Mid Summer BS Session

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This week on the Missouri Woods & Water podcast the guys sit down all together for the first time in a while to talk about all the things that have been going on with the MWW crew this summer.  From bowfishing to coyote hunting to elk trips, we kind of bounce all over in this show.  We also answer some listener questions asked to us before recording.  Thanks for listening!

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Welcome to Missouri Woods and Water podcast with your host, Nate Micah. And Andy Podcast number two for the night. Yeah, no kidding. We've been talking for, what, two hours already? Probably more three. It's podcast number one for everybody else, but we have talked for hour and a half already, just after eight 30.

It's 9 47. Yeah. Okay. We haven't even started. We have now that it's been a while since we've all been together. We've had a lot of stuff to BS about, a lot of vacations, work stuff. Yeah. Speaking of, I got a vacation. I think it's the first week in August, so I'll be gone for that. Just so you know Where you going?

Same. Do I need to put in my notice or make sure that's, I would love [00:01:00] for you to put in your notice. We're both putting in our notices. Yeah, that's what I'm going to, I was gone last week. You're gone next week? He's gone next week and you're gone the week after? After that? No, I'm gone the week after.

I'm same week. He is first week of August. Oh, got you. Like the seventh or something? I'm leaving like the seventh. Yeah. Oh no, that's second week. I'm, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I shouldn't tell everybody when we're leaving. The quality of our podcast is gonna drop dramatically then, is what you're saying. As long as we get, but you guys are gone.

Get ahead of the game. We can in the bag. We can. Which we need to. We can try. We got some busy, we got some trips coming up. We got some hunting trips. We got some family trips. We got some, yeah. All kinds of trips, all kinds of traveling. Life's a trip. Yeah. Let's do some sponsors real quick and we'll get into the show.

Okay. Weber out there. I'll start it off. Weber out there at a Hawk point. Go check him out. We're doing a Bo giveaway. We are biggest giveaway we've ever been a part of. Yes. So not much time left on it either till August 12th. No. August 12th. No. Yeah, we'll be down there though. [00:02:00] We'll be down there.

Are you gonna make it? Don't know yet. Don't know yet. I have two. We're gonna find, we're gonna find out Friday night. I have two family functions. Are we gonna go down there Friday night, the weekend of my wife's birthday. Oh, that part I didn't know either. Yeah, you didn't, you left that out. Two family functions.

Weekend of my wife's birthday and on my wife's birthday, I have to travel for work and I will not be home either, so I'm pushing. So no, are we'll go down that Friday night or are we gonna drive like super early Saturday? Whatever you wanna do, man. I don't care. We'll figure that out later when you get our banner.

I sh I should have the listener doesn't give a shit about this, but yeah, I should have the proof for it. Hopefully Monday. Oh, she, okay, cool. Sweet. Nice. Yeah. But yes, we are doing an ultimate bow hunting giveaway. About $1,200 worth of stuff. Yep. You get a bow, get a target Broadheads. Right Or left-handed.

Yeah. Thank you. You're well lefty. Rest lefties. Yeah, not much. Have you ever, basically everything you need. Yep. Except for a dead deer. [00:03:00] Yep. You're gonna have do that. That's on you. Yeah. Yeah. You're gonna have to figure that out yourself. Go to weber outfitters.com or Missouri Woods and water.com. Hit our partners link.

It'll be right there. Or go to the show notes of this show or any show we've had for the past eight weeks and there's a link to the G, the giveaway in there too. Nice. You can enter like seven times or some shit. Yeah, there's quite a bit. You can, I don't know how LA last we heard there's quite a few entries, so Yeah.

So pop in there. See the people at Weber Outfitters, Adam, Josh, all the folks there. Blaine, I'm trying to remember all the names Matt. I'm doing good. Shannon, you're doing real good. Dang. Who's the one that made the cheese potatoes? Was it Jessica? Yes. Jessica. Yeah. Jessica. Yeah. She was awesome.

They they're good folks out there, so check 'em out. Alon optics, ridiculously good optics. I'm gonna delete that so you stop saying that over and over. Ridiculously good price. Not true. Not that it's not true. No, I [00:04:00] got to put my alon to work. Yeah, you did. Yeah, me and Austin. We went out. Should we talk about, we'll talk about it.

Let's talk about it after. We'll talk about it in a minute. Cause I wanna know how this happened. Okay, that's fine. But yeah, we love our alon stuff, so I'm excited to put their binoculars and rangefinder to work here in a few weeks, whenever we go down to Colorado. So check 'em out. Yes.

They I'm literally looking, I like the Midas around, like the Midas. That one right there behind your head. That will be my next purchase. Midas Tac. Hc. The Midas tack. Like the mi. The mid. What power is that? What power is the Midas tack? I ain't gonna put it on spot. It's I think it's five by 25.

Five. See, I wanna find like a look. Four. I wanna find like a four. The Midas I don't believe comes in that, because here's my issue, bro. I've been hunting with the Argos eight by 32. I know. I know you have. But I want something that I can take in the woods with me and still, because like right now, do you listen to our show Mark Denim?

I know those last week show. We know you didn't. Oh no, I have not yet. No. We were talking about that stuff and he, we were talking about how you love the. [00:05:00] The eight power by 30 twos and 36. He's golly, that's like looking through a caprice, sun straw. Just the field of view.

He wants to see their soul. I thought that was pretty funny. Yeah. But I need something that I can, I wanna take into the woods. Cuz like right now on my six five Creedmore and I grindle, they're six by 24 if I'm not mistaken. They have a Midas at the. Three by 18. See that's what I want. That's the Aries.

See, I might just go with that one. I've got and I love that. Which I have that. I love that. That one's on my 22, 2 50 and I love that. So I might just do another one of those. Yeah. So as you can tell, there's lots of options for sure. I've got a, might have still sitting in the box. I forgot Where're on our sponsors.

I was just talking about the scopes. My bad. We were on Alon Rabbit hole. Yeah. Look him up. Find you a dealer. If not you can ask us. We can tell you. Put you the right direction. Who we like. Yep. OnX use the code Mww 20 20% off. Use what OnX is if you don't chew. Big Red Go. But I don't, I've been using ours a lot lately.

We're talking about camping some different spots here in Colorado. [00:06:00] They normally haven't, so I've been looking them up and scouting that a little bit. Yep. Yeah. And they've actually got some new stuff coming out. Dude, all kinds of stuff. Yeah. Like they've done a lot of updates and a lot of things coming down the pipeline.

I'm not sure exactly when they hit. I think Nathan's trying to find that right now. You wanna hear what? I'm I know a buddy of ours is gonna be excited about it. Oh yeah. Darryl in particular, let me guess, works on CarPlay. Gee, that's exactly what I was gonna say, is it really works on CarPlay and Android Auto coming soon.

But Apple CarPlay now available. Nice OnX, which it was before, wasn't it? I have no idea. I've never, because I had it on Amy's car. Fancy. Like I got in Amy's car one time and I was like, oh, snap. There's OnX. Oex was Check, check. Maybe it's available for all maybe, which we use it for when we're in coyote hunting.

Coyote tournaments. You have people packed in the car, you pull up on the big screen and everybody gets to get a good idea where you're going next, right? No, it's handier in hell for sure. But they got all kinds of different stuff that's coming out. I [00:07:00] can't even talk about all of it, but Does a trail cam tool currently web only mobile is coming soon.

Future of trail ca Oh my gosh. There's all kinds of cool stuff. Yeah. I gotta read all this. A lot of good stuff coming out. Make sure you check 'em out. They're constantly working on like new features, which I love. Our contact Jared at OnX is always telling us about new stuff they're doing and there's so much of it that I forget what there is. So definitely check our boys at OnX out for sure. Cammo Fire and Black Ovis. You can use the code Mww 10 for 10% at the Black Ovis site, which right now in Cammo Fire, they got a shit ton of black Ovis gear as of today anyway on sale. Oh nice. Oh, also I don't, I dunno why I'm bringing this up cuz you'll gloat about it.

But you've been pretty right about Trail Cam Tuesday for a while, dude. It's admitted. I admitted it. It is a thing right now. I think it's just like this time of year. Yeah. You're right. Time to [00:08:00] be buying them. Definitely for sure. I just put out five today. There you go. Six, something like that.

Put six out. Dang. Thanks. Huh. Okay, cool. Two different price properties, but one at one property and five at the other. Oh, okay. I've been hitting black ovis pretty hard browsing, I guess since we are going to be, so we're changing what we'll talk about a little bit later I think too. But like normally we have a pretty big base camp camper, our tents, all that stuff set up off the mountain that we drive to every day.

I think we're talking about camping a little bit closer to the elk and staying up on the trail this year. And that's gonna change how we eat, how we pack, how we do all this stuff. Looking at black ovis for up, updating some gear, getting a little lighter, a little more compact. Yep. Yeah. So check 'em out.

