North Dakota Early Season with Bill Thompson and Johnny Stewart

Show Notes

On this episode of the DIY Sportsman Podcast, Garrett sits down with Bill Thompson, owner of Spartan Forge, and Johnny Stewart while at hunting camp in North Dakota. While Garrett's done this trip a few times of the past couple of years, a bunch of members all got together this year to share camp near some of Bill's old stomping ground. Garrett and Johnny recap what exactly they've been keying in on in terms of sign while the primary food source is shifting day by day and how they've adapted to pressure. Johnny goes over the moves he made while reading sign to set up in an area where he got an opportuntiy at a giant, Bill provides some historical detail and reference for how things have changed in this area since he hunted it growing up. The group also dives into one aspect of hunting which can really help drive success in low odds situations which is how and why to maintain a positive outlook and have confidence feed off of it.

Show Transcript