OHLAP and Timber Ninja

Show Notes

We are officially into the 2022-2023 hunting season!  Last week we welcomed some small game seasons, doves, and some early waterfowl.  This upcoming weekend is the opening of archery deer in the Disease surveillance areas of Hardin, Marion, and Wyandot counties.  Paul was able to get out and knock down a couple doves this past week, but had little luck in the waterfowl blind. Andrew’s still prepping for the upcoming season and rehabbing his knee.

The show this week has 2 parts.  To start we talk with Dave Kohler of the ODNR Division of Wildlife.  Dave has been with the Department for many years and has a lot of knowledge.  He shares with us the recap of the 2022 OHLAP program, as well as looking forward to the upcoming season.  

After Dave, we have the chance to talk to Jason Redd of Timber Ninja.  Timber Ninja is a company that specializes in high quality mobile hunting gear, but the show is more directed at Jason’s love of the outdoors, and some of the adventures he’s been on.  Enjoy!

Show Transcript