Hunt worth gear. Yep. Something else. We'll be taken out west whenever we go. And like I said, used it the other day whenever I was hunting. I'm sure Nathan was wearing that today when he was setting Chuck. That is correct. We love our hunt worth gear. Do they have all summer long? I've been wearing [00:09:00] it when we go in cow hunting and I'll tell you this, I wear long sleeves during the summertime when I'm out doing my trail camp stuff. For reasons. Absolutely. One of those reasons came in handy today and we'll probably talk about it at some point, but I had to walk through a lot of standing corn. Yeah. That is six foot tall and I just two foot taller than you. Yeah. Put my hand, my forearms up and walk through it.

The person I was with, Russell had short sleeve. Yeah. All cut up. His arms cut up. I'm good. I love Bet. Bet. So I. That's what I love about wearing, like my, that long sleeve poly I've got of theirs, it's lightweight and I've got it treated with promethrin, which is why I'm wearing it. Same. And then I just, I don't know, I don't get cut up.

I don't get some of the itchy crap that gets on ya. That sort of stuff. No, that's handy. I worked the other day too. So use the code Mww 15 four 15% off Alps Outdoors. Use our code 2023 Woods Water for 30 freaking percent off. [00:10:00] Dude, they're new Bino harnesses. I have not, I haven't got mine out yet. Oh, it's, yeah.

Is a badass. It's nice. So am I nice being a buying a harness guy soon? I love it, dude. I wear it a lot whenever I'm just shooting. Yeah. So it's some, it's comfortable. It's comfortable. And the way that they designed the pack, the pouch this time, it's a lot more handy for that because before the flap came up, like toward your chin.

Yeah. Now it goes away and it stays down. So Really? Yeah. It's a lot. It's magnetic. Yeah. No, it don't. It's got a, it's got, you know why it's not magnetic anymore. Mark Denim told me a little cheat. Oh, that'll mess with your, it don't mess with your compass in your phone. The magnets. If the magnet's too strong.

Yeah. So now they're going away from those, but that makes sense. Yeah. LPs Outdoors, I'm excited to use my new Elite pack in Wyoming. That's another thing that I was doing the other day. So we got our new, got those LPs pack and a buddy of mine made me a. This [00:11:00] year, this is the first year I'm gonna be carrying out west.

I never carried the gun. Yeah, I never carried a pistol before. I had a buddy of mine, actually sob holsters buddy of mine, Brent, he built me a custom holster. So no shit. Yeah, yo actually check, I mean check out his Facebook if you guys are local or whatnot. I'm sure. Where are you gonna put it?

Like on, it's gonna go on my deal. Like where I had mine. No, it's gonna actually gonna fit up front cuz I got, I told him, I was like, I want one that I can carry if I want to carry around here or something. So I want in the waistband. In the waistband. So it's in, in the waistband holster. So I'm just gonna put it on that front front part of the belt.

So have you tried that yet? Yeah. Work good? Yeah. Works real good. Might have to call him. Yeah. For my firearm. Yeah. Because mine the pack I wore last year, which is gonna be different than elite. I need to just do some testing. It wouldn't fit where I normally would put it. Same. I can put it there, but you can't get to it easily, right?

Yeah. Yeah. Because that strap comes around, so I put it on the front part, it works. Scrape check 'em out. Sob holsters. I'll have to get his info from you for [00:12:00] sure, man. Reveal cams reveal by tact cam. I set five of those out today. Literally the, I've said it a million times. Dude, it's so easy.

So freaking simple. Easier than any camera I've used. That's not a cell cam two, I love it. Yeah, I'd say that's, and I set up one with a solar cam. I did a, actually, I did a video on it that I'll post tomorrow. Are those solars, are they like, I don't know what you call it, but can you put 'em in the woods or do they need to have direct number?

So I don't know that answer. And I know there is something about an ambient light one at some point. I don't know what these are. Okay. But I set mine up to where it'll get a little bit of sun. But what you do is you charge the solar panel first. Yeah. Then you take it out there. It'll use all the solar panel juice before it uses the battery in the camera.

Okay. I put mine on the camera stake. It's easy, like they've got, they make this little attachment for the camera stake for the solar panel. It comes with, it screws right on there, and then you screw the solar panel on [00:13:00] there. And then I just cinch the, they give you even a thing that helps, clean up the cords.

A little Velcro deal. And I just Velcro it around the po the post and done, it took me longer to record the video that I'm gonna post on our Instagram maybe cuz I sound like an idiot. But then it did setting it up. But the cameras themselves, like I said, I've said it before, I'll set 'em up at home, I'll get the service on 'em.

Which takes just a few seconds, a few minutes. And it gets set up and then I'll turn it off and then I turn it back on when we get out there, set it and walk away from it. Yep. And about four, it takes about four minutes to set one up maybe for it to do the talking back and forth. Everything I'm talking about everything.

Four minutes you can have total on the tree. Oh yeah, definitely. Yeah. Total time. Simple. Yeah. Yeah. They're awesome. They're small, they're not huge. And the antenna up is the largest part, but you can tuck that back when you're, it's, I thinks nice. Part of the cool part is the lithium battery packs too.

Yeah. Able to swap those out. That was a [00:14:00] good. Good purchase for us to be able to interchange those. Save batteries. Yeah. Which take 12 Double 'em. They take 12 double A's. You spend a little money on those Lithium batting lithium pad. I wanna say they're like 30 bucks.

Jesus Christ. Get 30 bucks or something like that. 30 something bucks and then just get one two extra. Get extra. Yeah. And then you can charge 'em up and you can swap 'em in and out. You'd spend that on two packs of batteries. Oh yeah. Pretty easily. Yeah. Those so pretty sweet. So check out reveal cams.

They've got some awesome updates coming with the app and I think we're gonna be recording a show with them very soon. Yep. Hopefully within the next two shows we'll be a show about trail cam strategy with somebody at Reveal that we know. Nice. That'd be a good one. Habitat Works. Check him out.

Facebook pays. Speaking of upcoming shows, right? One of the other two shows in a few weeks hopefully is with Dustin. Yep. We need to get ahold of him and get that figured out. But give him a call. 8 1 6 7 5 2 73 90 Summer fire is gonna be something we're gonna be talking about with him. I'm real curious about that.

Be honest. [00:15:00] Fire in the summertime. Yeah. I just don't know how you'd get it to burn if it's green. It's kind. That's what I'm, so that's under understory. The, what does he say? Fuel load. Okay. There's a lot of it cuz we're 10 inches short of our average 10 year average. Yeah, you are. We did get a lot of rain the last week though.

It's Yeah. Last, our rain gauge only said two inches though. Yeah. But just been sitting there. Yeah, sitting there drying up too. That's true. I don't know. We probably got, I don't know, four or five inches normally. So we were just talking about this earlier today. Normally I looked at my house like 28 inches is like normal for this time in a 10 year average.

18.8. Yeah. So literally almost 10 inches. If you look at, all you gotta do is look at all the area ponds. Yeah. My pond's six foot low. Yeah. Maybe 5, 5, 6 foot, somewhere in there. Yeah. It's pretty. Yeah. I mean it's still pretty dry. I've got, it's been so dry so long that where is usually underwater in my pond is now all grass.

Yeah. Grass is growing where it should be underwater. Cuz it's been dry for basically two years,[00:16:00] in the summertime. So good luck to you farmers that. But dude, that rain that we got the other day, it saved my, it helped like it saved my corn. Yeah. I went out there a week before we got all the rain and I had a quarter if that tasseling, so it's still not gonna be great.

But for what I'm using it for, it's gonna be fine. And then we got that rain went out there, everything was tussled up, so Yep. It's, it turned it for me and now next week it's gonna be devil's asshole hot again. Oh yeah. That's part of it. I was out of town and the week I'm outta town's gorgeous weather here and I come home and.

The devil. The devil is literally gonna put his asshole on All of us. Drink lots of water. Watch for wa.

All right, that's the sponsors. Yeah, let's get it. Who we can talk about first. Oh, we got, we, we got, we've had a lot go on for our group. Us three and then I guess our group two. I don't know where to start. We've been doing a lot of weird shit. Doing a lot of bow fish, [00:17:00] lot of boat. Me and Andy have, me and Andy been doing a lot.

I would, one time, me and Mike started bow fishing this year. Yeah. You know what I wanna say? I don't know if he listens to us, but it's Darryl's fault. He I swear he's Hey, you know what? We're gonna go tonight. I know Nate can't go, so we're gonna mess with him. That's what he's doing. So I'm calling you at this point, I'm calling I you out, Darryl.

At this point, I think he is doing it for fun, just to get you just to jack with you. Then the other night you're like, I can do it, but I can't leave until nine 30. And I'm like no, we don't wait for people. And I didn't, I told him, I was like, I sent 'em on. I sent 'em on their way. Nope, go ahead, just go.

Go ahead. Which by the time I mess with the bow and everything else, we probably good enough. Yeah. No, we were down there by 10. We were on the water by 10. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I couldn't have made it, but So it was good that night. True. Yeah. It wasn't like just gangbusters, but we seen a decent amount of fish.

