Pursuing Panfish with Lee Kleinow

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined by Lee Kleinow, fellow podcast host of Freshwater bite and MI Life Outdoors on Sportsmen’s Nation and avid angler. Lee hails for the east side of Michigan enjoying the amazing opportunities that the Great Lakes provide. Together these two unpack the challenges the Great Lakes face with environmental impacts and the impact of evasive, non-native species that have worked into the watershed. After that downer, Lee goes on about the bountiful species that are available and how a hungry angler could seemingly never get bored, chasing so many fish. Nick focuses on his favorite catch, panfish in inland lakes. Wanting to improve his boom or bust trips, Lee gives Nick some pointers and tactics to chase those bluegills in the dead of summer. Finally the guys wrap up their talk with a different preparation of walleye than frying. Lee and his family live on the east side of Michigan, striking distance of the biggest freshwater fishery in the U.S. The Great Lakes also are habitat to waterfowl, major shipping lanes, and hold thousands of recreational boaters. Due to a whole host of reasons, major impacts have his the lakes. One being evasive, non native species. While asian carp are at the front door, zebra mussels have moved in and made a mess (or the opposite I guess). These mussels have multiplied without predation and filtered out vital nutrients used to feed native fish fry, and allowing sunlight to travel deeper, changing lake temps and affecting water vegetation. But on the other side of the coin, the lakes have an amazing opportunity for many species of fish, including Zee’s favorite, walleye. Zee talks about the fish spawning in the Detroit River and hundreds if not thousands of anglers on hand for the event. The phrase goes, “you can hop from boat to boat and touch water.” Nick certainly is putting that on his list to do, but improving his summer panfish game is on his mind. Lee talks about sticking to early morning or evening, catching the cool hours of the day. Locating weedy deep holes to find fish saying cool and staying hidden. An adapted trick of using a ice fishing style jigging action seemed very doable for Nick who along with his rod, will be baiting and unhooking a could kiddos as well. To finish off the conversation, Zee breaks down a refined recipe for walleye. Preferring a breaded and baked approach topped with parmesan cheese and crisped up. Leaving you satisfied, but not feeling like you had a cup of grease along with the fish. Paired with a crisp cocktail or wine, you have a great meal for the middle of summer. Tappecue Meat Probes Instagram: @tappecue Website: https://bit.ly/2NIr0Xj Coupon Code 10% off: HUNT10 Huntavore is Powered by Simplecast

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