Save Money on Deer Habitat Improvement

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In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Jaden Bjorklund (Northland Habitat) discuss opportunities for landowners to reach goals and cost savings along the way. Jaden works in the northern latitudes and discusses how he works with and enrolls clients in programs to ensure they can develop their hunting properties with lower cost. Jaden discusses timber stand improvement, logging, and forest management.  

Jaden discusses National Resource Conservation Service and cost share programs related to habitat and land improvement. Jaden provides programs that support invasive species removal and how to increase interest in an area with native shrub plantings. Jaden discusses the maintenance side of cutting and the money invested can be reduced because of state programs.

Jaden explains the best valued effort and program for agriculture, grassland, or open field settings that will allow you to manage the ground and provide for habitat solutions that equate to better hunting. Jaden provides examples how to work with state or federal agencies to allow for more flexibility in design and layout based on the program considered. Jaden explains specifics on mowing, fire, planting, and limitations that may exist that can be a consideration for landowners.

Jon talks about carbon programs and ways to improve your water intrusion, carbon sequestration and building organic material and the benefits to your deer. and local ecology. Jaden discusses an example of erosion issue on his clients and what species of plants he suggests to benefit the landscapes. Jon discusses water retention, the benefit to plant and managing wetlands and riparian areas for deer. Jaden explains resources for wetland support and examples to increase deer interest around these areas.

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