It stirred out pretty muddy, but it wasn't, I know. Wasn't terrible. It was a mediocre day. Yeah. So [00:18:00] basically what has happened to bring it to our listeners? Yeah. Let's circle back. Wraparound YouTube wraparound. When did the start have jumped? May should. We started around May. Yeah.

Yeah. So we started around May. It's all started last year a little bit. Yeah. The end of May. Me and you. Me and Nathan went last year one time with Darryl and so I've been twice. Yeah, it was a blast. We had a good time. And then Darryl, he asked if we wanted to go this year and I didn't get to go last year.

Yeah, Nathan hasn't been, he's been able to go once, but like me and Andy, just the way it worked out, we've been able to go quite a bit. And Darryl's thing is, he is I wanna find the time of year when it's, The spawn. The spawn. The Buffalo spa. And we're not gonna tell you when it is, but Right.

You're gonna figure that out on your own. But I ain't telling you shit, but we've figured it out a little bit, we think. And there was a few trips where we just got on 'em, dude. Like we, 63 in the boat was our record this year. Yeah. And if we would've got everything in the boat, it would've been a hundred plus.

We got shot, we shot everything we shot a hundred times. Yeah. It's ridiculous how many times you shoot at 'em, [00:19:00] but we've had just a hell of a time doing it. So much so that Andy bought a boat like Andy goes bow fishing at three times. I guys, I think we should buy a boat.

Andy went after the second time I started looking at boats. I'm like, stop sending me pictures of boats. He's just write the check. Just write the check. I just remember the first time we went out there, the first time we went down to the Ozarks. First time I've ever been to the Ozarks, and I've always wanted to get Gar.

And I'm not a lake guy. Like preface this with people like. I probably in the lake of Ozarks four times in my life right now. It's double that. Oh God. But anyway, so like we go down there and if you know anything about bow fishing, you're gonna miss a lot. I finally shoot a pretty nice guard.

Andy Frees out. He was so stoked about it. And I'm just thinking there, I was like, calm down bud. Like it's still early in the night. We'll get another one, but he just. Andy's like totally to shot at four or five already. Yeah. And we just whiffed 'em all and I didn't know how it was supposed to work.

And then Micah shoots, I'm like, oh yeah. Like I was, [00:20:00] I remember I was pumped, man. Just pokes. So it, it bit Andy hard. So much so that he bought a boat. Literally bought a boat. Yeah. Now nothing has happened. We still got a lot of work to do. The boat it's not like a nice boat. It's a decent, it's not, yeah, it's a fishing.

You can't talk about your baby. You gotta talk about it. Nice. It's a good starter boat I think. And we gotta get a, so we gotta get a deck done for it. And some lights I ideas we have not done yet. Yeah. Like I said, we've all been busy doing other stuff and it's hard to work on the boat.

When did you get those phone calls done? Whenever people, one of them. You got like the idea of what you're gonna do? No. The initial contact has been made. But he was on vacation though, so way. Oh yeah. And then I got busy and didn't get back him. Yeah. But we got a lot of things we wanna do to it, but it's kinda hard to work on a boat whenever your buddy Darryl's Hey, you guys just wanna go fishing at my boat?

We're like, yeah. So here's the nice thing about it. We'll go. Here's the nice thing about buying a boat. I will say, and I don't disagree with the Nate connection to go there, there's that. [00:21:00] But like you were saying, you don't, you feel bad sometimes, like when your buddy's asking you to go and you're like, can I bring my son?

Or can I bring a buddy? When you got your own boat, you can say, Hey, let's take the, Caden and Brinley out tonight. Or, if we wanna take the kids one night we can. That sort of stuff is nice. That's the plan. Plan. You can, and you can set your own pri like your time and stuff.

Cause there's obviously lakes around here that we could go to. We've been doing a lot down south Dar so we've been getting in a truck to drive us is because I guess it's better water so low, right? That you can't really go to the area lakes that we've got some of 'em. But so you're driving at least an hour and a half.

Yeah. An hour and a half just to get on the water. So it's a little hard for kids to do. No, but we're stoked about it, man. Let's talk about bow fishing though. I, there's some of our listeners probably have no idea about it, what's fun about it for you guys And for me, if I ever got to freaking go, it's just a combination of one, you're on the lake and there is at nighttime at night.

So it's not hotter and shit. It's not hot and shit. Nobody's out there. There's almost no one out there. Like nobody. So it's peaceful, So it's a [00:22:00] combination of this peaceful and chaos. Yeah. Because no one's out there. You got the music just in the background, just floating around, talking to your buddies, talking to your buddies, hanging out on a boat.

That's just fun right there. Boats and bros. But then all of a sudden you see like you start shooting at fish and it's just like chaos and shoot. Like you start seeing them and shit just gets western. You get pissy cuz you ain't hitting nothing and that happens. Then you get outta the boat cuz you shot a tree.

Yeah. That happens. Then you figure it out, which you like. Which ends up breaking my bow. Yeah, you did. You broke your boat twice. Three times. Just once. Just once. The bow I, yeah. The bow itself? No, the real seat actually technically. I don't know what you guys talk about Mount, that thing you gave me earlier.

Yeah. That's the real thing. Snapped in half. Yeah. But don't buy cheapo Amazon. Shit. That's what you get. Yeah. Sometimes, but yeah it's just, it's it's almost constant adrenaline. Yeah. It's it feeds the adrenaline that Pilote hunting does for us, but it's [00:23:00] like almost constantly.

That's what, yeah. Instead of once a stand there's a couple nights that like we had, it's slow going, got slow. Like me and Darryl went out and we hit the river, and then we hit another local lake and It was just nice, calm, slow the whole time, but you didn't have a lot of long, and luckily enough, Darryl knows enough about a lot of these areas where he is we ain't gonna hit nothing along this bank, so we're just gonna go pass it.

We'll go to another. That dude is he knows boat, captain master. He really is steering the boat knowing, like looking at a fucking, or looking at a map and figuring out where to go. Yeah. But it was just slow trickle of, Oh, there's one Oh, a few minutes later. Oh, there's one. So it's just a lot of fun, man.

It's a, yeah, it's another activity you can do at night. Like night kids are asleep. Yeah, like night hunting with coyotes, it's another thing that we, it's very similar to them wanting coyotes we can do and not like, feel guilty that we're leaving our families because they're in bed. Like they don't Now you guys had a night where you laid your heads on your pillows at four or four 30 in the [00:24:00] morning?

Four. Have few nights. That's basically every time I've went. I have not, yeah. Makes for a hard day at work. The next day. The earliest I've been back home, if I go bow fishing has been three 30 in the morning. Yeah, I think so. That's about right. Yeah. Usually is about four. The latest has been five. Yeah.

That, that makes for a rough day the next day. Yeah. But it's fun as shit. I took a picture of the sunrise. It's oh, get 17 minutes of sleep and you gotta make sure you got a little bit of free time in the morning to Yeah. Get your stuff together. Yeah. Because you know the wife ain't gonna give you a break.

No. Your dumb ass decided to go do this. Yeah. You put your big boy pants on, you deal with it. This is your fault. You a big man. You a big man wear a belt. You put your big boy pants on today. Yeah. Stops yelling at me. It was fun. I I guess first I bought a bow cause I'm left-handed.

Yeah. So you want, we want Darryl And you made it work like you killed fish. It was Right. But it probably wasn't comfortable for you. It was, yeah. No it wasn't. You're constantly worried about smacking your shit outta your arm and everything else. And like you said, made it work. Shot a few fish.

I think then we went the second time. The second time is when I was like, all I'm [00:25:00] like, I wanna do this. I've decided this is, it's not gonna be a one, two and done. This is something I wanna get into. So I started looking at Bose, talking to Darryl about a Vader. Which I, it's a good boat.

I am happy with my decision, right? I, I don't know much about other brands, so I'm not gonna say, what's that one that everybody talks about? The Oneida. Oneida they're supposed to be like top of line, right? But those things are freaking expensive. They're grand. Grand, yeah. Cheap for the cheap ones, I think.

And mine's half price. And I feel like, I don't know what that boat's gonna do. Mine doesn't. I don't know. I bought a bow. You can even do it cheaper than that. Like I got, I don't even know what the bow I got is a PSE or something like that. It's, I've killed plenty of fish with it.

I was at Shields the other day and you can tune down older compounds of yours. There's m for 200 bucks. Yes. Yeah. A lot of people use used, I've got an old reflex bow Yeah. That I haven't sold that I could probably tune down to 40 pounds and it would be, I was about, say you wanna get into that 35 to 50 range, somewhere in between there.

You don't wanna too much. Yeah. Which we had that problem on the, when we were on the LA on the river, like I was [00:26:00] blowing through Gar. Cuz they're small man. They're like a size of a freaking Costco hotdog. They're not very big. What's Costco? What Costco? Hot dog. You never had a, that's what you chose to use as a Yeah, so Costco hotdog.

I didn't say wiener.

But no, they're small. But anyway, so I was blowing through 'em and it's a pain in the butt getting back through there. You gotta either untie it and then tie it up again. It's a pain in the butt, so you don't want too much power. So you're Oh, you're shooting pass throughs. Yeah, pass throughs. Gotcha.

