Public and Private Land Bow Kills w/ Troy Dietterich

Show Notes

Sometimes things just fall into place during hunting season.  This week on the Pennsylvania Woodsman we chat with Troy Dietterich and reflect back on killing a Pennsylvania and Ohio buck during that magical window between late October and early November.  Troy is a hard working family man that loves to bow hunt.  He and Mitch converse about their faith in Christ and the constant battle of managing time in the woods without being overbearing on our loved ones.  While it's a battle that neither of them have figured out, it's something they believe needs constant attention and is relatable to many hunters out there.

Troy was able to purchase his dream home this past year with a chunk of land attached. Up until this point Troy has loved the thrill of chasing bucks in the mountains on public land.  While that passion still resides within him, he has adjusted slightly to include habitat manipulation and private land hunting strategy into his game.  We dive into how his preparation in Pennsylvania looked different and how he was able to connect on his largest buck to date on the new farm.  We then shift gears to discuss revisiting the thrill of public land hunting in Ohio.  Troy logged some scouting time in this area during the previous hunting season.  Having a general idea where he wanted to look upon arriving this fall, he scouted his way into a tree that produced a buck within 3 hours on day one.  This episode is all about adapting to the current situation and being a hybrid hunter!

Show Transcript