Mobile Hunting gear with Out on a Limb

Show Notes

Today's whitetail hunters are becoming more and more mobile, and Out on a Limb is here to provide the gear folks need to make those split second moves as easy, quiet, and efficient as possible. Matt Garis joins the Oklahoma Outdoor Podcast this week to talk about their complete lineup of mobile gear and accessories. Matt and Out on a Limb started off making lightweight tree stands and climbing sticks, but have quickly made a name for themselves in the saddle hunting community with their rugged yet extremely light saddle platforms. All of Out on a Limbs products are machined and made right here in Oklahoma by passionate and experienced hunters, and if you get the opportunity to handle some of their products, the craftsmanship really shows. These stands and platforms are so lightweight it is almost an optical illusion when you pick them up, it just doesn't seem possible that they can be made out of metal.

After Matt and John finish the mobile gear talk, John dives into a little preseason hunt update. On his last trip out to the ranch he discovered the cows had destroyed everything, and he means everything. Luckily most of it was fairly easily fixed, and he got a little extra work done as well. He is preparing for his early season Nebraska hunt, and trying to finish up his preseason prep on the home place in Oklahoma.

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