Complete pass throughs on them. That would be a suck. Yeah, it was a pain in the butt. We had to cut the fish over a few times. Move. Yeah. It sucked. Yeah, it's been fun. Ozarks Truman just floating around there. Smithville a couple times. So now we've officially, like our entire year has as now been, we've filled up, we've filled up with something.

Yeah. We, not only that hunt, I mean we had hunt on here. Hunt, yeah. Coyotes. And now we bow fish. They've been summertime coyote hunting too. Did that the [00:27:00] other day. I don't sleep a lot. People wonder why I'm grumpy in the mornings. I got three hours of sleep. Yeah. Pardon? And I don't regret it.

Nope. You know what, like I, that's what I told Kate, like I don't. She's you just don't get enough sleep. You don't, you don't sleep enough sleeping. You're dead. You need more rest. I was like, if I rest, if I do that, I miss all these experiences I'm having. Do I want more sleep? Sure. But I'm not willing to miss out on all this fun stuff there is fomo, man. Fomo. Fomo. Exactly. You could be like me and not sleeping, still not do this shit. So I've both hunted or both fished one time this summer, right? Yeah. And I've Kyle hunted exactly zero types this summer, so I'm really hitting it out the park.

Quite the outdoors man. Really well. Keeping the podcast alive, but can't do anything outside. We appreciate you. I'm gonna end up just being like, the guy that wears a suit to the freaking podcast or whatnot and just be like, Hey. I don't know shit about hunting cause I ain't done it in 10 years.

You can just start interviewing us C Dub. Just keep writing a check. Keep writing a check. Check writer C Dub. [00:28:00] We'll be Conquerable. You get that show done and then you write check creator for We're gonna be out here hunting and having fun. Yep. Pretty much. But you went co coyote hunting couple, yeah.

Days ago. So a week or so? Yeah, a week or so ago. I've been getting a crap ton of pictures of coyotes on my hunting property. And so I just messaged, Andy and Austin. I was like, dude, let's go see if we can take care of these things. They, I haven't noticed. I noticed like when they're around, obviously you don't get as many pictures of deer, so I was like, let's just see if we can get one done.

And Andy couldn't do it. But Austin, he's off work right now. He's trying to finish up his house and he's dude, man, let's go pick a morning. So we found a morning, I think it was a Wednesday morning, went out there and we went to my spot and it was nothing. He said, of course, didn't get crap. But I was like, dude, I had to be at work at eight.

I was like, we got enough time. We can, I got another spot behind my house that's pretty close. I was like, no shit. Yeah, no spot. Yeah. So I was like, dude, if you want, we can run back there. And he's I'm [00:29:00] down. So we went up there and it was perfect. It was just like, and I told him it was the same spot you sat with us one time.

And I was like, I told him, I was like, if they're gonna come, same spot he sat one time. You never, you, we haven't sat right there. You're, yeah. It been eight year or so ago. Yeah, it was last summer. Yeah, last summer. Sat there and d There was two in the field when we were west. The property line? No, it'd been the south.

It's the south property line. So you came in from the other way. The other way. Yeah. But anyway, so we get up there and lay up and I told 'em, I was like, a lot of times there's an old barn on the neighbor's property. I'm pretty sure they did up in there. We've kicked them out there before. Yep. And I was like, that's probably where they're gonna come from.

This property hasn't been mowed, but it's got cows on it and they've eaten it down fairly good. It's not perfect. I was like, this is the way they're gonna come, or that's the way I thought they were gonna come and we set up and I don't know, he might have been two minutes into the first call.

First one comes up and I, he's a. 20 yards, 10 yards away from me, [00:30:00] something like that. I'm like, Hey, right there. And I'm lined up on her and she's bouncing. Grass is tall and she gets to where she stopped and I do not have a shot at her, just grass. And so Austin, thankfully he was right there.

He had a different angle. Popped her, dropped her. I was like, sweet. He's dude, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take your kill. I'm like, dude, I'm like no, that's fine. That's what we're here for. We're here to kill him. And luckily enough, he just kept the call rolling, switched to something else.

He actually, no, it baffled us. He switched to a fight. Some type of fight. It was an mfk sound. I don't remember exactly which one, but probably another five minutes. Another one came in, same deal, came in and I was able to get that one down. Nice. So it worked out perfect. We were in and outta there in less than 16 minutes.

Got two down where you shoot. 22. Two 50. There you go. Yeah. A and he was shooting his six millimeter, so both running athlons. So it was great. It was good. Perfect hunt. It's what you want to happen in and out real quick. They were both last year's [00:31:00] pups, which I thought was odd cuz usually like I.

There's coyotes there. They're on the smaller side. Yeah, they were small. They're in a weird phase cuz right now pups are still pretty dang small. We thought we were like, when we first got up to 'em, we were like, oh, it's pups this year's pups. And then we got, they're too big. Yeah. Then we got thing, we're like, they still got, they got grown teeth, like they don't have puppy teeth or nothing like that.

And they came into a fight, which we thought was odd. So we kinda looked at 'em. We were like, okay, probably last year's pups, they were still small, like 20 pounds, they could be like satellite females now. One of males that are in it was one female and one male. So they're young animals in a hierarchy.

Probably. Probably. And they're, they were probably protecting pups that are still. Maybe because pups haven't been, family breakup because I know for a fact there's other coyotes around there, like full size one that's still kinda happened like September, right? Family breakups. Yeah, sometime around there.

Yeah. Family breakup will start somewhere around there once the, yeah. Pups really are self-sufficient [00:32:00] basically. So they still are pretty protective of them, I would guess. I don't know, but it was great though. I'd say they've calmed down some. Yeah. I'm sure. We went this morning trying to get Austin's dog tate on something and.

We gotta go one group to Hal at us. But they would not break that line of sight. They just would not come all the way in so we could get Tate on 'em. So yeah. See ne they never howled or nothing like that on us either. Yeah. They just came right in, which they were probably submissive dogs. And so I'm glad we didn't have Tate with us, cuz I think he would've just ran 'em off.

They were small. Yeah. And Austin was thinking the same thing cuz he asked, he's do you want me to bring Tate? And I was like, I really wanna see Tate work. But I also really, cuz the main purpose, you weren't killed. The main purpose was to get the ones at my hunting property, but it just didn't work out.

So I don't know. I was like, I really just wanna get 'em dead if they do come out. But they never came out there. Of course not. That's not how it works. Of course. And I got pictures of 'em today, so let's go hunt 'em. We need to go try again. No I'm sure it'll be you and [00:33:00] someone else.

I'll be busy probably. You wanna do it today? No, I'm I'm working. Sorry. Be left. Busy. I don't know if that's possible. Don't have 19 kids in 75 different sports. I, that's not even ha, most of it. It's part of it. It's a majority of it. Why you can't do most of the stuff we do Damn athletic kids.

Yeah. It's jobs and stuff. If I didn't have my full-time job, it'd be great. Retired. If I could just like work in the outdoor industry full-time, that'd be cool. Yeah, just make that happen. We could do that. Make that happen. All right. We'll see what we can do then. Get me a job. Yeah, give me a job for sure.

Be all right. Anything else going on? You guys are getting ready for Wyoming Western hunting. I forgot about that. Our whole western group is changing a little bit this year. This year's a little different. Yep. It's gonna be weird. It's gonna be weird. Your guys' daddy is leaving. Sorry. I could say stuff weird.

I'm pretty sure my dad's going on the trip. I made it weird. [00:34:00] Made it weird. Roger's gone. Me and Russell as we've said, I think on the show. Yeah. Drew a Wyoming general tag, badass tag. Luckily somehow still baffled at it. So we are not going to Colorado. We drew our Colorado tag as a group also. And Russell and I turned the tag in just because I can't take the entire month of September off. Unfortunately I could, but I would not come, not I would come back not to a job. So there's that. Probably not a wife. I'm probably gonna get in trouble for taking two weeks off. Yeah. But so you guys are going to Colorado.

End of August. Same old. Yep. Yeah. We're not changing the thing. Other than where our style of hunting is gonna be a little different. We are, yeah. So we, we go out for opening weekend of archery. Have that. This is my like 11th year. 10th, 11th year going. This will be my 10th year going.

Should have had you bring that image. My fifth get it set up. Yeah. I need to do that. This is my fourth or fifth. You really do still have that. Yeah. [00:35:00] This will be my 10th year going and surprised. I would say for the last seven years we've been going opening weekend. Yeah, on, on this. Like same spot, same everything.

Yeah. We don't kill shit, it's a good time. Stuff, we always have fun. Dude, I've been, I'm in the elk. But see you say that year though, you say that right? We, the last few years, shitty hunter. There have been two mule deer and two elk killed in the last four years. Yeah. So it's not like we don't kill stuff.

We killed. Yeah. Our group's killed stuff, but and I'll be honest with you, if I've killed the elk I've shot at, I'd be doing real well. Yeah. If my aunt had balls, she'd be Michael. Somebody will get something this year. I got high hopes. Yeah. That's having dreams. That surprises me. I like it. I'm so ocd.

