Revitalize Your Soil and Quality Food Plots

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In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Austin Delano (Mossy Oak BioLogic) discuss food plots, their recent radish variety. Austin discusses crop fertility, pH, and developing a plan for higher production of food plots. Austin breaks down the specifics on necessary steps and how to address issues with soils and plants.

Austin and Jon discuss more on soil types and related deficiencies. Austin explains customer issues, especially rainfall and how nutrients move through the soil profile. Austin explains why food plots are productive for a few years and as time goes on organic material declines. Austin and Jon discuss the decomposition of plant material, rain, and tillage. Austin discusses amending pH and when looking at macro and micronutrients.

Jon and Austin discuss ways to adjust soil pH, the type of amendments and alternative to limestone that can improve and neutralize, reducing acidity of soil.  Jon provides some alternatives to limestone. Austin explains long term changes versus short term food plot examples. Austin and Jon discuss various seed options like mung beans, soybeans, sunflowers, sorghum that can be employed in the field that provide microhabitat and food, and improve soil.  Austin explains why planting the same seed every year can be problematic and certain plants can experience soil-borne disease (club root).

Austin and Jon discuss foliar sprays, secrets to amending soil and simple methods to increasing attraction to and around food plots. Austin and Jon dialogue how they design and layout food plots including quick methods to increase food plot production.

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