, dude, appreciate it. Those of you listening and everything, make sure to go check out Jim over at Keystone precision archery on Instagram and everything like that. And we're planning on doing a hundred or two together this year.

So be on the lookout for that. And I'm really excited for you, buddy. I can't wait to receive that message when I'll be at a little family event of that opening weekend. And hopefully I'll get a message or a call and say. I got to go. I got to drive two and a half hours to go see what you and I made a promise to if you shoot that big [00:44:00] nine or if I shoot that big eight or the big 10.

Yeah, that I you know, we're driving to each other's houses and celebrating man. That's it. That's it. Game over. Yeah. Divorced. We own. I appreciate I appreciate you. I appreciate everybody's support. Antler Up has really exploded over the last couple of years both with podcasts and different social media platforms.

Bumping into people at my 3D shoots that have listened to the better podcast listeners. They see me wearing a hat or a shirt and they just say, Oh, it's just phenomenal what it's really turned into. And kudos to you for all your hard work, dude. I'm just a little. Little tiny blip on the radar, trying to help do my part too, but seriously, it's it's been fun.

Appreciate you, man. Everybody, good luck in the woods. If you're going out this weekend and in either on the Eastern side of PA or on the Western side by Pittsburgh, best of luck. And again, out of state, if you're doing Maryland, doing Delaware, all that fun stuff and get after it, best of luck to you hit us up.

Let us know what you're seeing, what you're doing. Maybe we'll drop [00:45:00] a little quick, little 15 minute, 20 minute bangers during the week as an extra episode just to talk, to see what's going on. So hit us up for that as well. And we'll see you next week, everybody till next time. Thanks for listening to this episode of the Antler Up podcast.

We hope you enjoyed it. Please go check us out on our Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and go wild and at antlerupoutdoors. com. If you enjoyed this episode, go leave a review and subscribe for next week's episode. Until then, Antler Up.