I can't believe that. I forgot that you had the enrage. Yeah. It's bothering you. Cause it bo it bothers my ocd. Shut up about it. It bothers my OCD that I forgot about it. Forgetting about it. That's weird. I don't know why. Talk about a double entendre there. I don't know why we're even talking about it, but we're gonna try [00:36:00] something a little different this year cuz.

In years past, we found a couple places we like to hunt. And if you drive from our normal camp, it's a pretty good haul. It's two hours on a quad almost. Yeah. It's badass. So I think we're gonna cut the distance. Yeah, we're gonna stay up on the mountain. I'm attempt to, I'm almost jealous just because I don't get, to do that with you guys and I've been wanting to also, but I'm okay with why I'm not So you guys actually will be back by the time me and Russell leave, right?

We're leaving September 8th or ninth, and that's when I'm gonna kill Baraka. Baraka. If you kill him, then you will be illegal. Once it's season. Okay. Yeah. But the next week is when? Yeah. So we're leaving after you guys get back. And going to Wyoming, we're gonna meet up with a our buddy of Chad.

So you guys figured out that's where you're going? Yeah, most of it. We'll probably have another call with him, but he's definitely helping us point us in the right directions cause we can't go out and scout. So he's [00:37:00] pointing us the right directions. I think we might even meet up with him when we get there.

And he might get us, where do we need to go? That sort of stuff. Cuz yours, you're gonna be strictly outta your pack. Yeah, we're gonna be, we're no quad nothing. Y'all are gonna be hiking in and staying in. Yep. It's the plan at least. Yeah. But what's cool about where we're at half a day's hike, you can be back somewhere.

Like if something goes wrong, we kill an elk, we can get down off the mountain tens pretty quickly. And get into town, find a, we've, he got us in contact with a meat locker. Oh yeah. That's in the town close to there that we can, if one of us kills one, we can get it there.

Probably have it processed while we're back hunting if we wanted to. Yeah. That sort of stuff. And so excited about it. I've really, it's renewed my excitement for elk hunting cuz last year, as you guys know, I didn't have a good year. And you had a really, I was a little, I was a little bit like [00:38:00] defeated last year pretty quickly.

Not that I was being negative or nothing during, it's just, I'm like, man, I just can't, I can't find elk. And then I'm also just, I almost don't care that I'm not finding them just like it is. This sucks and it is what it is. Yeah. So it's definitely renewed my excitement. Fresh ground man. I get it. Yeah.

And it's just the odds out adventure up there. Yeah. Yeah. The odds up there are a lot better and it's what I've wanted. We've wanted to do that. We've wanted to pack in and stay in. Sleep up on the mountain, sleep with the elk. Yep. That sort of stuff. And the grizz and grizzlies.

Yeah. There ain't no grizzlies where we're going thankfully. No, there's grizzlies in that state. So they could be there. There's grizzlies in that state. Sure, that's true. They don't know. They don't know county lines. Yeah they'd have to travel a long way to get to where we're going, but I'm pretty sure they're there.

They're not. We've confirmed. We've confirmed. What about wolves? I don't know man. Don't talk me about that. Asks, you need to figure out about wolves. Maybe you can get you a tag or something. I don't know how that works. [00:39:00] I pretty sure you can get it tagged pretty easily for a wolf, can't you? Pretty sure those places.

Yeah. So I would definitely buy one of those if you can, just in case. How badass would that be? Jesus. Bow with a bow though. If I found a wolf with a bow, I'm in trouble. That's not a good thing because Yeah, they're not by themselves. They're not by themselves. Yeah, you shoot the alpha, they all go away. I would shit myself.

You kill the alpha, they all go away. I don't know how that, how would you know which one the alpha is? Excuse me? Are you in charge? Hey motherfucker. The alpha, the one that's calling all the shots. Yeah, he's gonna be up on top of the ridge somewhere, giving the Oh ho. All the other one. He's, and he's pointing, he's like pointing like right there.

Fla. You go there, flank him. Be, I don't think it's something worse. I'm just saying, I think if you killed one, I think they would all run away. Okay. Wolves don't scare me at all. Like in the least, I don't know. Can't, I can't wait till he gets melled by a wolf. What happened to Micah? He wasn't a wolf attack.

The dude wasn't scared enough of a wolf. That's what happened. He didn't shoot the alpha. [00:40:00] He went after them beta bitches and just got. Eat up. No cougars though. Cougars. That's, I'll be honest. They'll You alive most nervous. Yeah, those do man. Those ones scare me. That's Yeah, I will. Hey, if you just shoot the alpha, it'll be fine.

I will crawls. They are all alphas when it comes to the cougars. They're all alphas. And that's what worries me the most about Wyoming is I can't outrun Russell. No. Screwed. Screwed. I'm done. It don't matter if you don't have a pack on. And he does, he's still outrunning. He would like just jump up.

He'd just scurry up a tree. I think you could shoot one of his legs and you'd still be fine. He'd still be running. Yeah, no kidding. Yeah. But that, that's why I got a pistol this year, just because I was like, you know what, Nathan always carried a pistol. I was never worried about it, and I'm really not worried about it either.

I'm like, I'm gonna buy you a pistol. We're staying up on the mountain this year. Brandon had that last year happened to him. Yeah, Brandon had the close encounter with the big [00:41:00] boar and I was like, you know what, it's probably just smart just to carry. It's just that little, like I feel it little better right now.

Yeah. With this on me. Yeah. Brandon had a big bear. Eight steps. Yeah. It didn't give a shit that he was there. No, it and it just irritated. Brandon even stood up and Brandon's a big person, right? I mean he's what, all of six three? Probably. Yeah. He's, yeah, he's about my height. Six two. Six two. And he stands up and this board just what's up bitch?

And he put on that married weight already. So got him more of them cheese. It's, and it did not go, I mean it was just like, and that was like the one year none of us bought bear tags. Yeah. Normally we all have bear tags. I'll probably buy one this year. I'm probably going to, we need to, they're cheap.

Hay bear. That's our, that should be our logo. When you get a shirt. Shirt. Hey Bear. Hey Bear. Hey Bear. You used to have 'em on the old dead right shirts. Yeah. Remember that? That's right. That's right. My name still have one of those old shirts. Amy wears that shirt all the time now. It's one of her sleeping shirts.

That's what she does. She takes my shirts and turns. So does my wife. Yeah, it is what it [00:42:00] is. Yeah, that's fine. What else do we have going on? Have we covered everything that we've been doing? What's going That's New Deer Woods. I've been oh, deer Woods. I've been shooting, nah, definitely a few times a week.

I'll get out there. Shoot shoot, shoot. I miss my baby. I know you do. I miss my sight. I went to a three pin slider and after shooting it a handful of times, I already, I can't believe you don't like it. I've already taken one pin out, so now it's just two pins. Oh geez. So now I'm thinking, I'm like, I don't even that second pin there.

I like, I can't believe you don't like that. I don't, man, it just, I don't like it. Like when I'm at 60 yards now that I took, cuz I took, so obviously you got a 20, 30, 40, right? I took the 30 out. So I got a 2040. I can shoot the gap on those if I'm shooting for 30 Anyways, the 20 and 30 is not that big of a difference.

So I took the 30 out and that opened up my sight housing quite a bit. But like at 60 yards, you, I just [00:43:00] don't see how you guys are shooting five pins or four pins or three pins or whatever. It's just too many. I don't like it, man. I don't like that much stuff in my sight picture, so he's gonna be going back to a trophy ridge, single pin react soon maybe.

I don't know. I've got it shooting good now. I figured it out and shot it enough. I'm pretty comfortable with it, but I'm definitely, I wish I just would've got another Yeah. React one. But there's a lot of things I would've done differently when we got our new bows. Like I am resiting in or resetting up my assassin.

I could have just left the damn assassin alone. I know. I don't know why you dicked with it. I, we have talked about it. I understand that. Okay. I agree with you. Yeah. But I didn't, I took the sight off of it. Cause at the time I wasn't going to do it. And then I just got to thinking, I'm like, man, I'm gonna be like up in, in Wyoming and my bow breaks and I'm just, it's done.

I just lost my chance. So I'm gonna set the assassin back up. Now I have to cite [00:44:00] in two new Bowes because it's got a new site on it. I ordered the exact same site that I had before, which is a black gold pro custom. It's the exact same site and it's going on the assassin, which is getting rung at the moment, and it's gonna get reset up.

And I'm gonna have two running so that if something happens, it happens. I will say though, that era's been really nice, just I draw back and it is deadass. Yeah, almost, I almost didn't even have to look at the But level anymore, it's just right on there. And I've never had that really with a bow where it's been just, there it is.

I'm loving my omnia. Just the back wall and it just it's a good shooting bow for sure. And I'm very excited that I went down to 65 pounds pussy. Yep. Because I, I pulled that thing back 75 plus times the other day and really never got tired. Yeah. Now, could I bump up to 70 [00:45:00] now that I've pulled it back a lot?

