Mind, Body and River with Lindsay Kocka

Show Notes

Sitting down with Marcus this week is Lindsay Kocka. Lindsay is the Founder of 2% Certified Fluent Movement on the Fly. FMOTF is a methodology that pairs Lindays's background in total body wellness with fly fishing. Lindsay discusses that during her journey into fly fishing she started to realize the similarities between fishing and the various classes she was teaching (yoga, MovNat, etc) and how learning one could help improve the other. Along with that she started to learn that feeling comfortable on the water was sometimes holding anglers back, but with the right training and techniques, she could really help empower women when out on the water. Lindsay now offers Wade in Wellness retreats for women to help them feel more balanced and connected while on the water. Whether you're just getting started on your fly fishing journey or you're a seasoned angler, her retreats have something for everyone. If you want to learn more, be sure and check out lindsaykocka.com

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