Oklahoma Outdoors - Traditional Bowhunting

Show Notes

This week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast John hosts traditional bowhunter Nathan Lattimer. Nathan grew up hunting with a compound bow, killing his first deer at only 12 years old. After years of hunting and taking several nice bucks, he began to feel some of the challenge slipping away. Looking to shake things up, he gave his compound bow to his son and picked up a Bear recurve and never looked back. Nathan doesn't claim to be an expert at traditional archery, but his journey into hunting and being successful with his recurve is a great story of determination.

John and Nathan start out by talking about some of the obvious differences between compound and traditional hunting. Next, Nathan talks about his mindset going into the woods. John asks about his "standards" and if they changed after limiting himself to trad gear. John then asks Nathan to talk about some of the things he has learned that would translate back to hunting with a compound if he were to switch again for some reason.

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