Probably. But what am I gaining five feet per second? I'm already shooting slow anyway. And we are talking to our, one of our bow guys that we've had all of our bows worked on for years, and he's, that's what he said. He's five pounds isn't gonna do anything. It's going to give you a few feet per second.

It's not, it's what you're, it's not comfortable doing. Yeah. Excited. You're throwing darts. I'm over here throwing spears. You. That's exactly right. I did a show with Dan, Johnson last week. I was on his hunting gear podcast and like his setup and mine are so opposite. So he shoots a 30 inch draw with a 524 grand arrow.

I'm shooting how many grains? 5 24. Okay. I'm shooting a 27 inch draw and my arrows weigh four 16. That's a hundred grain difference and he's probably still faster than me because of that draw length difference. Yeah. I say draw weight, I'm mean draw length. That draw link difference. Just that make a difference.

[00:46:00] Sure. People always have to complain, don't you? It's a big, it's a big, whether it's pisses me off, whether it's how fast your bow is or how tall that shelf is, you're just getting screwed all the way around. Stop putting it on the top shelf. But what about you and I got a new hunting property a little bit.

Yeah. Yeah. We don't, right now it looks really good, but, we kinda looks okay. Looks all right. I'm trying to temper my expectations this year. There's, which has been, we've been, I've been doing good with it. Yeah, he's a good deer. There's good deer on there. There's a few of them he got named, yeah.

Baraka. But it's a new property, so we're gonna be learning a lot about it. Yeah, I'm sure. Which you're kinda, it's upset me that I haven't got one yet, but you went off and bought yourself a saddle. Yeah, it's, I, all I have is the saddle and the platform currently. So I need to get sticks and a pack for it. Cuz why do you have to have the pack? I don't know. I don't know if I need it or not. This is new for me,[00:47:00] cause all you gotta do is I really need to get with our, I need to get with our buddy Ethan and play with, have him show me the ropes and pun, pun intended, essentially.

Yeah. But I went, I got a trophy line saddle. And you're gonna get one too. I was gonna go with tethered. Yeah. We just need to get it set up and mess with them. Honestly, I'm, I'll probably do a lot of ground hunting this year too. You gonna get a saddle this year? I try one.

I don't know. I'm not like overly excited, but I try. Of course you didn't get, you've never been in one, right? I've never sat in one, no. Yeah, so that I get why you were like, eh, I don't know. But once you're sitting one, you're gonna be like, oh, this makes sense. I would want one for the mobility of it.

There's de definitely bro kind of my property. I have some places I'd like to get into that I don't have real good way to. Set stands, fill that coaster. See how heavy that is? Oh, yeah. That's like a saddle, right? You're not, you're carrying next to nothing anymore, right? You're wearing it and you're wearing it now.

Dan Johnson brought up a good point about that, though. [00:48:00] If you're one of those guys that like sweats, then you get sweaty. If you wear everything in, you get sweaty on the way in, and then you gotta take the saddle off and, shed, so you gotta plan a little better because your saddle is on top of your clothes.

But I'm like, all right, that, that is what it is. You can figure that out. But I'm excited to try it, no doubt. And I'm gonna probably I think I might buy a ghost blind. Have you guys seen those? Or heard of those before? Yeah. Oh yeah. I might buy one and cuz I wanna, I really wanna hunt off the ground a lot too, and that property is gonna gimme a chance to, and.

I think a ghost blind would be a decent idea to try out, especially in the woods, cuz then you can be outta the sun and yeah. Shape little know, kinda use that. I might try one, I don't know, they're big when you carry 'em. Kinda a little cumbersome, if I'm not carrying a stand at the same time, oh I'm God's my pack and that it won't hurt anything, probably be worth it.

So yeah. Lots of shit going on man. And we also got listener questions. Oh yeah. Oh [00:49:00] yeah. That you you asked for 'em. I you asked for 'em Micah. I did ask for 'em. So we basically said, ask us anything and you will we'll talk about it. So watch your got, we're gonna start with, I'll go back all the way to the front.

First one, we'll let, we'll start with the first person, which is Tuttle Lu Tulo. Can we chat about rope scapes, scrapes? Sure, we can. Thinking about trying one at. Me and Russell literally talked about it today. I did one la I did 'em the last year. I did two. I used crappy rope that did not get the right kind, but and I got some cheap ass, stuff to squirt on them or whatever. It was all got at Walmart for less than 15 bucks. And I, they still used it. They still scraped it. It wasn't like some of those videos and stuff you saw. But I had some decent deer using them. Not regularly, but regularly.

They worked. I'd like to learn more about 'em [00:50:00] and, get the right stuff. Is there a certain type of rope you're supposed to use? Organic hemp, I think, or something like that. Learn something new every day. Yeah. And then, get you some high quality scent or whatever. And I did not have that.

What would be one that would be high quality you think? What's that one that always got kinks Gold? No, I've heard of them before. There's one that my buddy Eric Bum. No. There's one that my buddy Eric. That's what I used. I think it's black. I think it's Black Widow is what he uses. Is that a scent?

Wouldn't know. I remember there's one there's a company in New York I have never bought are You can talk about high quality. I know there's a company in I wanna say it's New York or Maine, something like that. But they like, it's fresh when they send it to you. Yeah. They bottle it free.

I think they freeze it. I could be wrong. Maybe they don't freeze it, but like it's fresh. Like it's supposedly at Fresh Piss within a certain timeframe. I still wanna watch that process. How do they get the deer piss? They stand on. Yeah. Black widow. Black widow Deer Lure is what my buddy uses and he swears by [00:51:00] it.

I've never tried a rope scrape. I would, and we, me and Russell were talking about that exact thing today. I tried mock scrapes. I never tried a rope scrape. Yeah. What like that, what was that one company at ata. That had they had that and they had, I think they did something with like dog bones or something like that.

Oh. Hogie damn Hogie Or no, if you said it, I'd remember. You know what I'm talking about though, right? Yeah. They had the dog bed. Yeah. Or the dog. Yeah. Bed I guess you'd call it. Damn. Who were they? I thought her start with an h I don't know. We could sit here all day and that figure, try to figure that out.

But no, that one might be a good one to check out. Yeah. Not much experience with him here, but no, that's the question. We're definitely game for trying 'em out. Can we chat about rope scraps? I don't know what else there? Ethan McCabe we just talked about. Ethan, my boy. He's got two questions actually.

What's your opinion on the early dose season before the November rifle portion? You want me to be totally honest? Yeah, don't like it. [00:52:00] I don't care. I don't really care. Okay. That's my really my answer. It's in October, correct? I believe so. It's a weekend, right? It's just another damn rifle season we gotta fuck with.

That's my point. I have mixed emotions on it because one, I'm weird and I know it's wrong, but I just don't like, I don't like shooting my D after the rut. Cause they could already been bred the fear of the unknown. Sure. Which buck is that Dough bread with? You're gonna shoot that deer at three years old.

Anyways. It don't matter. It's fine.

Still two and a half years bigger than yours. Oh, shots have been fired across the table. Yep, that's true. What else? I killed one God train of thought, but shoulders. I know it's not I know. It's not like correct and like your methodology of thinking, but I've always thought that way. It's hard for me to get.

Out of being okay with doing that. So you're an early [00:53:00] dough shooter. I would like to shoot my D early and get, get it outta the way, control my herd early and do my d soon. So shoot 'em with a freaking bow. No. Yeah, I'm fine with that too. But it's just like my mine's so much more simplistic to look at it.

Just another damn rifle season we gotta dick with. And that's my next part. Problem is I know kids are awesome. It's another rifle season in a potential, it depends if it's early October, late October, but a potential rut. It's just like timeline. I take my son's hoping for the youth early October Youth Hunt.

It's just it's just, I'm tired of putting freaking orange on. I don't wanna wear orange then I feel like it's 10 days. It was a weekend. I'm gonna look it up. Look it up. But I feel like it was 10 days. I'm not, I don't really, like you were saying, I don't really give a shit. It's just god dang, like October 6th through to October 8th.

Yeah, it's two days. So it's two days. It's a weekend. Okay. Yeah. Just another weekend. I gotta wear orange basically. Yeah. And it's just annoying to me. Yeah. That's all. It's [00:54:00] early though. That's early. It's inconvenient. And I don't like being inconvenienced. But, I don't care. But I really don't give a crap.

I, I think I'm going to like it. I'm just to, for that purpose of thinning out some dough. Yeah. From a dough, like from a herd management in the state of Missouri. I don't think it's gonna have almost any effect on the herd. Dough getting shot is fine. We probably have too many dos in this state in the first place.

I'm assuming that's why did it, the amount tags or tag numbers you get, Yeah. Nothing changes there. If you wanna buy an extra dough tag, buy an extra dough tag I don't think that's gonna hurt anything. It's just like I said, more, more to dick with for me. Yeah. Yeah. And I'm not gonna personally go do it.

So I'm selfishly saying, I think it's dumb. I'm gonna, if anything, I'm gonna have my bow out there. I'm not gonna take my rifle. I'm not gonna take a rifle on October 6th. Unless I take somebody like I could see myself taking somebody else. See, but yours is different than my like, and that's, this is property specific.

