New Year, New B.S. Session

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan catches up with Jeremy Dinsmore for the first hunting B.S. Session of 2023. Jeremy is the host of the Antler Up podcast right here on the Sportsmen's Empire Podcast Network. Dan and Jeremy kick off the episode by discussing if the reality of their 2022 hunting season matched their expectations at the beginning of the year. The guys talk about their out of state hunting failures and break down what they feel they could do better to find success for next season.

In true B.S. fashion, the two talk about how they haven't necessarily lost their passion for hunting but it seems to be changing the older they get. Dan expresses how he doesn't like the direction mainstream social media and content creators seem to be taking deer hunting in regards to hunter recruitment and retention. This is a really great episode to kick off the new year, enjoy!          

Show Transcript