Oklahoma Drone Recovery Co. Part 2

Show Notes

This week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast, John is joined by Oklahoma Drone Recovery founder Rhett Acker. Rhett was on the show back in September (episode 141) to talk about his company and the services that they offer using thermal drones to recover anything from downed deer to pets and people. This time, the guys dive into Rhett's very successful fall of recovering hunters' deer and all of the lessons he learned along the way.

Rhett did a great job of keeping up with statistics this year, and learned a lot about what a wounded or dieing whitetail does in the moments after the shot. The thing that surprised John the most, was how many deer they found that were still alive hours later. Another interesting point was how the animals acted based on the weapon that was used. This episode is packed full of lessons for beginning and seasoned hunters alike.

Show Transcript