Matching Hunting Strategy to Habitat

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Jake Ehlinger (Habitat Solutions 360) discuss the matching hunting strategy and habitat. Jake discusses some of his latest techniques to reduce browse pressure on food plots. Jake discusses deer numbers across the country and on his own personal property and how he manages this issue. Jake details his recent successes on his property and what will make his client’s successful after they evoke a plan and strategy.

Jake defines transition areas and their significance when designing a hunting property. Jake discusses social zones and how they are important to deer movement and his top strategy to make these areas highly productive. Jake explains early, mid and late season habitat and how that relates to specific hunting strategies he employs. Jake explains when he hunts during the day for each period of the hunting season and how tactical he is in his approach to diagnosing when to hunt deer.  

Jake explains when he starts hunting morning areas and what he believes are the best strategies to harvest a buck during the rut. Jake has a humble attitude and his realistic approach to putting himself in the right areas at the correct time based on the habitat has increased his sightings. Jake and Jon discuss long-term changes that can be made and how this will increase the quality of deer property and how the enhancements have paid off on the properties they both manage and own.  Jake explains how his habitat has changed over time and how this has benefited his hunting, to include increasing the number of mature bucks on his property.

Show Transcript