Like you got a lot of those you need to thin out, do. My property, I'm hunting 30 acres pot [00:55:00] essentially. You're still building herds and trying, there's still, yeah, still I still have quite a few dos around, but it is, it's, you're not, don't, I don't need to just start hammering dos. Yeah. Okay. Next question from Ethan. Season goals, other than to harvest some animals and fill tags, example, hunt some public, fill a tag on public dot. Give my daughter a deer. That's mine, you said? Other than to fill tags. That's cheater. It's not filling your own tag. That's not filling my tag.

It's filling her tag. I just fucking, I want her to kill one year. You took my answer. Not brinley to kill one, but Yeah. Just this boys again. Yeah. Or have fun. Honestly. Just have fun. Yeah, have fun. She, she has fun just sitting out there with me. But also I'm gonna try to get my nephew one, my, my brother, he has a spot to hunt, but it's just not the greatest.

So if he doesn't have any luck there, I'm gonna try to bring him over. And, I'm not, more than likely he's gonna get a shot at a dough at least, so yeah. The chances are a little bit better. Yeah. So hopefully that works out. If I do get the saddle totally set up, I think I just [00:56:00] wanna be proficient with it.

Yeah. Which I know at first I'm not gonna be. And so I'm gonna bitch and complain about it being stupid and I want to get through that and then be like, oh, that's cool. That's a goal. Yeah. Yeah. I talked about that a little bit with Dan, and that's a goal because I. That's how anything new is. It's unknown.

The first time you go, you're like, oh, I wish I would've had this. That was dumb. Yeah. So then you change stuff and then you eventually get it set up the way you want it. So I could see that being one of my goals for sure, drew, I'd to, I don't know, maybe hunt with my nephews a little more than I have, but both of them killed some good deer here in the last couple years.

I. Yeah. Screw kids with too much. I know, right? Hung with me, man. Apparently fucked them up. Screw them guys like Michael Jordan says. And then I also, I'm, I want to follow through and do some work on the property this fall after the crops come out and get it like set up the way I want to. Is this the full first full year that it's like your [00:57:00] property?

Yeah. Yeah. Pretty much. Yeah. Like it's yours, so like you can do whatever you want to now, right? Not that I think you had pretty good leeway before, but so that's cool. Yeah. So that but I wanna get in, like change some stuff and set some new stands a different way you move stands.

Yeah, it's I don't know, I don't like cutting trails mu much past what? Like right now, like going in and changing a bunch of stuff, but maybe moving some stuff around. Yeah. Very cool. Good one. Michael Jordan says, though, fuck, when did he say that? He never did. Yeah. You ever seen that meme goes around?

It's so there's an iconic picture of Jordan. He's got like his thumb on his chin and his pointer on his cheek. He's, it looks like he's like thinking or something, and it's in black and white, and it used to say something inspirational. Somebody changed it. It just said, it just says, fuck them kids.

I don't think I ever saw that. I've heard that a ton. I'll find it for you. All right next question. MG Granger, do you guys reload at all for your [00:58:00] predator hunting? If not, do you plan to? I'll make that easy. No. Yeah. Russell does. Yeah. I don't have the time to dick with it and for me, I just, I'm not going to have the time to dick with it anytime soon.

For me, I don't see the benefit. For me personally, I'm like, oh, I definitely think there's a benefit. I don't think you're Russell saving that much money. Russell. So Russell says, he's do for me. It's not about money though. There's an accuracy point. I don't think you can get to with factory loads.

I would love to. I really would. But it's the time again. Time is money, man. I've done it every, I've been so close to buying the stuff to do it, but I, there's, I don't know where it would ever been. There's definitely a benefit. For instance, my six with Arc. Yeah. There's only three factory rounds you can buy.

1 0 3, 1 0 5 and 1 0 8. Yeah. I'd love to shoot 80 sevens. Yep. That's the only way I'm going to is if we, I'll obviously, I hope they start doing that, looking at that. But we could do that ourselves. But I do not have the time and Russell really doesn't have the time. Like he doesn't reload a whole lot anymore.

Like his prairie dogs, he only, he bought factory rounds for two out of the [00:59:00] three rifles. I don't see myself doing it anytime soon. Me neither. Yeah. It costs a lot of money to get going unless something major changes. I don't see myself either, but I would really like to, because I would like to get that accuracy portion of it.

Like I wanna shoot those, dime-sized groups type stuff at a hundred and whatever. But until that happens, I'm Surpris Austin hasn't gotten into it yet. His dad does a lot. Doesn't. Yeah. Cool. That's that one. MG Granger. Thanks for the question, man. The adaptive outdoorsman when we hunting question mark.

As soon as you drive your Aston Missouri, right? Yeah. When you gonna be here? He said lol. So he is joking, but not really. Hell yeah. We love hunting, yeah. Let's do it. That's what we like about Kyle Hunting. We took. Our buddy is buddy Andrew with the Ohio oh two Podcast Hunting.

What night hunting? During the winter sometime. Yeah. So it was it's fun and especially night hunting. So I love night and [01:00:00] we've tried to take our buddy Cameron too, but schedules kids, and also Cameron. Congratulations. Yeah, Cameron. But we're still pissed at you. Yeah. Been it A little bit.

Yeah. But congrats. All right. Next question. Brady Stockman. This one's gonna be good cuz I have an answer already for it and it's gonna shock some people I feel like this is fair just because we don't have No, you could have read the damn things too. I didn't. Brady Stockman, what's the biggest product gimmick in the outdoor industry?

Gimmick. Gimmicks. I know what you're gonna say and I'm gonna disagree with you. What am I gonna say? Black racks. What? Black racks. Black racks. Nope, that's not what I'm gonna say. You I bet I could give you 10 guesses and you wouldn't get it. Oh, go for it then. I personally think the biggest gimmick in general is camo.

I think movement's more important than what you have on you. I would say some of that. Yeah. I'm not saying I don't like camo. I wear it and it's cool, but what I'm getting at is [01:01:00] I've started wearing more solid colors too, and honestly, movement gets Okay. If we're going to limit that answer to deer, yeah, sure.

I guess that's what I'm talking about. You Turkey hunt. I think you're, yeah, you're screwed. The same thing with OTTs. It's movement. You could be wearing Yeah. Movement hurts you more than what you've got on your body is what I think And completely disagree. Yeah. I don't know how movement hurts you.

You, you think what you have on your body is more important than your movement. No, I'm not saying it's, I'm not saying it's a big gimmick. I just don't think it's a major gimmick. I didn't say it was a major gimmick. I just can't think of a better. Gimmick answer from me personally. Gotcha. He just said, what's the biggest product?

Gimmicks? For me, the biggest gimmick is camo. Look, and the reason I call it a gimmick is I'm in the, I buy into the gimmick. I wear nothing but camo. But the, that is probably, I would say, the largest money maker in the outdoor industry, in the hunting [01:02:00] industry. How many camo companies are out there?

We're sponsored by one. I love them. But is it really all that necessary? Probably not, but we all wear it. I'll disagree. Pat the camo patterns is what you're saying. Fred Bayer would disagree with you. Fred Bear was what, a hundred in the sixties? Yeah. And he fuck shit up too. He did because there was a lot with no came along.

There was a lot less hunters there and a lot less hunter pressure. Not saying anything against Fred Barr. I, Hey, everybody, you heard here first, Fred Barrett couldn't hunt for shit per Micah. Yeah, I didn't say that. And I would say like the cammo, like the patterns, I understand what you're saying, the patterns, but like our hunt with gear is it's, and I wear it.

I'm, but I'm like, I was just trying to pick up, you're just saying the patterns don't matter as much as your hunting ability. Yeah. Moving, yeah, I guess that's what I was saying every company has a different pattern, this pattern's better than this one and we've all heard it.

I don't think it really freaking matters what pattern you're wearing. If you're gonna, if you're wearing the best camo in the world and [01:03:00] you're jumping around like an idiot, you're gonna get picked off for sure. That's I was just trying to think outside the box.

So that was my idea. Let's go. What's your thought, Micah? Dude, I don't know. I feel like there's a lot. There's a lot of crap out there. Every industry has stuff come out. You keep thinking one because I have one. That's all right. Go ahead. I'm just positive on I can't, it's gonna be hard for me to do this without saying a company name, but there is, oh God.

Dude I'll be honest with you, I, this is before the podcast. I wanna be in the hunting world so bad. I was filling out every field staff application. There was just cuz I loved hunting. Yeah. Like I just wanna be a part of something, and so I tried this deal and they sent it to me.

Only fans. Dude, I wouldn't be doing this podcast right now. That was it. Yes, you wouldn't be, make no money on only Vans. True. I've seen your feet. Nobody paid for that shit. Got that fucked up toe. But you you put this scent stick in this like little cylinder and you like, it was like a steak you put out in the ground [01:04:00] and you had a remote and you could turn it on.

