Preseason Gear Inventory

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This episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast is all about gear. John has three out of the ordinary hunts this year that all feature different states, terrains, weapons, and gear. John breaks these hunts down one by one and discusses the drastic differences in gear he will need for the different hunts. John will start off with an early season September muzzleloader hunt in Kansas. After doing a lot of map scouting, John learned that the area of Kansas he will be in is much more remote than he realized. This hunt will probably be a truck hunting scenario, something John has not done much of recently.

Back in Oklahoma, John drew a tag for a traditional archery only hunt which means he will need to polish his archery skills. After testing out an old recurve he had, he discovered a bent limb which makes the more powerful bow not an option. He now has to decide to stick with his 40 pound longbow, or drop some money on a new recurve. He also has to decide if he wants to stick to hunting on the ground or practice shooting a long traditional bow from a tree stand.

The last hunt of his season will take place in the cactus covered mountains of south Texas. Clothing is the main concern on this hunt. Being just off of the Rio Grande River and Mexican border, this area has some of the most unpredictable weather in the lower 48. Add long hikes mixed with hours of sitting and glassing, you just never know what you are going to end up needing to put on or take off in a moment's notice. All while possibly needing to take a 300 to 400 yard shot at any second.

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