Land and Whitetails With Arrowhead Land Company

Show Notes

This week the guys from Arrowhead Land Company (aka the title sponsor of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast) join John for an informative and fun episode about both land and deer hunting. Will Bellis and Andrew Schultz started Arrowhead Land Company with the goal of becoming the premier land company in the state of Oklahoma, and less than a year in, they are well on their way. Will and Andrew kick things off by giving a quick market update with how things are going in these crazy times, and give a few pointers that folks can use if they are looking to buy or sell land. 

After a little land talk, the guys talk about their other passion of whitetail deer hunting. Will was able to harvest a heck of a buck during Oklahomas muzzleloader season and talks about the unique way he was able to gain permission to hunt the Oklahoma monarch. After Will tells his story, Andrew answers a few questions about what it was like to come from the midwest big buck state of Illinois to Oklahoma. Andrew talks about what it was like being able to use bait and how that now plays into his hunting strategy, but also how it takes a lot more than a corn pile to kill a great buck. This is a great episode for anyone looking to be either educated or entertained!

Show Transcript