Movie Firearms with Larry Zanoff

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On today’s show with, we’re at SHOT Show joined by Larry Zanoff from Independent Studio Services to talk all about movie firearms! Opening up, Larry gives us a history of Independent Studio Services, which is the largest prop house in North America, and most likely in the world, with that also including the largest armory of firearms. One of the largest industries for them has moved towards video games, ISS provides scans of firearms and also the sounds for each firearm. While firearms are a huge portion of ISS, they are indeed a full-service prop house that reaches worldwide. Make sure to tune in to this episode presented by to hear all about Independent Studio Services and what services they provide to the media industry!

Next up, Logan asks about recent movies or work that ISS firearms were showcased in. Larry gives a run down on some of the TV shows and movies that ISS has provided firearms for, including huge titles like the Marvel Universe! During a typical year, ISS will provide 75 -80% of the firearms for the media industry. Dan asks how it works if a firearm or firearm accessory is banned in a country and needs to be used for filming in the country. In that case they will use rubber and replica firearms to get the shots needed. Larry also tells us his history of how he became an armorer for Independent Studio Services and got involved doing what he does now.

Closing out we talk about how armorers interact with actors on the set of films. The armorer is always there during the scenes and is supposed to be the first person on set after cut has been called to remove the firearm from the actor. Larry talks about how important it is to build an early rapport with the actors so that everything flows smoothly on set. Logan also asks what the most difficult firearm to convert to fire blanks would be. Larry tells us the most difficult ones to make fire blanks are long recoil firearms. Larry’s goal is to try to keep the gun as close to real as possible so that on screen it all looks seamless. Be sure to listen in to this episode to hear all about movie firearms and Independent Studio Services involvement in the industry!

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