Reshaping Timber on Small Properties for Better Deer Habitat

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Kenny Kane (Generations Forestry) discuss forest management strategies and land improvement. Kenny explains a recent mountain day event and active management on a client property. Kenny answers questions on managing various tree species such as beech, maple, oak, and cutting techniques like shelterwood and clearcut.  Kenny explains balancing economics and good forest management. Kenny discusses both short term and long-term decisions in the woods that lead to better deer habitat.

Jon and Kenny talk about a shift in the landowners’ mindsets, now many are investing into the property and different approaches and goals that are considered nowadays than years ago. Jon and Kenny talk about evaluating woodlots and ensuring the forest is not mismanaged.  

Jon discusses herbicide treatments. Kenny and Jon discuss land fragmentation, building connections amongst improvements and ensuring the properties have various management prescriptions.  Kenny discusses non-native plants, insects, and treatment options. Kenny discusses beech tree management and recent updates. Jon and Kenny discuss balancing goals when thinking through each improvement, forest regeneration and what tree species should be maintained across the landscape for deer.

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