Let’s Nerd Out with Cam Derr from Exodus Outdoor Gear

Show Notes

In the latest episode of the Antler Up Podcast, host Jeremy engages in a captivating conversation with bowhunting enthusiast Cameron Derr, unveiling the crucial elements of mastering the art of bowhunting. The discussion kicks off with an exploration of the transformative impact of perfecting the shot process—revealing how accuracy and confidence become a bowhunter's greatest allies in the field. Cameron lends his experience this past season on gear selection, from climbing sticks to packs, providing a comprehensive guide to elevate the overall hunting experience. Listeners gain valuable insights into the power of shot analysis, a practice that unveils areas for improvement and ensures consistent success.

The episode delves into the intricate science of arrow flight dynamics, shedding light on its profound influence on arrow penetration and overall performance. Cameron guides bowhunters through the meticulous process of arrow material selection, emphasizing the strategic importance of prioritizing speed over weight. 

Practical tips on maintaining the structural integrity of arrow shafts add another layer of expertise, ensuring optimal performance in every hunting scenario. Cameron explores the role of arrow vanes in improving stability, providing insights on selecting the right vanes to refine hunting skills. The episode concludes with a focus on mindset mastery, as Cameron shares valuable advice on enduring challenging hunting seasons through breaks and maintaining a positive mindset. Eager anticipation surrounds the discussion of upcoming developments in arrow technology, leaving listeners enthusiastic about the future of bowhunting advancements.

Tune in to this Antler Up Podcast episode for a deep dive into bowhunting wisdom, gear insights, and arrow testing from Cameron Derr from Exodus Outdoor Gear!

 Stay tuned, stay safe, and Antler Up!

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