It was like a. A wick candle almost. And it smoked. It. Smoked, yeah. And you puff scent through the air. And you could visibly see this like smoke stack going out in front of you. And it was supposed to be a deer, like a scent attractant deal. And there's different, so the deal was you could buy these different sticks to put in there.

And each stick was like you, there was a, of course a, an estrus. There was a, whatever you wanted to put in there. And does, I don't know. Does, do you sense work? Somewhat? Yes. Did this machine, I just put an electronic, sent you out in front of me? I, yeah. I would not purchase. You got gimmick is what you're saying.

It's a gimmick. Yeah. I would not buy that with my own money. Yeah, I get it. That's a good one. Cuz I never even knew that existed, yeah. There's a lot of those ones that are there for a season or two and then they go away magically. Yeah. It's oh maybe they got me. I've [01:05:00] never seen this thing in stores crazy enough.

Dude, man, I really don't know. I can't think of anything that's just oh my god. But I just, there are a bunch out there. I try to stick to the basics. I know what works. I know. Play your wind. Play your win. Be smart. Don't go in there all the time. This is bullshit.

You have to answer. I can't think of, I dunno, this a product that you seen, but it's feeders on a timer. There's a feeder out there that a lot of feeders on a timers. What I'm saying is there's a feeder out there that it only opens up whenever. A certain time during the daylight. And then it closes at night. You think that's a gimmick? I think so. I don't think, I don't think it matters. I don't get what you're saying really. I feel, I don't know, it just seems gimmicky to me. Train your deer that Okay, first light, there's corn gonna be on the ground, if not to end this, I don't know.

I still feel like big deer know better. Yeah. Possible. I'll give that answer to you. You can't feed Missouri anyway, so it doesn't matter for Missouri. I'm just [01:06:00] talking about states. Yeah. Down in Texas during the season. I see what you're saying. Yeah, because I, okay, I'm with you. But like down in Texas, don't they literally, the deer come out, you shoot 'em over the feeder.

Yeah. And you shoot Missouri, the back of your truck in Missouri, it all has to be gone anyway. So that timer is not relevant. It's not like you're training the deer to come by here at a certain time every day, no matter what. I see I'll, there's a bunch of little things out there that I'm sure just all crap.

But like I said, just hunt smart, huh? Yeah. There's definitely certain things I'm like, eh, I'm not buying that but I don't put a lot of, not saying that some sense works, some sense don't, but I don't put a lot of faith in. I'm still gonna hunt. I'm gonna hunt the wind. I'm gonna put myself in the best position according to the wind and that sort of thing.

Like I told you guys, I've never bought deer piss a day in my life, right? I've never bought a buck bomb any. I've never done any of it. I'm not gonna lie to you that I'm sacrilegious. I know I've done this for I don't know how many years on your feet. I will spray down with, I get outta my truck spray down with my sink control.

I reach back in my backpack, there's a buck bomb. [01:07:00] I spray the bottom of my boots with a buck bomb. Before I walk in the stand every time. I just never have, I'm not saying it doesn't work, but I've just never done it. Mostly because I feel like I would spill it in my vehicle. Or like in my bag.

Yeah. And it'd just be buck piss all over my stuff. And I'd just be it. I've done it for so long and I've truly had it to where deer walk over my trailer or walk down my trail and that followed me in. I'm not saying it works every time. I'm not saying it's the right thing or whatever. I just, something I do.

Yeah. I'm with you. But I've never really used that. But it's not really a gimmick to me. Cause I'm sure it has its place. Everything's, if you think about it, I guess everything's a gimmick. Everything. Everybody's trying to be gi, everything you can buy is a bit of a gimmick. Sure.

Because everybody's trying to give you something different than the next. Broadheads are a gimmick then, because this Broadhead has these bevels and this one does this one. And it's just a gi a different way to sell that item. [01:08:00] Yeah. To the consumer. Nate's getting deep here. So you think about it.

Everything's a gimmick. These shoes I'm wearing is a gimmick. Hey dudes, these freaking dudes. How rich are they? They are as comfortable. If you pay attention, every other person you freaking look at, they're so comfortable, is wearing hay dudes. They're comfortable and they're affordable. This is great. A solid point.

It's a great business model. That is what I'm trying to say. I wish we would've thought of it. But I think, honestly, I don't know how to look at the stuff people replied once the story's gone. So I, that's all I've got. There was another one I saw. I just don't know how to find already. You might already said it.

Which one? Hold on. Lemme see if I can find it.

I just don't know how to do it because I'm had so many questions come in. We answered them all. Yeah. Okay. Here's one. Pennsylvania. Woodsman's podcast. What is Mitchell? Yeah. What [01:09:00] is one thing you'd like to gain more knowledge or improve on relative to hunting? That is a good one. The art of reading a map.

Oh, like top topography? Yeah. Like when Dustin sits down with us, I feel stupid deer movement as far as looking at it on a map and then putting time, correlating that into it, correlating them two together. Yeah. That would be very beneficial. I've never like do it, but not kinda like Dustin can, he can I've always been one of those guys that looks at a app and goes, okay, here it is.

And then I figure the property out by being out there. I'd like to be more like you said efficient. Yeah. With my time than I guess fucking up and then, getting it right later, yeah. I just have never, ah, all my deer properties, I've had time to figure 'em out.

I'd like to be better at reading [01:10:00] maps. Yeah, that's what I, that's my answer. I'd like to be a better at Elk Hunter. Just in general. Just in general. Cuz we suck right now. Good answer. I guess we've been, I mean we've, like we've said, we've gotten on them, they come close, real close. Just arrows haven't flown and the ones that did fly hit dead trees.

So just hasn't worked out. Just gotta send it send it. Gotta send it. Honestly, they're both good answers because I do wanna know how to read maps better. That would be beneficial in multiple ways. On multiple Different. That help out across the board. Oh, absolutely. And I understand it, but then I get second guessing myself too.

Exactly. Some things I don't understand, but I would like to do that to learn more about topography and reading topography maps, but I don't like, I like, I dunno, coyote behavior, the wins and whys and like the thought process behind animals. Of what they animal. Not necessarily even just coyotes, [01:11:00] deer as well.

But specifically I carb coyotes. Carb. Why you down there, man? Like coyotes been getting into tournament season and you're having trouble finding them on a, there's coyotes there. What's making them tick? What they know. Why are they doing that? They doing why they're not coming.

Why are they not coming? Why? We've had some nights, when we were with Andrew. We could see the coyotes across the field. I played every fricking sound I could think of, and I played a adult coyote fight and it was like a flip switch. And here they came. Yeah. Like, why did that make them do that?

What am I doing wrong? The other times I wanna understand stuff like that. That's a, that's a, I would've thought of that answer too, if I would've thought of coyotes, cuz That's right. Understanding coyotes, I guess it's the same for every animal you're after. If you understood a deer better, if you understood a coyote better, oh yeah.

You'd be a better hunter. But to me that's why we love we all love coyote hunting because that animal is so smart. Yeah. Oh, bar none. They're so adaptive, they're so smart. Like [01:12:00] trying to figure them out is like this big puzzle. And it's rewarding when you do because you solved a puzzle. That beats you. Yeah. No, I agree. So is that the only one you found? I think so. Because I didn't see that one. Like I said I suck at the social medias and so each one, when we get a reply, I took a screenshot of it. I saw that one just in our notifications. I saw, I don't know how to go back and I thought I seen on Facebook.

You posted? It was just on our story. Oh. And then people reply to the story and then I don't know how to see those once the story goes away. Because I'm not smart. We're not very social savvy, that's for sure. Don't care to learn that either. If we missed your question, we're sorry.

Yeah. But those are some good questions, some fun topics to talk about. Especially I was excited to talk about the gimmick one cuz I thought my answer was funny. Cuz I'm not saying camo, it doesn't have a purpose, but you don't really need it. Dan Johnson like didn't wear camo for several years [01:13:00] just cuz he didn't like any of this stuff or whatever.

And he was just buying he was talking about, I think Eddie Bower made a. Like a jacket that he really liked. It's just solid tan, right? So he just bought it and then he like a pair of pants, and then before you know it, he was just wearing solid colors. If you think about today though, compared to 40 years ago, I would almost say 95% of hunters out there are wearing camo maybe more.

40 years ago was the exact opposite. There's a bunch more hunters though. I'm, okay, so that means the gimmick of camo got everybody. I don't know if it's a gimmick. I'm not really saying it is a gimmick. But you don't have, is it mandatory? You don't have to have it. So isn't it you don't mess it.

You don't have to have a bow. How you gonna kill the animal then? An alo bare her hands. Oh, sure. Okay. So yeah. Now you're just being a jackass. Anything else we wanna cover on here? How big of a jackass you [01:14:00] are. Pretty big one. No, that's it. Thanks for joining us for a Midsummer Bs session. We just thought we got a lot going on and we should talk about it.

Yep. Hopefully that will get some more informational stuff. Start pounding some whitetail knowledge down your throats. What? I don't know. That was a little aggressive. Open up folks. Here it comes. Here. She's all that. Hit the button. Yep. All right. Bye boys. See you. Yep.